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  1. Not silly at all, you're right to want to be organised. We've all been there Hun xx
  2. Yes there were lockers by the beds... don't worry! (you only share the room with one other person anyway). Good luck, you'll be fine and wont regret it xx
  3. Haha thanks slinks, you're right... imagine if I didn't have the band I'd be eating my way thru choc cake all week lol. At least I have a bit more confidence to go out now, but imagine having to explain surgery scars etc. I think I'd rather become a nun than go near men again anyway! Sounds like a good plan with your hubby... keeps them on their toes! xxx
  4. Thanks so much for the kind words Fatpants (or shoud that be skinny pants!! congrats on the mega weight loss!). That's sweet that your hubby proposed again, I hope you guys can sort things out. You could get a babysitter and get hubby to take you on a romantic date.. and maybe even a hotel haha xx
  5. Wow you look fantastic... very inspirational! x
  6. Hi, Hope everyone is doing well. I'm having a horrible week as my boyfriend of 7 years finished with me. Was so surprised & didn't see it coming at all. After losing 5 stone now I'm feeling better than I ever have (or I was!) and now this... argh. We own everything together this break up is gonna be a nightmare. The idea of dating again... eek help!! x
  7. I had a similar problem recently, I had a defill at my local hospital but yesterday Frederick said that if it happens again you should drink cold drinks as they can reduce stomach swelling (like running your finger under a cold tap after you hit it with a hammer!) and not to have anything hot until you can swallow again. His email is: frederik.serneels@ecfs.be Good luck! x
  8. You could try having a couple of detox days... just eat healthy Soup. This might shrink your stomach and you wont have so much of an appetite afterwards. I'm having the same problem as you.. I haven't been able to stop eating today! this is what I'm going to try. Good luck!
  9. Thanks hun.. checked out their site and they do have a london clinic... bit pricey though as they make you have an initial medical assessment first for £125 and then their fill is another £95! Their 6 month package is £345 which i think works out a bit better for anyone wanting more than 4 fills. Their website has some good stuff on it - diet tips etc. Luckily there is a CDB fill clinic this thurs which is 1/2 term so I'm ok now... phew!! Already snacking lots now I have no restriction - not good If anyone wants this years fill timetable (CDB) I have an electronic copy which I can send out. xxx
  10. Thanks Slinky, you're doing amazingly well!! We'll all be posing on the beach this summer! ;0) I've been trying to get through to the fill line today to book up but they're not answering her phone. Its been difficult to get fills as teachers aren't allowed time off during term and the london clinics don't seem to fall at the right time for 1/2 term etc. Does anyone know who else I can contact about fills? Another company that does them in London or the south? x
  11. Hi everyone! I haven't been on here for a while - just wanted to post a cautionary tale... yesterday I had to have a complete de-fill & spent 7 hrs in hospital just for not chewing a pizza slice well enough! The dough got stuck in my stomach and I was violently sick over 30 times in 2 days - couldn't even keep water down and was in loads of pain. Was up all night for the past 2 nights with the worst reflux imaginable... So I'll never eat pizza/dough again... and will make sure I chew food better from now on. Disappointed I have to start again with the fills... but so relieved I'm able to drink again now. Hope everyone else is doing well! Em x
  12. Haven't been here for a couple of months so just popping in to say hi! After my 1st fill I couldn't feel any restriction and ate loads & felt crappy & depressed until my 2nd fill 2 weeks ago. Seems to have really done the trick and I'm finally losing weight again (hurrah!)... despite some throwing up :crying:/reflux issues (URG!). Hope everyone is well... xxx
  13. So I had fill today and am booked again for the 28th October and then I will go again on the 25th November and then wait until January as we are away. Will post tomorrow as it's weigh day. Not holding my breath as I have had an awful week and felt really poorly with this horrible virus! Don't think I will have lost anything at all. Anyway take care. I'm coming for a fill on 28th too.. may see you there! (1:00)
  14. Hi lemma, that sounds so scary... hope you're all better now. let us know xx
  15. Good luck lemma... I soo remember that pre-op-night feeling! x
  16. Hi Feckles, I checked out 2 hrs late and they charged me 20 Euros. If I was you I'd book an extra night via their website as its cheaper (39) that way - then when u arrive u can tell them and they'll keep u in the same room. My weight loss has well and truly stopped - I had 2.5ml put in and it hasn't made a difference, if anything I'm eating more since! eek...
  17. It depends on what company you book with - if you book directly with Frederick (who works with CDB and does the consultations) you get the hotel & taxis included in one price. If you don't have pre-paid taxis its definitely worth asking others that do if you can jump in with them (the drivers don't care if you say you are all family!). Here's a link to the hotel: Welcome to the CAMPANILE BRUSSEL / BRUXELLES - Vilvoorde hotel It is cheapest to book online (around 39 Euros a night). I stayed the night before and 2 nights after. Good luck!! Any more q's just ask x
  18. You could just say that she has been a higher weight in the past and has lost weight a few times but finds it hard to keep it off? Or you could say that she lost a lot of weight quickly on the pre-op diet? x
  19. After - I didn't find it bad at all... don't worry!! x
  20. I went alone and it was absolutely fine. I met the others being done the same day as me in reception on the morning of the op. As my taxis were included and theirs weren't I let them come in with me and their hubbys kindly carried my suitcase on the way back. I was glad to be alone as I only had myself to worry about and I looked such a bloated mozzy-bitten mess I was glad no one I knew could see me and I could just lay in bed and sleep! Congrats on size 16 jeans Freckles... Fantastic achievement!! I'm hoping to be there by Xmas! x
  21. Yes see you tomorrow! I'm at 12:30 x
  22. Hi Sher, I'm getting nervous about Thursday too! Trying not to think about it. I think we have Dr Chris doing our fills? Has anyone seen Vanessa Feltz has been talking about her band in the Big Brother house? She said she's lost 2.5 stone in 11 weeks. I think she's fabulous - go girl!
  23. Nearly 4 weeks in and same story for me... lost loads in the 1st 2 weeks but have hit a plateau for the last 2 weeks... and I'm hardly eating anything! Also have had bad constipation.. argh
  24. Thanks pinkshaz! I've hit a plateau now tho which is frustrating! I lost a stone of it on the pre-op diet, was banded on 6th Aug and have lost 11lbs since then. xx

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