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  1. ~*DolphinGirl*~

    Starting Up

    Hey Fellow North Dakotans~ I'm still here. Just lurking around every day. I still haven't gone through my surgery, but I haven't given up hope. Hope you all have fun meeting...and maybe next time I'll be able take some time off to join you. That would be so cool. Anywho, hope you are all doing well. Keep me posted on how things go with your Get Together.
  2. ~*DolphinGirl*~

    Hi From Antioch Tn

    Hello Nessa. Welcome to LBT. :eek: Good luck with your surgery next month. I wish you a very successful surgery and a speedy recovery. Hope you enjoy your stay here. It's a very supportive place to be, and there will always be someone here to help you out. Oh yeah, good luck with your 2 week diet also. :eek: See ya around.
  3. ~*DolphinGirl*~

    Yep, another newbie

    Hi~ Just wanted to welcome you to LBT and wish you luck on your WLS Journey.
  4. ~*DolphinGirl*~

    Newbie from Idaho!!!!

    Hello there~ Just wanted to take the time to welcome you to LBT. I'm also a frequent lurker here. I just love this place though. Everyone here is so supportive and friendly. Anywho, I wish you a successful surgery and a speedy recovery. You'll do great!
  5. ~*DolphinGirl*~

    Just banded

    Hi~ Just wanted to say welcome to LBT. You've come to a great place for support and friendship. I don't post as often as I should, but I still come back to see what everyone else has to say. I love it here. Also, congrats on your successful surgery. Take care.
  6. ~*DolphinGirl*~

    Here I Go 12/9

    Hey Dave~ Just wanted to say good luck to you on your journey to WLS. I know how you feel about the pain thing after surgery. I've never ever been through any kinda surgery, so I'm a little scared. But, I think it will all be worth it in the end. You'll do great! *Good Luck*
  7. ~*DolphinGirl*~

    Are there any good dating services?

    Hey there Maggie~ Another dating service for BBW would be www.bbpeoplemeet.com. I'm actually trying it myself. My sister paid it for me with an online check for 9.95 a month or something like that. I thought, what the heck, I'll give it a try. I've been a member for about 2 weeks and I do get alot of flirts and all, but haven't found any to fit me yet. Maybe I'm being just too picky. LOL. I have no idea. There are some good looking men there too. When you first sign up, you'll get to see who's viewing you, but you can't see who flirts or sends messages, which makes you just wanna pay for the dang thing. LOL. Anywho, let me know if you try it out, I'll add you to my buddies list. I still haven't tried the chatting part yet. You gotta have a buddy to do that. LOL. I was getting all kinds of chat requests when I didn't have a membership, now that I have one, no one ever wants to chat with me. Haha. It's a pretty cool site though. La_madam, I'm interested in your brother too! Haha. We might have to have an auction here for him huh?
  8. ~*DolphinGirl*~

    searching for me

    Welcome to LBT Sunshine! Hope that you enjoy your stay here & good luck on your WLS Journey!!
  9. ~*DolphinGirl*~

    New Here! :)

    Welcome to LBT Tricia! Wow, you're doing great already! Congrats on the successful surgery & the weight loss! I hope that when I get my surgery, that mine goes just as smooth as yours. Hope that you enjoy your stay here, the people here are great!
  10. ~*DolphinGirl*~


    Hey Joanna~ Welcome to LBT. You've come to the right place! Everyone here is so supportive and friendly and any questions you might have will always be answered here. The 25th isn't very far away, I wish you a successful surgery! I can't imagine how anxious you must be. Good luck to you!
  11. ~*DolphinGirl*~

    Weather Pleasure

    Oh gosh, wasn't that the roughest storm ever. I'm in the Turtle Mountains right now. We got so much snow & the kids are on their 3rd day without going to school. That means school free for 6 days in total because there isn't school on Monday and my sister runs a daycare...so can you imagine how crazy it is here right now. *LOL.* My brother in law left his vehicle in Minot, and my brother called to tell him that there was a big ol' tree sitting on top of it the next morning! I've lived here for 28 years and I've never seen anything like it. We were out of electricity from 12:30 p.m Wednesday, to 7:00 a.m. Thursday. Kinda makes one appreciate what they do have. It was pretty fun though, we stayed warm, but I'm sure any longer we would have gotten pretty cold. My parents were telling us stories of how they used to live like that when we were younger. They made it sound so easy. *LOL* Well, my fellow North Dakotans, bundle up. They say it's going to be a long winter. We didn't even get to enjoy our Fall season! That sucks. Ahh well, this is an unpredictable state though isn't it. Expect the unexpected, as they say.
  12. ~*DolphinGirl*~

    Twelve Hours To Go!!

    I can't imagine how nervous, excited & anxious you must be feeling right now. I wish you luck tomorrow, and here's to a successful surgery and a speedy recovery!! :Bunny Keep us posted. Take Care.
  13. ~*DolphinGirl*~

    I got my Date!

    Yayy! Congratulations on the date! :Bunny You'll do great. Just keep thinking of how long you wanted this and now it's finally going to happen. I'm sure that will help you with the 10 pounds that you need to lose. If not, just "Atkins" it for 2 weeks. LOL. Good luck to you!!
  14. ~*DolphinGirl*~

    I'm scheduled!!!

