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  1. still stalling - its driving me crazy - i really cant believe i will ever be slim. Anyone out there with big weight loss and stalled like us?
  2. this is great info - im stalling as well and needed to know im not alone. xxx

    Why we have "Evil" Stalls

    thats amazing really explains whats happening thanks

    Seeing my tool in action

    Ok everybody - ive got it (not just the sleeve) We my friends, are not on diets anymore. No more calories-weighing-counting etc. We can eat whatever we want when we want and with the help of our inside measure we wont stuff ourselves ever again. So drink - eat, be sensible and NO MORE GUILT. We are "normal" now !!!! Dalite Love to all for the best new year so far. xxxx


    well Haley THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Ive been having an occasional little chocolate snack.- and feeling guilty! No more. I will enjoy it - lets face it how much can i really eat anyway. No more guilt here. have a peaceful christmas everyone. Dalite xxxx
  6. Hi All I was sleeved 29th November. Im feeling amazing today as i had my first compliments and it was so exciting. Ive lost just over 28lbs but not really focusing on weight too much as i dont feel that im on a diet for the first time in my life. Im not on any shakes or anything so a little worried about what im eating compared to you lot. But am making Soups with lots of vegetables and chicken pureed and juice myown fruit and lots of yoghurts (which im sick to death of) To be honest ive been sneaking tiny bites of chocolate in every few days as a treat. (but worried i will get carried away.) Anyway my november 2009 pals good luck to all and keep posting. Dalite xxxxx

    Tastebuds? ? ?

    ok - going off the subject slightly- but after losing nearly 28 pounds i actually for the first time tonight thought i looked slimmer in the mirror. Chancie and tiff you are my mentors really helping with any problems i have. I just read some of your older posts. Ive never been slim in my life so i keep thinking im going to "fail" somehow- but to be honest i cant really fail as i dont feel like im dieting at all. food is not bothering me at all at the moment - i dont feel like im missing out on anything and that was my biggest fear. And one last miracle i havent smoked a cigarette since the op not one. (yay) But apart from that i dont feel my tastebuds have changed much. Still getting used to my new stomach. Dalite ps happy christmas to everyone. xx
  8. i know its not really the place but dont we all need a smile now and again. Please leave me a joke so i can stop thinking sleeve thoughts for ten minutes. Dalite xxx:tongue_smilie:

    fed up today please tell me a joke

    omg I just laughed so loud the neighbours all came to see MORE MORE MORE PLEASE!!!!

    sleeve stretching

    me too i want to know?
  11. omg im with you all- i was sleeved 29th nov - im really happy but confused over food i get "hungry" but also dont know what sort of hunger. I finally put a name to whats happened to me twice FOAMIES!! i think thats what ive had could someone explain what it is. Ive been sick twice it wasnt the quantity but the food itself was a bit crap. Im eating ok on the whole but if i see another cottage cheese i will scream. Im not losing very quickly but its not bothering me. I dont think im having any more than about 750 cals a day. But im eating really well. Lots of home juicing and fresh Soups also fresh salmon. Yummy yummy. Anyway good luck all. xxxx Dalite
  12. HI I am now 2 weeks post op and if you read some od my earlier posts you will see i was really scared and messed up before the op. But 2 weeks later ive lost over 1 and a half stone or 10kg. I feel amazing - ive adjusted to the smaller amounts really easy. My only regret is that i didnt do this years ago. ive been to a restaurant with my husband and had special meals with the family at home and didnt feel anything but pure happiness. i wish you love and hugs with your decision. Dalite xxx


    Please dont quote me but I want to reassure you. I had my sleeve done on the 29th nov and exactly two weeks later im chasing my four kids aged 4,6,10,11. around the house. I was picking the 4 yr old up within the first week (but probably shouldnt have done) Anyway i really feel 150% amazing, still a little tired but great. Gool luck with your sleeve
  14. i want to be slim for the first time in my life.... to wear thigh high boots.... to shop for clothes instead of buying what fits...... to tart it up and not look too stupid.... to breathe walk not sweat .... to be happy ...............

    losing weight before surgery...

