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  1. Hello! I am wondering for those that experienced a change with your taste buds, did that happen immediately after surgery or at some point afterwards? TIA!
  2. I have not had any trouble with any food including salad.
  3. I was sleeved on 9/7 and have had a phenomenal recovery! I have no issues with any food, reflux, pain etc. My mind is trying to play tricks on me and tell me that because I'm not suffering and can eat and drink without issue that maybe this isn't going to work for me. I do feel some restriction with food but not with fluids. I guess I'm just looking for some reassurance that other people have recovered like I have and gone on to be successful in losing the weight. I have 70 pounds to get to my goal. TIA! ❤️
  4. For me the first day was the worst. I had my surgery at 7:30 am and was in pain when I woke up but I said YES to all the good drugs while in the hospital (I was discharged the next day) and only took 3 oxys total after I got home. I was sore for about a week but nothing crazy. It's been amazing ever since! Good luck and congrats on your surgery!!
  5. I too eat entirely too fast and man is a tough habit to break!! That and not drinking while eating are both difficult for me!! Wishing you good luck and much success on your journey!!
  6. I am keeping junk food out of the house as much as possible but I did buy some Quest protein chips and some Slim Fast Keto Fat Bombs. Just a few chips or 1 fat bomb will keep my sweet or salty craving at bay. I'm trying to be realistic and substitute bad food for less bad alternatives.... It's just not realistic for me to NEVER have a piece of chocolate or a handful of chips.
  7. I stalled for about 10 days (2.5-3.5 weeks post op) but now I am losing again. From what I've read it seems that stalls are very common and completely normal. Just keep working the plan and the weight will come off! We didn't gain it overnight so I think patience and persistence is going to be key to long term success! 🙂
  8. That is fantastic to hear!! I have very recently started eating all real food and I am definitely seeing and feeling the difference now!! It ALMOST felt like I didn't even have surgery until I started real food! I'm currently mourning the loss of my ability to "tear up" delicious food!! 😆 LOL but I'm down 20 in 4 weeks and hoping to either sustain that pace or maybe pick it up a little! So far I'm incredibly happy with my decision to get this surgery!! Thanks for sharing your inspiring experience!! 😊
  9. AngieL11282

    Hunger vs ?

    My experience is exactly like yours...and I think that we may have had surgery the same day (September 7th?). I know we've had some dialog previously but I'll tell you again what I'm doing... I'm eating! I'm listening closely to my body. I have started drinking at least 32 oz of water in the morning (along with my coffee) before I put any food in my mouth. Then I usually have an egg with cheese (sometimes I add very finely diced ham). After 30-45 mins I make a Nectar protein water and sip that throughout the morning. I really gauge my hunger for lunch and eat appropriately. Then in the afternoon I mix a full Premier Protein Cafe Latte and 1/2 of a PP carmel or cinnamon roll flavor (absolutely delicious and 45g of protein) and drink that through the afternoon. For dinner I have protein (usually chicken) and veggies. I do my best to take my time but I eat until I am satisfied. If later in the evening I am hungry again I will have a few bites of cottage cheese or some sugar free ice cream. I will say that most days I still have "hunger" pangs and gargling in my stomach but I'm just learning to work through it... I'm hoping that as I progress and continue to heal that it will lessen (I'm told it will). Wishing you peace and success on this journey! ❤️
  10. I'm wondering if I should be eating until I feel restriction? I'm talking about that first initial (tightness in chest for me) feeling... NOT getting sick miserable feeling. It seems like when I eat until I feel that I am much more satisfied and for much longer. When I stop before I feel it I am hungry an hour later. Thoughts?
  11. AngieL11282

    Do/should you eat to restriction?

    3 weeks yesterday. I have had a very easy recovery and am not struggling with any foods so far.
  12. AngieL11282

    Do/should you eat to restriction?

    I bought some little portion control containers off Amazon... They measure anywhere from a couple of tablespoons all the way to 1 cup. Maybe try starting with a quarter or half cup and see how you do and adjust accordingly. I personally can eat 1 full egg with a little bit of shredded cheese for breakfast, lunch is usually very light (protein shake and maybe a very small amount of deli meat and cheese, and last night I ate about 3-4 oz of chicken and 3-4 cauliflower florets. I am just going to do my best to listen to my body and it's cues while trying to eat slowly. You'll figure it out as you go! 🙂 We all will...
  13. AngieL11282

    Do/should you eat to restriction?

    This is what my book says...
  14. AngieL11282

    Do/should you eat to restriction?

    Thanks! I'm thinking that for me it's probably that I am eating too fast! That and not eating and drinking at the same time are my struggles. It's so hard to eat slowly! I chew really well but still eat fast. I'll keep working on it! Thanks for the response!
  15. I think it is the rapid weight loss and hormonal changes that causes hair loss, not the surgery itself. Same reason a lot of women lose hair postpartum. My doc said the same thing about protein and vitamins.
  16. That is fantastic!! Congratulations!!
  17. Thank you all very much! I saw my doc yesterday and he said I am doing great (and as expected) so that was good to hear. So looking forward to this new chapter! 🥳
  18. AngieL11282

    8 days till surgery

    Good luck!!! You will do great!!
  19. Congratulations and good luck!! I hope you have an easy recovery! ❤️
  20. Thank you for the reply. It seems your stats were probably similar to mine. Good luck on that last 10-15. You'll get there!! 😊
  21. Thanks all! I have not noticed any change yet (sleeved 9/7) so I’m assuming I probably won’t. So looking forward to real food again though!! 😁
  22. AngieL11282

    September Ops

    I’m doing pretty well. I definitely still have pain at the incision sites and abdomen in general but it gets better everyday. I am in full liquids for 2 weeks!! 😩 That is definitely the worst part for me!! Glad to hear you’re doing well!! 😊

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