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  1. sarabride2006

    Where's your sweet spot?

    I had my band placed end of December. I was steadily loosing and then stopped. I'm still exercising but I don't feel a lot of restriction. I think i'm at 1.75cc. I just started a new job and wasn't good about keeping my monthly appointments. I think I need a fill. Where's the sweet spot!?!
  2. sarabride2006

    Fill too tight?

    I went in for a fill last Wednesday, my first one since end of April. She added about .5cc to the fill and I am up to 2.5. I can "feel" Water going down now and even fill it sit for a moment. I also tried to eat a bite of tuna salad today and I had a massive PB. Does it take time to get "used" to a fill? I'm pretty miserable right now. Thanks in advance :bananapartyhat:
  3. sarabride2006

    Fill too Tight?

    I am having a similar problem. Yesterday I got sick twice after eating soft foods. My doctor said that it should get better, we'll see. I haven't had a slime problem unless something truly gets stuck, then it's a big issue. Good luck :eek:
  4. sarabride2006

    Fill too tight?

    Thoughts to remember about a PB is that it is very "individual" in that some food gets stuck in some people while others it won't. One of my close friends is banded and she eats very fast, we have the same fill but it doesn't affect her as it has me. She also eats breads, pasta etc. I've had two throughout my band career. The first was due to a big bite, oops but yesterday I just couldn't see the reason. I ate less than a tsp. I'm doing liquids this week and will contact my doctor on Wed if I have another dreadful experience I've stayed completely away from bread/rice/pasta and breaded foods to try to avoid PB's. PB are definitely ugly!!
  5. sarabride2006


    It mainly depends on the diet that your doctor put you on. I was on clear for one day, full liquids for 7, mushies for 7 then regular. So, 7 days out for me wasn't a big deal with soups because I was already on pureed/mushy foods. The best thing to do is stick to what your doctor suggested. As far as eating around friends etc. I didn't keep my surgery a secret so keeping up with status quo wasn't an issue for me. Everyone's feelings on that one is different. Chances are you didn't hurt your band, however your doctor did subscribe a specific diet for you for healing and that's what the first weeks are for. Congrats on your band and much luck to you Way to go on the weight loss!!
  6. sarabride2006

    Are PB's & Slime Inevitable?

    I could say that I had never PB'd until tonight. 5 months after my surgery and I had not pb'd and I ate a bite of an over breaded chicken strip and LOOK OUT. I have had things get stuck and eventually move down but never come back up. I'm still a little miserable. I've heard people say they've had them last for hours but luckily mine was about 10 minutes..which felt like hours. I guess I need to get back to the basics of small bites and lots of chewing. So my secret, until my little incident tonight was to chew chew chew and avoid major carbs.
  7. After my most recent fill, I can't drink ice cold water. I couldn't quite figure out why, so now everything has to be right at room temp. I do try to drink 3 liters a day, but I buy the big 1.5 liter bottles and go at them with a large cup. I also keep packets of lemon juice in my desk to add some zing
  8. After my first fill of 1cc, I didn't really feel any restriction, nor did I at the 1.5 cc mark. LET ME TELL YOU, last week I was filled to 2 and wowzers! I think I figured out that the band does work I had a piece of lunch meat get stuck on Monday night and I was ready to die. WOW. My point is, it took me a bit longer for restriction but now it's working. Good luck :Banane33:
  9. sarabride2006


    I have not been good about not drinking when I eat. I feel like I'm choking if I don't have a little bit to sip.
  10. sarabride2006

    Hey Houston Bandsters

    Katy area here
  11. Hello everyone! I've been pretty good at counting my calories and I'm curious how many calories you eat now post band? Sometimes I feel like I don't do very well and eat too much. I've been searching for a thread that was similar to this with NO luck. Thank you!
  12. sarabride2006

