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    Shirt size

    Argh, I did the same thing! It’s hard to resist the increased fashion options as you size down. Plus-sized options are a lot better than they used to be, but even so…
  2. Vassarini

    Mexico bariatric center

    I had GBS in Nov 2021 with Dr. Christian Rodriguez Lopez and all went well. I had no issues with cleanliness. The equipment like the bed and IV monitor/stand is dated, but I understand they’re building a new bariatric center. He also fixed a hiatal hernia and that alone has drastically improved my life! This was a good option for me, but I also consulted with my primary care doctor before and after going. Be aware that once you leave, the followup is mainly mass emails about progressing through the different diet phases. I wanted to be sure I had regular followup with a medical professional.
  3. I have had three vasovagal syncope incidents since my GBS, but all were related to needing IVs inserted for medical procedures (cataract removal and gallbladder removal). I’m a breast cancer survivor though and had this — again related to blood draws / IVs — while undergoing treatment many years ago, well before my GBS. So I am predisposed to this reaction for IVs, and my doctors (since several were involved) think the fasting (including liquids) probably contributed to my predisposition. I have low blood pressure generally. The first incident occurred during my first cataract surgery prep, where I did pass out. Following that, I alerted the following two anesthesiologists, and they put me in the head-down, feet-up posture, which helped. I’ll have to check iron levels to see if that may be affecting my reactions.
  4. Vassarini

    When/How to buy new clothes

    I endorse all of these suggestions. I work in a conservative business attire organization. Although the pandemic gave me some leeway in terms of sizing down over time, now that office work and in-person meetings are occurring, I need suitable business clothing (pun intended). ThredUp is part of my arsenal. I’d add to the above the following suggestions: 1. Filter clothing by “excellent condition” or “new with tags” — I’ve found anything graded below that to be rolling the dice. 2. I don’t buy final sale items unless they are dirt cheap (<$5). I haven’t tried ThredUp outlet; maybe that’s an exception. 3. Batch orders so it makes sense to return items. 4. Even though they say they don’t accept clothing past 5 years old … they clearly do carry a number of “vintage” brands, and fit by sizing has changed over time for many brands. 5. Don’t buy designer labels without price-checking against designer resellers (RealReal, etc) — sites that specialize in premium labels have more thorough vetting info available and often better prices. I haven’t invested in designer, but I have tried a few fine-fiber fabrics — cashmere, merino — via ThredUp and again would not suggest doing this unless it’s New with Tags and returnable. 6. The app and the web interface have different functionality. I find searching refinements to be easier to do online. Their e-commerce platform is constantly tweaked, so mileage varies. 7. You will (not) grow to love the frequency of black clothing put on a black mannequin for photographing so that little-to-no details can be discerned. 😂
  5. Vassarini

    Flight home 5 days after surgery

    I had GBS (and a hiatal hernia repair) on a Thursday and flew back home out of San Diego the following Sunday with a layover / flight change in Denver. I was nervous ahead of time but had no issues. A few things that helped: — I spoke discreetly to the gate attendants in San Diego and Denver, and they kindly allowed me to board early and take my time settling in. For my flight out of Denver, they even moved me closer to the front of the plane into a better seat. —I arrived at the San Diego airport early and simply took my time strolling to the gate. —The Denver airport is big, so I arranged for shuttle service between gates and was relieved I did so! Major airports offer this free of charge (though you should tip the driver). —I didn’t request wheelchair service, but that’s also an option. —A flight attendant kindly helped me hoist my carryon into the overhead since I boarded early for the first flight, and a fellow passenger helped get it down again. (I’m 5’3” so sometimes people kindly offer this, or you can wait and ask for assistance if you need it). —The worst part for me was that I parked way out in the hinterlands at my home airport and hadn’t arranged for someone to pick me up. I had to rest a few times, then finally leave my luggage and drive back over to pick it up when I got to my car (not an issue as it was late/dark on a Sunday and my home airport is small, so no one was there to notice unattended luggage in remote parking) . In retrospect, having an airport pickup would have been much easier. I hope this helps and good luck with your WLS and travel home!
  6. Vassarini