    Hi Megan I had my sleeve done last sunday at 6pm. I put quite a lot of weight on before the op as i was comfort eating so much. I was also bad the first few days of my preop diet and the day before surgery i had a biscuit and half a baguette (at my sons 6th birthday party). The suregery usually takes about an hour and a half to 2 half hours. Mine took less than an hour and was "text book" the surgeon said that the liver was very small. So even with eating like a pig and a few "cheats" i managed to be great the rest of the time. Hope my story helps. Ps less than 1 week in i feel great. Good luck on your journey. Dalite xxxx

    Did you tell?

    what an amazing bunch you/we are. The more i read the more i am astounded by our strength. I had my sleeve done a week ago and ive been emotionally and physically up and down all week. Ive got a huge gob (liverpool term for mouth) and told everyone i know and more wether they wanted too know or not. Im afraid if you would have told me a year ago you were having any stomach operations for weightloss i would not of thought kindly. Thats probably why i am personally OUT AND PROUD now. The world has different sets of rules for beautiful people and another for us fatties (dont be offended please). As a very strong and usually happy and some have said brave person i have always since day 1 been overweight. But on the odd occasion that i have lost weight i have noticed how people react differently with me. I am always confident, but feel a different, more positive response when i am "slimmer" there are a lot of people who do not unfortunately give us respect when we are not the "norm". Anyway i will stop babling, but would like to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone on this forum, we are amazing!! Dalite
  17. Hi all- Ive been a bit silly today and last night. I didnt over eat but i may have had a few more carbs than necessary. Today i had a large biscuit half a baguette and a piece of chicken covered in breadcrumbs. not exactly a lot but my surgery is at 5pm tomorrow with a 6 hour complete fast. My mum is here from england and she thinks i should cancel because i couldnt even stick to the pre-op sucessfully. Any ideas would be welcome at this late stage> xxx Dalite :001_cool:

    My NSV alert!!!

    oh helen you are my style guru = cant wait to start losing this is the first time ive thought agout "what could be" im back in england in march and cant wait to visit "primark" as ive never been able to shop there before. thanks Dalite x
  19. Hi all Well the dirty deed has been done and im feeling amazing. Np pain or discomfort AT ALL! I have on these massage thingys on my legs which are preety groovy, Still no Water which is the only thing i dont like. I have been walking around sittin up by myself all nigt = i went in at about 5.30 for the op to be honest in just going to try and enjoy the rest (4 kids at home and a moaning husband)- hes actually really lovely - that morpine really is working ill post later THAZNK YOU to everyone who helped me to get here xxxxx:biggrin0: Dalite xxxxxx
  20. Thanks all I do have a few "issues" about the operation but hopefully i can work through them. The healing process has begun so hopefully ill be fit and well in no time. Just a few head questions to work out. XXx Dalite
  21. Congratulations and good luck im 3 days post op -at home and feeling better all the time. I send all my love xx Dalite

    post op 11 hrs ago yippee

    hi all - im in bed at home -yay- feel ok generally just a bit yucky and the wind pains are driving me mad. My mums here at the moment and she was trying to burp me the dietician has just rang and im a bit confused about food and liquid -any ideas formy first few days and how do i get rid of the wind?

    post op 11 hrs ago yippee

    so here i am at home in bed and all confused. Whats next i dont feel hungry but i dont feel full. I still feel sore and windy - is this normal. How long before the soreness has gone.? Thanks for all your advice i feel so protected by you all. Dalite xxx

    post op 11 hrs ago yippee

    its nearly 1pm and im going home soon yippee. the surgeon will take out the staples then im off home. well this is it the beggining of my new life.

    post op 11 hrs ago yippee

    Hi all I didnt really want to write anymore - im in so much pain- and ive got that headache from hell. It all started off great and now i cant sleep the pain is really hurting. Is this normal?