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  1. choc_thicktothin

    9 Month Pics! (My First Time Sharing Photos)

    Thanks for sharing your results. You look amazing!! You are losing without excess skin and in ask the right spots! Continue along your destiny and us newbees will be working to do the same. Thanks for the motivation I am only 4 weeks post op!
  2. choc_thicktothin

    Bout A Month Post-Op!

    Thanks Starr! Just sent you a friend request as well!
  3. choc_thicktothin

    Nsv...realizing That.....

    Gettingmeback, you are on point and looking FABULOUS!! I agree with others, the smile tells a story of happiness and success!! Great Job!!
  4. choc_thicktothin

    Challenge: New Year's Day 2013

    Count me in as well! 7/11-Starting weight: 296 10/11-DOS: 260 Current weight: 248 11/12- Birthday: 241 Thanksgiving: 237 New Years: 220 If these goals stick I would be a Happy Camper!! Good luck to us all!
  5. choc_thicktothin

    Bout A Month Post-Op!

    I'm very interested. How do I find you to as a friend or find the private group?
  6. choc_thicktothin

    October Sleevers! Announce Yourselves

    I'm alive and well...revision went well and now sleeved..lots of pain and gas..stayed I'm the hospital an extra day...but home now sipping on water and sf popsicles.. Thanks for all the prayers and encouragement!!
  7. choc_thicktothin

    Are You In Dfw Area?

    Looking forward to surgery. I am still trying to learn my way around on this site. It took me a week to learn how to put a picture on my profile page. I know only four members in this group so far. How many in Dallas, TX? Hopefully as the months get closer we will expanded our group!
  8. choc_thicktothin

    October Sleevers! Announce Yourselves

    This a been a wonderful ride thus far...it has been amazing to read ask the post from preop to postop. I have been approved and knowing my surgery date since July 30, and I never thought Oct would come fast enough... I have 3 more days and a wake up before I lose 75% of my tummy (good bye and good riddens)..Good luck to all of my sista's before and after me! My prayers are with us all in the past, present and future...
  9. choc_thicktothin

    October Sleevers! Announce Yourselves

    I so feel your symptoms..dry mouth and wanting to get back to real good. I'm on day 9 of 15!!
  10. I'm going in for revision from band to sleeve as well with DR D. Kim as well on the same day. My biggest fear is that I have the band removed and then have to return for a 2nd procedure. I started my liquid diet on the 26th and just got creative with mixing 1 T of s/f Jello pudding (cheesecake) with blending my vanilla Protein powder and 3 ice cubes...delicious!! (lunch today will be mixed with 1 T of PB2 powder) yummy!
  11. choc_thicktothin

    Feeling Hungry

    Me, too.. I know that my doctor requires that I take a pepcid the night before surgery and another the morning of surgery, but I now know why....thanks!
  12. choc_thicktothin

    October Sleevers! Announce Yourselves

    I'm really feeling it today... I went to Walmart and I purchased my medications: Children tylenol, GasX strips, pepcids, hall's cough drops with vitamin Cc listerine strips, chapstick, and filled my prescription for B12 nasal drops and most important "the codine." I also purchased my Ninja blender, food scale, lil graduates plates, fork, and spoon set, broth, s/f puddings to add to protein powder, propel zero, and Isopure RTD for the next 11 days.... I hope I did not forget anything!!! If I did someone please chime in...
  13. I am looking to hear from the senior sleevers to determine if it is possible to be approved for the sleeve with medicare coverage? and if so, What doctor they would recommend in the Dallas,TX area?
  14. choc_thicktothin

    October Sleevers! Announce Yourselves

    Thank you and you as well are doing great, I have only been this successful and committed due to a combination of the support, advice and opinions from this forum and fitness pal. I am really going to stay on too of the diet to make sure I am on target for my bday which is 11-12. Stay focused and remember "a minute on the lips is a lifetime on the hips" not worth it!!
  15. choc_thicktothin

    October Sleevers! Announce Yourselves

    Welcome to the club- there is several of us on 10-11-12...notice the frequency of numbers in our new birthday!! Gotta love it!! Good Luck along the way...
  16. choc_thicktothin

    October Sleevers! Announce Yourselves

    I know..I am marking by calendar like children do for Christmas!! The liquid diet has not been all bad, I expected worse from reading other posts.. (handling it like the strong woman I AM)
  17. choc_thicktothin

    October Sleevers! Announce Yourselves

    We have something in common: My surgery is on the same day and started preppy on yesterday!! Starting weight: 296 Current weight: 269 I hope to be 256 upon completion of liquid diet!! Btw, I live in Texas and 15 years your senior (40 yrs old)!!

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