    Airplane anxiety, just venting

    I flew regularly while needing seat belt extenders. I finally bought my own (4x the cost of the Amazon link above, but it was pre-Amazon), but seriously, the flight attendants are always discrete and no one ever cared. I don’t think you can officially be seated in an exit row with an extender, but that’s the only restriction. Congrats — I was excited when I out-shrank the need for an extender!
  7. Vassarini

    Absolutely hate myself now

    Hi @planham , I had my WLS in Nov 21 and developed gallbladder symptoms in Jan 21. Due to 1) my symptoms causing me discomfort but NOT being an immediate medical emergency (no gallstones moving about), and 2) Covid-related backlogs, I wasn’t able to have my gallbladder surgery until April 12. I mention this because that sharp pain under your right rib may be related to the (former) gallbladder — I also am experiencing this and it’s not something I had after my WLS (I had more of a gap in time between my WLS and gallbladder than you did). My gallbladder surgeon told me this is an unfortunate side effect that happens as the body heals from the surgery and the biliary passages compensate for the former gallbladder by widening a bit. My sharp pains are slowly subsiding and I hope yours will, too. Having WLS followed so shortly by gallbladder removal is A LOT for you and your body to go through. I had extreme food intolerance leading up to the gallbladder removal, and my recovery was more painful than my GBS. It sounds like you may not have proceeded to a regular diet prior to your gallbladder surgery. I was fortunate not to have had too many issues with nausea following my WLS, but my gallbladder (or perhaps the combo) really did a number on me. I was miserable, and due to a hounding manager, I was back to work the Monday following the gallbladder surgery (albeit remotely). I’m not trying to tell you how to feel about WLS or dismiss your concerns about having had it — I wanted to share my experience in hopes that it may help you during your recovery. Be kind to yourself — you’ve been through the wringer in the past few months. Although gallbladder stones and problems are a known side effect following WLS, I know many people who developed gallbladder issues independent of WLS. Sending all good thoughts and karma as you recover.
  8. Vassarini

    Lack of WLS buddies?

    I’m feeling this way — 12 days post-op and everything is good, but I’d like to share with others.
  9. Vassarini

    Going in tomorrow!!!

    Good luck and post an update! You’ve got this!! 👍 💪 🙌
  10. I had my RNY bypass at Mexican Bariatric Center in Tijuana and my surgeon was Dr. Rodriguez Lopez. My Nov 18 surgery went well, and I am recovering without issues back at home. Medical tourism is a huge business for Mexico — they said in our patient intro class that it’s about 5% of Mexico’s GDP. A driver met me and other patients/companions at the San Diego airport and transported us to the hotel in Tijuana (a Hyatt Place which was nice with an added plus of making GREAT chicken broth due to the number of bariatric patients who stay there). It took 35 minutes to drive there from San Diego airport, but about 3 hours to return due to the lines at the border. Due to covid protocols, the companions stayed at the hotel and weren’t able to visit anyone at the hospital (for that reason, I did not bring a companion). I was nervous about the flight home by myself (I had a connecting flight and although the surgery went well, it was still abdominal surgery), but I flew United and they were WONDERFUL in terms of arranging for transport and accommodating my situation. I had a hike out to long-term parking once I arrived at my home airport (didn’t think that one through), but simply took my time and rested several times. I had also worked with my PCP leading up to the surgery and have my first follow up visit tomorrow. I would also strongly encourage anyone who pursues WLS in Mexico to prearrange for local medical care. I get tons of information and nutritional advice from MBC, but obviously the support is digital only given the distance. I worked locally and my insurance would have covered it, but the normal wait time plus the covid-related delays and backlog meant I was looking at a one-to-two year delay. I’m 53 and simply decided it was worth the money to accelerate the process, especially after I had a gout flare up early this year. Like Sleeve_Me_Alone, this was the right choice for me and I have no regrets. I wish you well in your decision making!
  11. Vassarini

    November 2021 surgeries

    *Raises hand* I had gastric bypass on Nov 18, also in Mexico. Been feeling great since then except for some bouts of fatigue. I have a TOUGH time getting up in the morning (always have, but caffeine used to help). Check in with my local GP tomorrow and hoping to be cleared for more activity!

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