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  1. I was wondering if anyone on this board has experience with going through chemotherapy with the lapband. Did you get an unfill? I've already had three sessions of chemo (out of six) but I'm still thinking of getting an unfill because the chemotherapy itself is giving me acid reflux and heartburn. Having the band there is really not helping but, then again, I can't overeat either, so it is helping me not go too crazy when I'm taking Predisone (which increases appetite). One of the main reasons I haven't done the unfill is just that I would have to drive 1 to 1 1/2 hours just to do that and I don't feel that well to do that plus it just means more time off work when I'm basically gone most of the time due to chemo. For the record, I should be "cured" after the chemo of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (thank goodness). It is just a matter of getting through it. Anyone else gone through this?
  2. Betelnut

    Chemotherapy And The Lapband

    Thanks to thoe who have replied! So far I'm keeping the band filled. My heartburn has subsided so I'm feeling more optimistic. Thanks again!
  3. Betelnut

    Chemotherapy And The Lapband

    I'm surprised no other lap band person has had cancer. Oh well, live and learn. What a great helping community!
  4. Thanks Mis73! You're right--I think anyone that has a band can get down on it for numerous reasons but I certainly wouldn't tell someone not to get one or that they are useless! The struggle is part of life!
  5. Sorry about the formatting on my post above--I have it nicely formatted but it went away and I can't get the edit function to work.
  6. What are your negatives with your band? I can't think of one that I have myself, honestly.Hi Holly Dolly! I couldn't get the quote function to work so I hope your quote is showing up.I have had my band for almost four years so I've had a long time to "get used to it" but I guess I have "failed my band" since I still struggle with many aspects of life with the band. Such as:1. Not being able to drink and eat at the same time--this has actually led to issues with dehydration2. Not being able to enjoy going out to eat--I almost always have a sense of dread about the experience3. Watching a cooking/travel show and thinking, "Well, that restaurant looks so yummy--too bad I'll never be able to enjoy it"4. Throwing up a lot, a lot, a lot5. Off and on acid refluxThe positives, of course, are being many pounds lighter and I would never say that I don't enjoy that aspect of the band. I KNOW that most of my negatives are because I am not "being good." But I am human and I bet there are a lot of people on this forum who also struggle with these same issues--that's why I feel that it is definitely fair game for discussion.
  7. Betelnut

    Unable To Keep Down "real Foods"

    Well, PBing (I just call it "throwing up") does relieve the awful burning sensation in the middle of your gut so it is "good" in that it relieves that feeling. It is bad because you aren't really supposed to be eating/drinking in a way that makes you throw up. That is, you shouldn't drink and eat at the same time (this is one of my big problems), you shouldn't be eating fast, you shouldn't be eating a lot at a time--all these things will make you PB. Apparently also, PBing too much or throwing up too much can lead to a band slip so it is bad. Plus it is no way to live, especially if you PB/throw up a lot (after every meal).
  8. Carolinagirl--I'm not sure if you are addressing me? As you can see by my ticker, the band did work for me. I've lost almost 100 pounds although I have stayed steady at my current weight for a few years. That said, I do think there are a lot of negatives to having a lapband and I don't think there is anything wrong with expressing those opinions. This is a forum to discuss lapband issues and concerns therefore both positive and negative comments are perfectly legitimate. Good luck on your surgery!
  9. Welcome to the lapband life. You will experience pain upon eating all the time or, at the very least, frequently. It is just part of having a lapband.
  10. Betelnut

    Unable To Keep Down "real Foods"

    It stands for "poductive burping" which is when you burp which can relieve pressure on your band or actually spew out the food/liquid in your pouch. It is not like vomiting food in your stomach--it feels and tastes different (no stomach acid).
  11. Betelnut

    Medication Gets "stuck"

    Maybe start taking them at night as I have found that the band loosens up throughout the day.
  12. Actually, I think that any device that only allows you to eat a bite that is the size of a grain of rice IS failing you. That is simply ridiculous and no way to live.
  13. I haven't lost weight in 6 months :smile2: due to just not trying. I really need a kick in the butt. Now that the weather is starting to get cooler, I am beginning to walk again. I want to lose about 10-15 pounds by Christmas--get me down to 200 pounds which will be nice!
  14. Betelnut

    Getting back on track?

