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  1. Katiebal_Lecter

    No restriction

    I hope you don’t leave this forum forever. I’m right there with you. I was revised to RNY from a lap band and my idea of “restriction” left with my band. I don’t feel “restriction” now. And many people who haven’t had a revision don’t understand what a shock the change can be. My cue now is more like “uff, I don’t want to eat anymore”. Not a “full” feeling, not a restriction as I knew it. I’m afraid of eating too much too. I follow my program, like you do, and feel like I could keep eating no problem. The only thing that I think has helped me is using a food scale and measuring the food, then eating only that. Even after measuring I don’t feel full, but I’m also not hungry because of the surgery, so I know eating more would be to satiate head hunger. Please don’t be discouraged. Keep reaching out for help and resources.
  2. Katiebal_Lecter

    1 month post-op, kinda skimpy WL

    I lost 16 pounds in my first two weeks and have lost nothing since (29 days later). I am losing inches though, did you do before/during measurements?
  3. Katiebal_Lecter

    Newbie & 1st stall

    Hello, I had bypass 12/17 and hadn’t lost weight since 1/1/2021. Today I finally went down a pound and am *hoping* this “stall” is over... 25 days is a long time, made me feel like a failure, but I’ll remain hopeful. I say “stall” because I know through photos and measurements that I was losing inches. good luck, I hope your stall ends quickly!
  4. This is about pooping, so if you’re grossed out by stuff like that please just scroll past this. I’m 5 days post op (lap band to gastric bypass) and finally had a bowel movement, my concern is that it was completely bloody. Not just like little drops here or there, but it seemed the turd was formed out of pure blood. I know a lot has gone on with my internal plumbing because of the surgery, but I am concerned. Has anyone had personal experience with this or know of any resources that might alleviate my concerns? I’ve already put a note in to my surgeon, but I want to see what “the people” have experienced. Thanks in advance for any information.
  5. Katiebal_Lecter

    TMI bloody stool, is it normal?

    Nope, normal BM schedule, and what came out wasn’t firm by any means. This was literally like a pint of blood. But yes, any blood, when you’re not expecting it seems like a tremendous amount haha.
  6. Katiebal_Lecter

    Sleeve to Bypass & hungry?

    I’m pre-op right now, I am getting a band revision to GB on December 17. I’ve heard that, with GB, you no longer get the “growling stomach” sensations of hunger. Can you guys who have had your revisions describe what your new hunger feels like... Do you still get the growling? Is it nausea? Emptiness? Can you put into words what this “hunger/starving” feeling is like? Thanks in advance for any insight.

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