    Sleeping position

    I had a lot of problems getting comfortable, but the only way I was comfortable was on my side (where the port was) that's my usual sleeping side so I guess it only made sense..I'd just lay really really still...
  13. If your friend has any health problems I would suggest staying away from Dr. Spiegel. He wouldn't operate on my 480lb father (lives in Beaumont) with the problems he had. He ended up going to UT Physicians, Dr. Eric Wilson (he did mine too) and we're very pleased. It's in Houston but in my opinion, worth the trip!!!
  14. sarabride2006

    I'm terrified and crying

    Hi there...prayers and best wishes coming your way. I had the surgery 12/28 and the night before my mom, FI and myself were in Walmart buying liquids. I had a break down in the juice aisle in Walmart. Needless to say, two months out and I am very happy! This is such an awesome step for a better future..just remember that.
  15. sarabride2006

    December Bandsters: First Fill Yet?

    I went in for my second fill on 2/14, but the doc held off because I had lost another 10lbs since the last fill on 1/17. I also developed Pneumonia last week too, so maybe it was good to hold off. I've needed all the strength I can get from foods though I'm not hungry. Pneumonia is the pits :confused:
  16. sarabride2006

    I'm done.

    Jonathan, I wish you the best of luck with these tough decisions. My dad had several complications with the band, had it removed, had the bypass and is very happy. I'll keep you in my prayers! God Bless you!
  17. sarabride2006

    Hamburger Meat

    I haven't had a problem w/it but I don't eat it often. I usually cook it down and use the fat free gravy in it to "soup" it up. My FI will eat that with bread, and I'll spread it over squash or brussel sprouts..
  18. sarabride2006

    Illude - NOT a newbie!

    B-E-A-UTIFUL! I'm so proud of you!! Congrats on your success!!
  19. sarabride2006

    bandster rules

    Tylenol is not considered an NSAID. Examples of drugs included in that class are: Asprin, Aleve, Ibuprophen. I'm allergic to codeine and pretty much any CII that is available in liquid form, so after my surgery my doctor gave me liquid Tylenol. Below is a link on NSAID's, what drugs fall in this class and what the side effects can occur from taking them. As far as bandster rules, Protein first, lots of Water and exercise! Good luck in your journey. http://orthoinfo.aaos.org/fact/thr_report.cfm?Thread_ID=398&topcategory=General%20Information
  20. sarabride2006

    Exercise and the Band

    My doctor told me to start walking as soon as I felt up to it. I started that about a week after surgery. I added weights in at 3 weeks along with longer stints in the gym. I walk and do the elliptical trainer for about 45 min total and do circuit and free weight training. I planned on adding in abs this week (waited a full 6 weeks) but now I'm sick. From what I've read, it seems like every doc is a bit different in their exercise expectations based on your personal health history...
  21. sarabride2006

    can't stop eating

    One thing I've found, personally, if it's around I'll find a reason to eat it. I just keep those "bad" foods out of stock. If for some reason I do want a cookie, I buy ONE at the bakery and snack on it. Not the best band food but if I don't have that one occassionally, I'll eat a dozen...Good luck to you.
  22. sarabride2006

    Is chicken noodle soup considered mushy???

    I'm not sure where chicken soup would come in, but I ate cream of chicken in the liquid phase and didn't blend it, just chewed the chicken. Mashed potatoes were good and even better if you can make them with double milk and also use some of the protein powder mixed in with them. When I was on mushies I ate thick black bean soup, refried beans, tuna salad (w/out chunky veggies) and egg salad was good too. I didn't do the slim fast ultra but I really liked the boost w/protein drinks..their chocolate flavor was yummy. This phase is about healing but don't forget your protein
  23. sarabride2006

    phone call from hell.

    My sister reacted the same way when I told her but she's been pretty supportive. Full of questions..which makes me wonder, is she next?
  24. sarabride2006

    Two Dogs dumped at my house...

    You are so sweet to take them in. Good luck with the pooches!!
  25. sarabride2006

    FOR ADULTS ONLY (x rated)

    Congrats to you! It is one of those positions that since everything hangs and goes south, when there's less you can tell!!

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