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  1. Happy Halloween everyone! Hope everyone has a wonderful day in whatever you do!!
  2. Congrats Stacey! I was told the same thing and the thought of having the surgery cancelled kept me focused. Just stick to the diet and get some exercise and you will be fine. Don't weigh yourself everyday, I would go every 3 days otherwise you get to obsessed about it. Congrats!:thumbup:
  3. Thanks Riley, those words are right on!!! Someone from Kaiser is checking this board becuase I got an email today with an appointment for a check in....pretty funny! Everyone have a wonderful day!
  4. Wow, where is everyone? I hope all are ok, check in people!! :biggrin:
  5. Congrats Lee & John, you guys are doing great!
  6. Tina, send me your list of Thrift stores! I would love to check out some new ones. I usally go to Eco Thrift on Greenback and Thrift Town on Fair Oaks.
  7. Foster parents and social workers are awesome! I admire what you all do--so glad to know good people do it. Sherri, they have a clothes exchange at the meeting. Lots of people bring clothes and they place them in a room for everyone to go through. Anything left at the end of the session gets picked up by a charity so you might as well bring them. I am having to hit the thrift stores now as I am in a size 16! Yoooo Hoooo! Been a long time since I've seen a 16. John, Mimi's is still on! Glad you're coming along.
  8. Hi everyone, sounds like everyone is doing great! I think there are some birthday's in the house---Happy Birthday to all you July babies!
  9. Andrew, congrats on your apt....I live in Citrus Heights and it takes about 1 hour 45 minutes to get there. I always allow about an extra 30 mintues for the "just in case"... Anyone having hair loss? Today my hair came out in handfulls! It seems more than the summer shed...kindddda freaked out!
  10. meee toooo Ash! Glad that everyone still hangs here. Doesn't matter the procedure so much as the journey. We all have the same head hunger demons to deal with....lol I am so jealous...new cadillacs and new bikes...geeesh my husband is lame he hasn't bought me a damm thing! lol He freakn just wants sex all the time! I guess that should make me happy...:bored: but I like material things once in a while.... Nighty night
  11. Yeppers, finally hit the 60 pounds lost mark....I couldnt get past 59 for days.......that makes 27 pds lost since surgery on 4/26. Things are really slowing down in the weight loss but I recommitted to my excercise so I can try to keep it at at least 2 pds a week.
  12. Sixty!! Can you say sixty!!! 60...60...60...60...60...60...60...60...60...60...60...60...60...60...60...60...60...60...60...60...60...60...60...60...60...60...60...60...60...60...60...60...60...60...60...60...60...60...60...60...60...60...60...60...Sixty!!Sixty!!Sixty!!Sixty!!Sixty!!Sixty!!Sixty!!Sixty!!Sixty!!Sixty!!Sixty!!Sixty!!Sixty!!Sixty!!Sixty!!Sixty!!Sixty!!Sixty!!Sixty!!Sixty!!Sixty!!Sixty!!Sixty!!Sixty!!Sixty!!Sixty!!Sixty!!Sixty!!:thumbup::sigh::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::tongue::thumbup::laugh::thumbup:
  13. Welcome Becca, I am in Citrus Heights and my surgery was in Richmond. I think there are a few SSF people here but most have been to Richmond and many from Sacto area. Have you come to support group? We meet the 4th Saturday of each month at the Kaiser on Point West. The group is for Kaiser and non-Kaiser and all surgery types. the next meeting is the 26th @ 11...hope to meet you there. Cleaning the closet is wonderful; I have had no issues with getting rid of the clothes and I have even had to hand me down clothes that were handed down to me...its a very rewarding feeling. Good luck with your pre-op diet; it worked good for me and I wish you sucess also.
  14. Ali2010

    November 2010, my highest weight

    From the album: me!

