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  1. achiever2012

    February 1, 2012

    From the album: GINARAND's Before and After Pics

    Six Weeks after surgery. I have made the right decision.
  2. I had to set a timer to understand what the meaning of "slow down" means. I am four months post-op with 3 fills and my third fill rocked my world. It wasn't until I set the timer on my phone one day at work that I was able to eat and not end up with the pain and gas that is unable to come up. I had thrown up at least 4 times and I knew that I had to change something. 5 min is the best for me at this point for meat and other solid food. Soft stuff like greek yogurt I don't have to wait as long. Drinking shakes and water is not a problem at all. I don't usually eat anything solid until about 10:30 or 11:00 am. Coffee is it until then.
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    From the album: achiever2012

  5. achiever2012

    Me and Hubby Before & During...

  6. achiever2012

    April 9, 2012

  7. achiever2012

    March 29, 2011

  8. achiever2012

    Im Looking For More Feedback?

    Love my "Band-Aid" I got mine on 12/16/11. I have lost 53 lbs and would do it all over again. Good Luck, hopefully insurance will come through for you soon.
  9. achiever2012

    December Bandsters!! How Ya Feeling??

    Good Morning December Bandsters, It has been a while since I've been on here. Looks like everyone is doing so good. I have now lost 51 lbs total since I started this journey back in April of 2011, 31 lbs since I was banded on 12/16. I love what is happening to me. I feel fantastic and I can't wait to get out the door each morning and take my walk. the dog is pretty happy too. I am tracking every single bite of food that goes into my body. I have had 2 fills so far for a total of 4.5 cc's. I will be getting a 3rd fill on April 5th. I have a feeling that I will be in the GREEN ZONE with this fill. Fingers crossed!!
  10. achiever2012

    What Are Your Cant Haves

    Deli Meat and plain Chicken breast are what have given me some problems. If I eat them cold it is really a problem. My band doesn't really like anything cold really. Warm and luke warm always go down better.
  11. achiever2012

    GINARAND's Before and After Pics

    My Before & After Photos!
  12. achiever2012

    Nov.10, My sons Birthday Party.

    From the album: GINARAND's Before and After Pics

    Jabba the hut sitting on the floor. I new at this point something had to be done.
  13. achiever2012

    February 1, 2012.JPG

    From the album: achiever2012

  14. achiever2012

    December Bandsters!

    I'm all set for surgery on the 16th of December. I picked up all of my Bars and Shakes and supplements on Tuesday. I have NEVER had second thoughts and I am NOT nervous. I am so tired of this Roller coaster ride of yo yo dieting I've been on my entire life that I can't wait to get my band. I tend to be a person that will not read the negative comments about things that are posted online. Some people are just born complainers and nothing ever goes right in their lives and unfortunately, those are the ones that you hear from. My advise, stay focused and stay positive, and the rest will fall into place. I will have worked 7 months and 2 weeks toward my surgery and nothing is going is going to stand in my way!!! It will be a Merry Christmas and a FABULOUS New Year for ME!!!!!
  15. achiever2012

    December Bandsters!

    Is anyone on the two week shake and bars pre-op diet yet? If so How's it going?
  16. achiever2012

    liver shrinking diet

    Wow, thanks, good to know. I am practicing today to see if I can make it all day on shakes and bars. I am adding a little fruit in there too. I still have over a month to go but what the hey, practice makes perfect.
  17. achiever2012

    December Bandsters!

    Wow a lot of appointments coming up. That will help the the Month and a half go fast. Keep busy is my new motto. All the while, Keeping my EYE on the PRIZE!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. achiever2012

    27 days to go...

    Mine will be shakes and bars for 14 days prior to surgery. I am so worried about that part. My surgery date is December 16th so wish me luck.
  19. Hi there, I was approved today for Surgery on December 16th. I have never been nervous or anxious about having the surgery. I have had this battle with weight my entire lift. My first trip to Weight Watchers was in 6th grade. I need a tool to help me reach my goal and to stay there. For me this is it!! Make your list, Pro's and Con's for me that help's me make a lot of decisions. Good luck, Gina
  20. achiever2012

    December Bandsters!

    APPROVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got my phone call this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited. I'm looking at a December 16th surgery date. WOW! things to be thankful for today!!!
  21. achiever2012

    December Bandsters!

    I am planning for December 16th for Surgery. I have lost 20 lbs pre-op and am just waiting for the Insurance co. to do their part. If I do get that date of December 12th, I will have gone 7-1/2 months from beginning to surgery of this pre-op process. Too long for sure to have to wait. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they won't find anything wrong with my paperwork and deny my request.
  22. achiever2012

    Newbie from Cali!

    Hi Nicole, My insurance required 6 months of weight loss, exercise, and classes. After exactly 6 months I have been able to submit my results to the insurance co. I have already jumped through a lot of hoops for this procedure and I don't have a surgery date yet. I'm praying for a December surgery. I submitted on Thursday 10/27. I look forward to walking this journey with you, Gina
  23. achiever2012

    Newbie from Cali!

    Good Luck tomorrow. I just submitted on Thursday and am waiting to hear back. Please keep us posted!!
  24. I'm about a week away from submitting my paperwork. I am so glad that I found all of you out here!! I look forward to meeting you all and walking this journey together.

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