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  1. Looking for any bandsters over 4 or 5 years post op. Would love to hear your thoughts on your procedure. Have you lost, have you gained etc Thanks in advance
  2. Patience will see you right, I'm a little further out than you and have been going through similar feelings. It takes a while to begin working, but try and get your head in the right place and finding the foods you like that will keep you fuller longer. Carolyn suggested proteins and I couldn't agree more. Omellete, tuna, chicken keep me full for 3-4 hours for under 300 cals. If that was cereal I'd be hungry after couple of hours. Except porridge, that stuff keeps me full too... Chin Up, and i'm sure you'll find the strength to tackle your demons. X
  3. geordieboy

    No Weightloss @1Yr Banded

    Hi there, sorry to hear things are not going too well for you. Firstly if you are gaining weight you are consuming more calories than your body needs, with a band fitted I'd suspect your food choices may be in need of scrutiny. Have you kept a log of what you ? Try this as a way of showing you where you can trim calories in your diet. See if you can trim 500 calories of your usual diet and see where your weight goes after a mMonth. As a slow loser myself, I've had to accept that my attachment to food is tough to break but a slow and gradual change of mindset has put me in the right direction.
  4. geordieboy

    Green Stool

    :help:im lost, what was the reason and/or the point to that comment? there are customs and private jokes in here that me as a brit just do not get at all, can someone help?
  5. geordieboy

    anyone else riding their bike?

    i am pleased to see more cyclists, i myself love cycling and used to compete alot until i got BIG, i also worked in various cycle shops in my teens. I thought id join the natter. The good thing about a bike is that it is usually rather painless way of doing cardio, i mean running always seems to hurt me (plus i only have feet with one speed). To thos worrying about the bum ache, my advice is that yr butt does get used to it by your 2nd or 3rd consecutive ride, some helpful aparatus would be. As suggested a gel saddle cover, or a gel saddle although the gel saddles are very restrictive to the motion of yr legs. What i find helpful is to buy the padded insert for under yr pants, these help cushion you. For people worring about a bike which will hold them, i £99 dual suspension will cope with alot of punishment, just ensure you tighten the rear coil as this can cause a very tough ride for the newbie as alot of yr exertion is absorbed in the suspension. Cycling is great at burning calories and i recommend it to anyone.
  6. maybe itwould be a good idea to post acronyms here as i have been reading here avidly for a week and little lost with some of the TLA's going on. The ones i do not know are listed below, add if you wish. Maybe we could make a sticky? What is PB'ing NSV LBT VGB TOM all help appreciated
  7. geordieboy

    Chocolate Addiction....

    When i did the Atkins diet i got the same craving for Chocolate, i remember reading somewhere that caffeine reinforces cravings, so i cut out cofee and found it much easier to control, i remember chewing on a jaffa cake once without swallowing it and spitting the mush in the bin , also, Thorntons have a range of diabetic chocolate which is very rich, im not sure what calorific content it has but no carbs, if you have too much it gives you the splats
  8. geordieboy

    New Band top be released soon

    Wow, interesting. I'd love to know what's different about it. Not that I can do anything about it if it turns out to be better than what I already got! Hmmm...will bands start coming out with model years like cars?? "What do you have?" "I've got an '06 with 500 treadmill miles!! hehe, its when they start being traded by seconhand band dealers which would worry me. The advance in technology is huge for these bands it is making it a bit more difficult for me as i havent a date for my band to be done yet... i dont feel like being guinea pig, unless its free
  9. hi, im a newbie and this is my first post. I have my initial consultation in Leeds next week so im doing some additional research through the forums etc to quell my niggling fears of making the wrong decision. While viewing peoples stories and posts i began noticing that nobody seemed to be about after 2 years, their blogs stopped, or they stopped posting. Have they wasted away to dust? i just cannot seem to find anyone who has had these in longterm? can someone put me at rest? does anyone here have a band thats been in for 3, 4, 5 years or more. I would love to hear from you.
  10. i thought that, i just was worried that everyone might have gave up THANKS
  11. geordieboy

    Why are YOU Fat?

    Personally, and i can see reflections of my reason in sooo many other peoples, but i put my overweightness down to thus. I was very active as a child, i won medals for cycling, football (soccer to the US and Canada) and for swimming. But i was from a working class family where both my mother and father worked damn hard for me and my 2 brothers. We NEVER and mean NEVER had chocolate biscuits in the house, cola or any other fizzy beverage, no sexy foods or name brands, we had cornflakes as the only Cereal for years (i remember getting so excited when a market research company asked us to sample Golden Grahams before their launch, it was heaven), a real boring diet basically. As i got into my teens I would do paper rounds and other odd jobs, working on farms during harvest etc and all i ever spent my money on was rubbish. Mars Bars, Coca Cola, Monster Munch and everything else bad. I would eat them so fast as i felt guilty about spending my money on them. food soon became an obsession for me but i never noticed it until i was 16, through puberty i could never be arsed to excercise or do sport like i had before and i began to realise that i was getting quite tubby, i tried diets and lost weight, but then straight away back to my original habits, i would always suffer the phenomenon where i would gain 6 or 7 pounds more than what i was before the diet. The atkins diet made me lose a tremendous amount of weight but trained me to eat food in massive qtys, i was eating steak three tmes a day, i was loving it. But then i felt my health as well as my wasteband deteriating, i stopped and gained it back and some more although now i have trained to eat for England and just cannot stop. I have even broke down in tears after battling with myself not to eat another chocolate biscuit or bag of crisps. It is shear addiction now which i need to stop. I have stopped smoking for 13 months(Aa habit i gained in college....such a dumbass) and now want to kick this habit, which too will kill me if not dealt with.