  15. Hi everyone, especially to all the newcomers that have joined us over the last couple weeks. So many getting ready for surgery--that is exciting. I have been celebrating my son's HS graduation this week and just got back from chaperoning his grad trip to Disneyland...a crazy fast trip but so much fun. Chaperoned 104 seniors--we left midnight Tuesday returned this morning at 7 am. I am so exhausted. Had dinner at the Blue Bayou, the resturant in Pirates. I had been planning that outing for a long time so I threw my food choices out the window but the good ol sleeve did its duty and didn't let me eat much but what I ate was supper yummy. I even treated myself to a scoop of ice cream. I hope that with the miles and miles of walking we did I didn't do any harm to weight. I will see in the AM! Graduation was the first time many of my family had seen me in a while and they were all very complimentary on my weight loss...it made me feel good. My goal was to be down 50 by graduation and I was at 58 pds total lost...Next year my other son graduates and I hope to be at my final goal weight by his graduation! We will see. off to catch some zzzzz's
  16. Great job Tina. My lifestyle is busy to so we tend to fast food alot too....but not anymore for me! It's hard but I do feel better. Welcome back to CA, John. Have a great time camping. Glad Nicole didn't see me today in my baggy work clothes...she would have let me have it..lol Anyway had to go to the thrift store at lunch and I was lucky enough to find 5 nice pair of work pants in a size 18...5 pants = 5 bucks! Not bad...All Dress Barn brand. I started at a 24 and let me tell you it feels good to be in an 18 but I am so looking forward to moving down in more sizes! Thanks Lee for the recomendation of myfitnesspal.com for logging my food--you are right, its the easiet one and all my food is in their database. I am logging my food good and its helping me stay focused. Hope everyone is well!
  17. Tamara, I also just found some Starkist Salmon in individual containers that are packed in very little water so they don't need drained. I like that with a bit of mayo for a change of pace from Tuna.
  18. Riley, so exciting for you to be at the stage to get the cosmo surgeries! that is awesome! That is my goal...to need all that! I see the eye thing coming first..I can't believe how quickly my eyelids changed and have layers of skin...I am going to mention it to my pcp on thursday when I have my follow-up. Analyn, you go girl! No ONE is going to stop you now. Christie, good luck tomorrow. Liz didn't get to deep with me on anything, we went over the test and my routines and that was about it. You will be fine and get a date quickly. Looking forward to Saturday's group. Most of you are probably out of 22/24's but I have tons of clothes coming so if you know someone that could use some clothes that size, take them home a bag. I hope to score some 18's! Whoo Hoo!
  19. Tina, I am only 3 weeks post sleeve but my pb episodes have stopped. I got them only when I drank water to soon after eating. I hope it continues that way once I get on regular consistency of food. Yesterday I didn't eat lunch so by the time I was able to eat something I was light headed. I didn't feel hunger pains but I could tell my the way my head felt that I needed to get something in my stomach. I ate about 3 oz of turkey and I was good. Lee & John, congrats on 3 sleeved months! John sounds like you are staying close to program during your travels and that is awesome. Lee, you are going to look smokin in the Riveria with your slim body and a deep tan! That is so exciting. Do you guys use on-line programs to log your food or do you do handwritten? I have tried a few different ones on-line but they all seem so time consuming.
  20. You guys are all so thought provoking; I knew that this journey would be more than eating less calories and you guys are helping me relize that early on in my journey and I am learning from you. Tina & Candra, I think its great that you guys are tackling the big issue..that will help you with long term success. I just saw the email seeking a facilitator for the Point West support group and I think anyone on here would be great as you all have a wonderful gift to share. Ok, I had a much better day today. Breakfast I ate a scrambled egg with a bit of cheese and I dipped it in sugar free marina sauce that is delious! I kept that down no problem. I felt good all day and never even thought about lunch. I just ate dinner and had 2 oz of turkey in the same sauce and it seems to be doing well. My only issue is I am so thirsty but I will not drink before 1 hour as that seemed to get me yesterday. So since surgery I have lost 14 pounds--not bad for being only 2 1/2 weeks ago. I am happy with that. My total weight loss since orientation 1/26 is 50 pds! Yeah for me! Happy Friday!
  21. Chrissy, I think I would change up your diet a bit; try something different to get your metabolism back working. If its your time of the month you may just be retaining water too! Shake up your excercise a bit; by changing things a bit you may wake up in a couple days and be down 4 lbs. PS, don't weigh yourself everyday--its to stressful. Maybe 2 or 3 x's a week. Also, I ate lots of Wendy's chili and Taco Bell pintos during our hectic nights when we weren't cooking. That was the only fast food I have eaten since jan. Oh wait, I would eat a bunless burger from in/out (no fries) once a month. All the food places have their nuturtion on their website so as long as I plannded for it seemed to work for me. Don't worry, it will drop back down.
  22. I was sleeved 4/26 and although I haven't had gas pains I have had the diarrea. All that is normal. I am on full liquid diet until Monday. Yesterday I did have some hunger but that is really the first time I have felt hunger. Once I had my soup I felt better. Remember you have staples all along your stomach so be careful on your food choices to give your stomach the proper time to heal.
  23. Thanks everyone for the well wishes; I do feel so much better today. Even went to the store and ran a couple errands. It felt so good to get out. I just ate some cream Soup and it tasted good! I tend to feel very nauseous in the am when I wake up--feels like morning sickness--but after I get up and have some hot tea I feel better. Glad that everyone is back on the board chatting; it got so quiet for awhile. I need some food ideas for Stage II; yougurt, cream of wheat and soup will get old real fast...anyone have some suggestions?
  24. Congrats Ash on your date! You've worked so hard....glad you didn't have to be on the waiting list to long. I must say, this hurts more than I thought it would--had to go back to the vicoden with the creepy dreams so I could tolerate the pain....hopefully tomorrow will be better. Good luck Nicole! Drive safe!

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