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  1. Agreed! I haven't exercised a single day since my surgery. I am however ready to start so I can maintain.
  2. I just made 1 yr post op Mid December and I've lost 90 lbs. Most within the first 6-7 months and and 2-3 lbs a month since then. I seem to be maintaining at 165 which is well below my personal goal of 180 (hit at 6 months). Starting weight was about 255, 5'6"
  3. crystal0727

    Roman noodle

    I've had a pack probably 5 or 6 times since surgery, no issues but wouldn't make it a habit. it's so so good
  4. crystal0727

    Partner’s weight

    How funny, my husband has GAINED weight since my surgery 7 months ago. We was never overweight so its very strange.
  5. crystal0727

    Menstrual Cycle

    Was on my cycle for surgery...ugh . But now more regular than before
  6. crystal0727

    Getting nervous

    Good luck today!!! Gonna be a breeze
  7. crystal0727

    Pain Meds for Post OP

    liquid Tylenol with Codeine after I was discharged. I used it the first day only then chewable tylenol after that if needed.
  8. crystal0727

    Catheter duting surgery

    Yes, mine was put in and taken out while I was under!
  9. crystal0727

    December Sleevers, where ya at?

    Hello! Glad to see everyone is doing great! I'm down around 65lbs so far
  10. crystal0727

    Can't get warm!

    Sitting at work with a heater under my desk as we speak. ALWAYS cold, just assumed it was an insulation issue lol.
  11. crystal0727

    Buddies Group - Surgery Dec 4 to 15, 2017

    Hello everyone I was sleeved on 12/13 and I'm down 50.2 lbs. Sooo close to Wonderland I can taste it!!!
  12. I can't recall a situation where someone was bent out of shape over how much I did or didn't eat (waiter or people with me). I probably wouldn't care even if they did. I order as always, eat what I want and take the rest to go IF I think I may want it later.
  13. I eat 700 calories a day control grazing by 3 planned meals and a snack if needed (meal prep) so I don't have to just grab anything I do fill up faster than before and the impulse is much easier now. I find myself eating because I have to, not because I crave something. On the few occasions I did crave something I just took a small bite and was satisfied. If I have night cravings I eat a SF fudgepop or SF Popsicle. Drink lots of water
  14. I didn't track my calories at 2 weeks. Only watched my protein and fluid intake for the day.
  15. Totally agree with @Creekimp13. You won't want the same foods after surgery. I cringe at the site of anything sweet.
  16. crystal0727

    How long were you in the hospital?

    about 36 hrs, 7am to 7pm the next day.
  17. crystal0727

    Today is surgery day!!!

    Happy Surgery day! I will keep you in my prayers
  18. We seem to be on the same path calorie wise and adding those 100 extra calories did the trick for me, down yet another pound today! I do eat carbs daily but no sugar.
  19. Hi, doing great! Congrats on reaching wonderland. My weight actually stalled since we last updated on this post but I have increased my calories to about 700 and I weighed myself yesterday and I'm down 2 lbs so hopefully it will continue. Thanks for checking!!! SW: 255 CW: 212 GW: 199 GW#2: 180
  20. Hi! Happy to report I’m down 41 lbs as of today. Sleeved 12-13
  21. I will follow you both since we are so close in surgery dates to see how you’re doing.
  22. I am the exact same in calories per day at 7-8 weeks out..TWINSIES!!!
  23. crystal0727

    Starting Weight

    Hi Monica, good luck and I will definitely keep you in my prayers. I wouldn’t worry about the sleep apnea as long as your doc is aware so they can monitor your condition and make sure you have what’s needed after surgery. Im 5’6 and started at 255