    What I do when I feel like I've lost motivation is start Jenny Craig. Having to weigh in every week is more motivation than a date with my surgeon that is two months away. Plus, get a fill if you haven't gone in a long time--that will force you to eat more carefully, if only for a few weeks.
  15. Yesterday, I started having pretty bad twinges of pain in the general region of my band. I started getting paranoid that my band has slipped. I'll admit, I do regurgitate quite often especially after my last fill (which had to be adjusted because I was too tight). But my acid reflux is gone since I got my fill adjusted. So I'm not sure about the slip. I then had a thought that maybe I'm having a gall stone attack (which I've never had) because of my age and the symptons. Anyone here have the band and THEN had problems with your gallbladder?
  16. I'm in too. I'm going for 18 pounds in two months which I might not make but it's a good goal!
  17. Hello. I had a fill on Oct. 9th that is currently kicking my butt! I can tell that I am almost too tight, if not too tight. Almost because I can eat--very little, but still, I can eat. Almost because I can drink--very little, especially in the morning, but I can drink. Too tight because I developed a night cough and acid reflux which I am treating with over the counter drugs and apple cidar vinegar. Too tight because I PB/vomit more than 3 times a day--once on Protein drink with two pills. My question is: Okay, I'm almost too tight, but I've lost more than 10 pounds in less than two weeks. Won't this weight loss (and more loss in the future) "loosen" my band a bit so that I don't need an unfill? I really don't want to get an unfill primarily because it entails a lengthy drive in DC traffic! BTW, when I called my doctor's office last week (only about 5 days after the fill), they told me to wait two weeks before thinking about getting an unfill. At that point I was more uncomfortable than I am now. Will weight loss alone do the trick?
  18. Betelnut

    Question about being "too restricted"

    Thanks everyone for the advice. I really need a small unfill. Guess I'll call the doctor today! The reflux is the worst thing since I can't sleep.
  19. I never had any issues with reflux until my last fill which was Friday, October 9, 2009. I am barely able to sleep because of it! I JUST called my surgeon's office and they said that if I am able to eat and drink--which I can but barely--that I should wait at least two weeks. ugh!
  20. Betelnut

    How much in your first year?

    I've lost the weight fairly slowly partly because there was a three month lag between fills at one point. That said, by my first year anniversary (next month), I will have lost about 60 pounds. Not as much as I'd hoped, but I'll take it!
  21. I PB at a lot of my meals but that's because I STILL (even after almost a year) can't get used to not drinking with meals. But I can totally identify why I'm doing it. If you're "thowing up" (PBing?) with EVERY meal and there doesn't seem to be a logical reason, you should check with your doctor.
  22. Betelnut

    Getting a grip of the rules?

    I've had my band almost a year and there are still times when I mess up and eat one bite too many or take a sip of Water or soda when I shouldn't (this is my big mistake usually). I definitely don't give myself too much food now and I generally chew pretty well but it is the "one bite more" that I still struggle with! Good luck and give yourself a break--three months is not very long in the grand scheme of things!
  23. Betelnut

    I've lost my focus

    I think one key is to keep going to your surgeon and keep getting fills if you're not losing weight. I went in for my fourth fill recently and had "only" lost five pounds in the two months since my last fill. I told the surgeon's assistant (who weighed me) that I was feeling a little discouraged. She said, "At least you came back in..." I was shocked and said, "Of course I did! I KNOW I will lose this weight--just slower than I thought I would!" I got the impression from her that a lot of people just stop going back for fills and visits to their surgeons. Don't give up! (BTW: I had my fourth fill 12 days ago and I've lost 3 pounds since then--yeah!)
  24. Betelnut

    What is pb

    "Productive burping"--you "burp" out the last thing you ate. For me, usually liquid since I can't seem to not drink when I eat.