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  1. Hello, Why is African American Sleevers a thread instead of a Special Interest group? Can the thread be moved into a subforum there? There are a lot of topics pertaining specifically to black people, and I think we need a subforum for it as well.
  2. ShoeLover

    Dr. Fernando Garcia

    I guess I'm an OG patient of Dr Garcia's. Glad to see so many people happy with his care, and also glad to see a lot more people going by themselves. When I was researching the sleeve around this time last year, very few people were going alone, so I felt strange about it. Love Dr. Garcia though.
  3. When to buy new clothes? Sometime before the current ones fall off your azz.
  4. ShoeLover

    Insurance WLS Exclusion

    I have Aetna, and my employer has an exclusion as well. You may be able to appeal with your employer, but usually when it is an exclusion they don't approve it. That's why I used my FSA to have my surgery in Mexico.
  5. I count from my pre- op weight because I would not have been on the pre-op diet if I wasn't having the surgery. To me, it's all part of the process.
  6. I am a patient of Dr Garcia's and I still post here quite frequently. I have not posted a before/after though, because I want to wait until I hit the one year mark. So far I have lost 95 pounds, and I look and feel wonderful.
  7. ShoeLover

    Surgery Date Ticker Issue

    I don't have a way to find my old ticker either. I used to click on it to take me to the site to update it, now I don't have the link anymore. I'm beyond pissed about it too, because if I had prior notice, I could have gotten the information before it was deleted.
  8. ShoeLover

    Surgery Date Ticker Issue

    I just wish I had been given prior notice that the external ticker would be removed, because now I can't remember the name of the ticker I was using. I would just come here and click on it when I needed to update it, now I won't be able to find it. So it really would have been nice to warn me first before you guys just deleted it.
  9. I can believe that the coordinators would lie to get your business if Dr. Garcia decided to stop using their service. That is a horrible lie, but I've been on this board for about a year, and I've seen it happen before. I was 100% satisfied with the care that I received from Dr. Garcia.
  10. My costume this year - amazed that I am thin enough to be MJ
  11. ShoeLover

    Great Low Carb Recipe Site

    I definitely want to try the cream cheese pancakes.
  12. ShoeLover

    Byob Need Advice

    Not sure how far out you are, but if you want to indulge a little, get some vodka and mix with a light juice. I use Crangrape light, and I just found out about Minute Maid 15 calorie juices. Not that I'm condoning drinking in the early stages, but I know people are going to do what they want, and I drink occasionally.
  13. ShoeLover

    Self Pay But Now So Confused

    Dr. Garcia is great - you will not regret your decision. I have had absolutely no complications AT ALL. Everything went extremely well.
  14. ShoeLover

    Hsa For Surgery In Mexico?

    If anyone has any questions about it, PM me. It was easier to do it that way than it would have been if it had been covered on my insurance. I'm glad I did it this year, though, because for 2013 the IRS is only letting you put up to $2500 in the account instead of $5000.
  15. ShoeLover

    Hsa For Surgery In Mexico?

    I've answered this question in several previous posts asking this. I've done it, no problem. My insurance also has an exclusion, that's why I used my HCRA funds for the surgery.
  16. ShoeLover

    Anyone Recieved Plastic Surgery In Mexico?

    I didn't think you could use Flex Spending account monies for cosmetic surgery, I was under the impression that tax free money could only be used for what they deem as "medically necessary" procedures. If I'm wrong, or if you have found a way to get around that, please let me know. Maybe it's just my employer's policy that is like that.
  17. I used my FSA for surgery in Mexico, my FSA is on a Visa card, and they just ran it like a regular credit card. I did have to submit medical necessity and an itemized bill to my FSA insurance company, but it was no problem.
  18. ShoeLover

    Post Surgery Cooking Show?

    Yes definitely! Keep us posted so we can look out for it.
  19. My friends know that I've had surgery, sometimes I don't want to tell them the truth about how much weight I've lost since they are trying to compete with me - that's what I meant.
  20. ShoeLover

    Single Ladies: The Opposite Sex

    Yes, and sometimes its irritating. Today this guy came up to me talking about, "Smile - you look so mean." I'm like, dude, I'm trying to figure out which of the whole wheat breads has the least carbs. I'm concentrating. LEAVE ME ALONE. Idiot. I guess I'm supposed to walk around with a stupid grin on my face all the time?? NOT. I had almost forgotten that this type of thing happens a lot for the slim girls.
  21. ShoeLover

    Confused Dr In Mexico

    my advice is research, research, research. And then go with whomever you feel the comfortable about.
  22. ShoeLover

    Funny Nsv

    That's funny. You do look absolutely gorgeous.
  23. Yes, I almost don't want to tell them about my progress, and I NEVER bring it up to them. But of course just the sight of me if they haven't seen me in a while will spark their curiosity. I haven't figured out a way to not tell them the truth when they ask. But If I want to brag a little about my accomplishments, I post here.
  24. I haven't lost any friends yet, but I do see some jealousy and competition. Now a lot of my friends are on fad diets and exercising in an attempt to "keep up" or maintain their status as smaller than me. Maybe I should be flattered that I motivated them to make some changes, but it really makes me feel awkward because of what I think their motives are.
  25. ShoeLover

    Alfredo, Spinach & Mushroom Scrambled Eggs

    wow, that sounds really good. I wanna try it!

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