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  1. It's less painful to sit up and walk. Way less pain for me. The lapriscopic incisions are so small and are just tender-not painful when I left hospital.
  2. I'm not single but have a 3 and 5 year old. Everyone is different after surgery but for me, I needed about 3 days home to sleep and not have to care for anyone but me. By the morning of the 5th day, I took my 3 year old to the farmers market. I stopped taking anything for pain other than tylenol and was alert enough although I needed naps when my 3 year old did for about a week.
  3. skinnytata

    Any Bay Area California Sleevers?

    Dr Le is amazing and cute and my tummy is almost healed. The stitches are less than a 1/4 in length and faded so much that I have to really look at which were the sleeve and which were the gallbladder 2 years ago.
  4. skinnytata

    Pulmonary Embolisms

    Most docs give some sort of blood thinner before and after surgery like Heprin. Some Even send you home with Lovenox for Two weeks, plus the compression stockings and wraps they put on you in the hospital PLUS you will be up and walking which gets your blood flowing and keeps those nasty clots away. I've had DVTs and both times no PE and its usually not hereditary. There is a thing called factor 5, which is hereditary, but I think your dad would have been tested for that and you would have known. When all these posts say get up and walk after surgery, it's not just for gas, it's to prevent clots too!
  5. skinnytata


    I got it once. Not pretty when you are bed ridden in ICU. The most painful stomach gurgling and cramping you could possibly imagine. Didn't get it during sleeve op and stay. I was worried because once you get it you are more likely to get it again.
  6. skinnytata

    Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

    Maybe if we lose slowly we will have less loose skin issues.? Could be a plus side to the slow scale. Just a theory.
  7. skinnytata

    Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

    Seven days out and 7 pounds. Right there with ya! And started at 236. So we are pretty close in weight. I refuse to weight myself again till at least Monday. Pouting like you but happy to see the scale is at least moving in the right direction for a change.
  8. skinnytata

    Any Bay Area California Sleevers?

    I had my appt initial appt with him in January. He told me to loose 25 pounds then I didn't get that weight off till May. Second appt with him on June 8th and he booked surgery for June 21! It went really quick once I decided I really wanted this procedure.
  9. skinnytata

    I Miss

    Peanut butter and jelly toast. The end. (I'm pouting & on full liquids)
  10. skinnytata

    I Miss

    September 21 will be 12 weeks. I'll put an alert on my iPhone-semi kidding. I would love to be 50lbs thinner by then! Thanks for putting the end goal ahead of these little hiccups for me. I swear my 3 year old taunted me with PB smooches this morning.
  11. Checking in. Sleeved around 4 yesterday. Pain is in check. Walked twice so far. Still not peeing on my own. Hand swelled from IV infiltrated. No hunger! Just want to sleep. I'll post more tonight.
  12. skinnytata

    Any Bay Area California Sleevers?

    I'm going through South San Francisco Kaiser. Surgery tomorrow!
  13. That happened to be a couple of years ago. Then again in September. The clot ended up both times in my jugular. Coumadin for 6-9 months each time. I guess I have some knarly scar tissue from my IV, Central Vein Catheter and PICC lines. If you wake up with a serious pain in the neck, it travelled there.
  14. skinnytata

    June Sleevers!

    I'm the 21st. Sleeve sibling?
  15. skinnytata

    June Sleevers!

    June 21st! And yes, I am a teacher too. Should we start a new thread for teachers? Just wondering.
  16. June 21st with Dr Le at Kaiser South San Francisco. Add me to your list !
  17. Just had my appointment and got a date of June 21st. 13 days. WOW!
  18. Easter. See's chocolate butter pecan egg. . . With wine. Bring me back. Set me straight. Get me back on track. Have Pre Op appointment on May 1st.
  19. skinnytata

    Lets Talk Cup Sizes

    Nordstroms is the best! Every time I go I am so pleased with the customer service. I'm pre op and will be happy to have whatever size breasts I have left. It's gotta be better than a belly larger than the boobs i have now! AKA Barrel shaped
  20. I am 37 years old and I finally decided that I'm gonna do this! Started this journey in the fall with Kaiser South San Francisco. I've jumped through all the hoops except loosing the 18 pounds to be down to 235 THEN Dr. Le will hopefully give me the green light and a surgery date. I have my next appointment with him on May 1st. Anyone here have an existing DVT going into surgery? If so, how was your Pre/post surgery different ?
  21. skinnytata

    Going For It

    Yes. In my jugular of all places . . .

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