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  1. I have had a juicer for years, but have only used it a couple time. I was wondering has anyone tried juicing when they were on their full liquid stage after being sleeved? If so how did your sleeve tolerate it? I was thinking it would be a great way to get extra vitamins and minerals as well as liquids. I was also wondering if anyon has tried super reds or super greens and how you tolerated it after the sleeve. Your comments will be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. I arrived in Tijuana and settled in the hotel. Trish met me here when I arrived and brought me gatorade and jello. I filled out all the paper work and am now just searching the web. The last couple weeks have been hard on the pre-op diet, but I made it through and I am excited to finally be here after all these months of planning. There are 3 people being sleeved tomorrow. I have my own private room and bathroom and everything is clean. I am a little bored since I am here alone, but luckily I have skype so I can keep in contact with family/friends without having to pay an arm and leg. I don't think I will get much sleep tonight, but I am excited for this life change. Well, just wanted to give an update. Wish me luck and say prayer for me. Thanks for everyones advice and encouragement.
  3. I am on m way home now. Drinking has been getting easier with each day. I had about 40oz of water yesterday and I am hoping to reach 64oz today. Everything has gone better than I expected. I am following doctors orders and I am resting so I am confident I will not have any issues. I have more energy than I thought I would have being that I doubt I am getting more than 200 calories a day not. I definetly have to ramp up my protein intake when I get home. Well. Thanks everyone for all your comments and concern. I am off for another week then I head back to work. My days until then are going to consist of sip, walk and rest.
  4. iboprincess

    My biggest success Post-VSG

    She is beautiful. Congratulations!!!
  5. Today was the swallow study and everything went well. I am now at the hotel relaxing. I have had no hunger at all which is weird because for the last 2 weeks all I have been doing is dreaming about food. I am trying hard to get enough fluids. I have gotten about 6 oz of gatorade and 1 oz of water, but I can feel it going down and I don't like the feeling. Thank you all for your prayers and positive comments. I come home on the 4th. I look forward to seeing my family and friends.
  6. Thank you everyone for the well wishes. I was sleeved yesterday afternoon. I feel ok now, just some gas discomfort. I have been able to walk the halls 3 time and I am using my incentive spirometer. I brought gas x strips with me and although I am a little uncomfortable with the gas I am not in any pain. Dr. Kelly said everything went well. I am getting sleepy now so I am going to take a nap.
  7. iboprincess

    Surgery Tomorrow 10/31!

    I am having my surgery tomorrow also. I have to be up at 6am for lab work, but I don't think I will sleep much anyway. Pre-op was hard for me, but clears is even harder. All I can think about is food. A lot of people say their desire for food and hunger goes away completely or is much less after surgery. Hopefully that will happen for me. Anyway. Good luck and see you in loser land.
  8. I would have loved to be your sleeve buddy. I am going alone as well, but my surgery is on Oct 31st with Dr. Kelly and I am leaving to come back on Nov 4th. Good luck with your surgery. We would have just missed each other.
  9. Thanks for your reply. I am definantly going to experiment with juicing. I am now on the pre-op diet, my surgery in Oct 31st. Would you mind giving me some of the juicing recipes you enjoy the most. Thanks again
  10. iboprincess

    Sleeve & the Holidays

    Hello October Sleevers!!! I decided to be sleeved before the holidays because I would not have been able to have it done til mid January if I waited. My job does not allow anytime off between Thanksgiving and New Years. I am happy though to have it done because it will save me a lot of unwanted pounds. I don't know about everyone else, but during the holidays I seem to be surrounded by food everywhere. People at my job are always making things or ordering things for everyone. Although I try to resist it is very hard when there are treats everywhere you look. I think by having WLS before the holidays it will give me the ability to stay focused on my health and not give in to the constant temptation. According to my post-op eating plan, I will not be able to actually chew food til the new year. That should be interesting, but I am so excited about starting this new stage of my life. My sister is also getting sleeved in November and she is the one that normally does the majority of the holiday cooking so at least we will be able to support each other.
  11. iboprincess

    October 31st

    I am having my VSG with Dr. Kelly. Eight weeks and counting.
  12. I am having my sleeve with Dr. Kelly on October 31st. My brother was suppose to come with me, but he flaked on me and there is no one else that can go. I don't want to cancel it because I really need this surgery, but I don't want to go by myself. If there is anyone out there that went to Mexico alone, please tell me about your experience and what I need to do to prepare. Also, if there is anyone going to Dr. Kelly at the end of October let me know and we could be a support for each other. Thanks.
  13. iboprincess

    Scared of going to Mexico alone

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience. It is helpful to know that someone is gone through what I am planning and has come out doing great. That helps me to know I have made a good decision. I had my phone consultation with Dr. Kelly today and he answered all my questions and it helped put me at ease. I do think I will be well taken care of. Now all I have to do is be patient for the next 2 months. I can't wait till I am sleeved.
  14. iboprincess

    Scared of going to Mexico alone

    Thank you all for the positve comments, it makes me feel better about things. I am more confident about it all now.

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