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  1. Adrienne21

    Gaining weight!

  2. Adrienne21

    Gaining weight!

    I have no idea why it posted those randoun m letters. Lol I can not see my words on here so I will post once I can view what I am typing.
  3. Adrienne21

    anyone get diarrhea after fluid removal?

    I get it after a fill. I think it is due to the sudden change of solids to liquids.
  4. trying to get back on track!!

    1. ThinDolphin3


      me too sweetie....its harder than I thought...need to get back into the frame of mind before surgery....of how to stay on track...keep me posted

  5. trying to get back on track

  6. I am not where I want to be but slow progress is still good progress. :)

  7. Adrienne21

    OMG! Not 1 Sympathetic Comment!!

    Those are the type of people that have their own insecurities and they think by cyber-bulling is cool. I can guarantee that some of them are just as ugly on the outside as the are on the inside. everyone always has something negative to say.
  8. I've got a date tonight. Crossing my fingers that it goes well.

  9. All that stressing and i am now 10 sizes down.. hello size 22/24...

  10. I have been struggling like crazy to keep losing weight. i am on day two of liquids tomorrow will be my last day. then to mushy foods.

  11. I put on my 5x hoodie from last year and it looks like I am swimming in it.

  12. Adrienne21


    It is very normal to be anxious about the surgery. I was fine until the night before surgery. I couldn't sleep at all. When I got called to the back, I started having an anxiety attack. The nurses started talking to me and I was calmer and they gave me my shot. Next thing I knew, I was out. So it won't be bad. Good luck!!
  13. Adrienne21

    To fill or not to fill......

    If you are losing weight and are satisfied for 3-5 hours inbetween meals you shouldn't need one. You don't want to end up being to tight and then get sick or risk slippage.
  14. Adrienne21

    Um.. I can feel my lap-band

    I can't feel my band but I can feel my port from time to time. I have heard from doctors that it is normal. The more weight you lose the more you will be able to feel it.
  15. Adrienne21

    Halfway home!

    Congrats mystic!!!
  16. Adrienne21

    Half way there

    Congrats on your success!
  17. After an intense workout most doctors recommend you injust some protein. It will help replenish your muscles and keep you satisfied until your next meal. That's something that helps me.
  18. I came to this site because I thought that this would be a wonderful place where I would be surrounded by a group of my own peers. I have posted many questions that I had questions about or had minimal knowledge on. I have received very good advice and some advice I thought sounded nice, I followed up with my doctor on. I mean it is awesome to get advice from others, but who knows what best for you besides the person who placed this remarkable tool inside of us?? We have all been forewarned about the dangers of not following the rules that was given to us. If you have orders from your doctor by all means FOLLOW THEM. Don’t take matters into your own hands and when something bad happens, you freak out. Everyone has an OPIOION!! Do you have to agree? NOT AT ALL. Most people who do cheat their bands/themselves often look for confirmation from another person who will come out of nowhere and agree with them. I feel personally some question should not be asked on this site; especially ones that promote controversy in a bad way. Example, I was just banded and I am hungry. So I ate some lunch meat. You were advised against it but insisted on doing your own thing. How can you expect not to receive feedback with someone trying to make you accountable for your mistake? Not everyone is going to say something nice to glorify your wrong-doing. Before you judge a statement try to understand it for the other persons prospective. Let’s just go back to being helpful by sharing experiences that are helpful to one another. I am almost 90% sure no one on here is purposely being malicious but simply helpful. Always remember, When you are typing it’s hard to tell someone’s tone. So when in doubt, just say thank you for your input and move one. (I had to vent and I wanted to share with everyone. I don’t like seeing my friends being verbally attacked for stating an opinion. Sometimes you just have to learn how to AGREE TO DISAGREE. An opinion is like an Ass, Everyone has one and you are not always going to like sh*t it comes with. ) Have a nice night.
  19. I just left my gym because it was too expensive. I am planning on joining another gym but for the next week I was trying to get my exercise at home. So I wanted to know from people who work out at home, What exercises are you doing?
  20. Sneezing feels really strange now...

  21. I have 1cc in my band and then I had an unfill because I couldn't get liquids down. Then I had 1cc put back in. I wish she would have been a little bit more liberal with the amount she put in.
  22. Adrienne21

    Cant we all just get along ?!

    Just trying to spread a little LOVE..
  23. Adrienne21

    Cant we all just get along ?!

    I couldn't think of anything at the time. I was just annoied and lunch meat was the first food that popped into my head.
  24. Congrats on your weight loss. 20lbs is so awesome!! I had my first fill four weeks after my surgery. Well I had an unfill two weeks after and then three weeks later I had my fill. I am pretty sure that 4 weeks is the minimum time most doctors give for the wait time until the next fill. Or if you feel like you really need another small fill some doctors might do it for you.
  25. Adrienne21

    Cant we all just get along ?!

    I'm known for being frank from time to time.