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  1. does everyone get a drain and staples?
  2. Micaela1988

    Scared with a lot to think about

    Thank You for your response. I agree with everything you have said. I guess when I got the band, my main goal was to get to a healthy weight to have children. So I was all for it whatever the risks. It was my last hope. Now that I have my babies, I feel like I overthink and over analyze everything. I am sure I will most likely do it, just very nervous at the moment.
  3. Micaela1988

    fair 2009(305+lbs)/Fair 2010(250lbs)

    thanks so much!!!!!!!!! I have lost 50lbs since March18th! Surgery was March 31st! I am at a total stand still, but get a fill friday so hopefully that gives me a little push! : )
  4. Micaela1988

    Face shot... 255lbs

    From the album: Progress Pictures

  5. Micaela1988

    anyone else getting banded on 3/31?

    Hey Everyone! Not to sound too happy or ok.. but my surgery couldnt have gone any better! NO Problems, or complications. I definetly had the burpy feeling for about 3 days after the surgery but I feel almost 100%. I am ready to start excersizing again! I wish my incisions would just heal up already so I could get back to it! : ) As for diets, I also cannot believe how many different ones there are from different doctors. It blows me away! For me I was on a clear liquid diet for the first week (apple juice, Jello, broth, water) then now the secind week its all liquids... then week three mushies, but I have already added in some mashed potatoes. I drink unjury Protein mix, and I think its awesome! Im ordered it off line before I had my surgery and it tastes just like chocolate milk! The day I started my Pre-Op diet (2 weeks prior to surgery) I was 300lbs. As of yesterday I am at 270! Down 30lbs! YAY Hope everyone else is doing well and cant wait to see how this all turns out! Only time will tell! Good Luck too all! : )
  6. Micaela1988

    new jersey

    From the album: Before Surgery Pictures

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