    Hiya Glitter! Congratulations!! I sure know what you are talking about. I've been on this journey for almost 5 years now, and sometimes, finding the funding to pay for this surgery is the hardest part! I've tried everything you've tried too, with no luck. But I know it will happen for me, so I choose not to give up, just like you. Your story does give me a little inspiration to go by. NEVER GIVE UP! Anywho, congratulations again, and I wish you a successful surgery! Hope you enjoy the forum, it's has a great source of information, and the people here are so willing to help out in anyway they can. Take Care.
  15. ~*DolphinGirl*~

    Thinking of getting a Band? READ THIS

    Thanks sharing the picture. It truly is an inspiration. Congratulations on your 18 month Bandiversary!! You look G-R-E-A-T!! Best wishes and continued success to you!!
  16. ~*DolphinGirl*~

    A NSV I Can Hardly Believe...

    Congratulations to you!! Here's to many, many more NSV's! :Bunny
  17. ~*DolphinGirl*~

    I'm a newbie!

    Hi there Hunzi~ Welcome to LBT. You've come to the greatest place for Lap Band support. They talk about anything and everything here, which makes this place one of my favorite spots on the net. Anywho, hope everything goes well for you and your surgery. See you around.
  18. ~*DolphinGirl*~

    I'm in the 100 lb club.. FINALLY!!!

    I can't imagine how happy you must be!! I haven't been here at LBT very long, but you are truly an inspiration to me already!!
  19. ~*DolphinGirl*~

    New to the group!

    Hi Karen~ I agree, this is a great place! I'm sorta new here too, but I cannot stop myself from coming here every 10 seconds. LOL. Everyone here is so supportive. Well, hope to see you around more and I wish you luck on your journey to WLS.
  20. ~*DolphinGirl*~

    My thoughts on dating and the band

    Oh wow. Just reading your story made me get butterflies. Too sweet. LOL. I made another post on the dating thing, and this is the kind of stuff I cannot wait for. Even if it's by a married man. Haha. I know, I wouldn't go there but ya know what I mean? There are alot of people who take this kind of stuff for granted. Ya know, the ones who always get this kind of attention, then just start the teasing thing. We deserve to get noticed too!! LOL. Thanks for sharing your story, and I cannot wait to be there too.
  21. ~*DolphinGirl*~

    Banded Tomarrow..FINALY!

    I wish you a successful surgery! You'll do great!!
  22. ~*DolphinGirl*~

    ~*Dating after weight loss success*~

    So anywho, I was reading a post here about dating, which got me to thinking about dating after one has lost weight with the band. My story really quick, I'm single, have been in 1 major relationship (he left for unknown reasons, I guess I wasn't bitchy enough or something, too nice perhaps?). I have dated alot of men, and not really dated, ya know how that goes, actually I have never been on a real date. In this town it's unheard of. Anyway, I've lived in the same town for 28 years. It's a smaller town surrounded by other smaller towns, where everyone knows pretty much everyone. Okay, I figure, since I've been here all of my life, I'm pretty much not going to find anyone around here that is interested in me, or that I'm interested in for that matter. What I was thinking is, what's going to happen when I go through my surgery? I mean the main reason I want this surgery is to live a normal, healthy life and to have a little fun while doing it since I've missed out on so much by being obese & unhealthy in the first place. I'm thinking since I was here all of my life, and all of a sudden I lose the weight, should I date anyone that's also lived here, who I see almost all the time, knowing that they knew I used to be obese? I know it might seem stubborn, but plain and simply put, why bother with anyone around here who didn't notice the real me before, right? I'm a believer of "If anyone wants to find that one true soul mate, stop looking." But I don't sit here all day wondering when he's going to fall out of the sky...or whatever. LOL. I wanted to know if anyone here has been through this after their weight loss and how they dealt with it. Would it just be the stubborn Taurus coming out of me thinking like this?
  23. ~*DolphinGirl*~

    ~*Dating after weight loss success*~

    Oh good. I'm not alone in the way I think. LOL. I totally understand what your saying though. I have a friend who is a little smaller than I am, but boy does she sure get attention from alot of guys. And, I was thinking about her as I typed this post. She's outgoing, not shy at all, outspoken, carries herself very well and she is a dang good dresser I might add. I on the other hand, totally opposite. I'm like a turtle hiding in her shell so to speak. LOL. But the more I get to know a person, I totally come out more. I guess I'm an okay dresser, but like I said, I live in a smaller town, and the fancier clothes are limited around here. I usually have to travel 200 miles to find the nice clothes. LOL. Ya know though, after I think about it, that might be one of my biggest problems with the dating thing. I don't let people see the really, real me too much. Only those closer to me. But what can ya do when one lets their obesity totally covers that, ya know? Actually, about 3 years ago, I did go down to 215 pounds, size 18, and I did feel like I was a little more sexier. Like everyone was looking at me and noticing me finally. Of course, that's after the fact. When one loses weight around here, they're either on the "Jenny Crank" diet or some other type of drug. Ha. It's crazy. But, I wasn't missing any teeth...so, ya know. LOL. Anyway, since then I've gained almost 100 pounds and I'm back in my shell again. All in all, I totally agree that in some cases, guys do notice confidence. Something I hope that I do gain again, besides pounds.
  24. ~*DolphinGirl*~

    Secret Fanstasy II -- contemporary

    Too cool! I think Paulies pretty hot too. I like when he get's all hot and bothered. Oooooh.......
  25. ~*DolphinGirl*~

    Secret Fanstasy II -- contemporary

    Collin Firth~Gotta love the accent & he's such a serious actor. I wouldn't mind letting him vent all of that seriousness attitude on me. Tim McGraw~OOHHHH! YUM! Viggo Mortenson, Orlando Bloom...I could go on & on!! Okay, and if I were the other way, I'd definitely try Angelina, BEP's Fergie, Shakira & Eva Longoria. She's so petite. Haha. They're hot.