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  1. nolo56788

    Fell Off Bad

    No responses really required but I have fallen off really hard (eating the wrong things, bigger portion sizes, etc), so I'm using this post as a means to put out in the universe to get myself back on track! Might need to do a soft reset to get back in the habit. Mind over matter people!!
  2. nolo56788

    Sleeved at UVA

    I was sleeved 8/19 by Dr. Schirmer! I feel like the experience was different than many people on here (no true psych eval, no pre-diet, pre-weight loss; just one appt before the surgery to go over risks, meet with a nutritionist, and sign papers) but overall I've enjoyed the experience post-op. I will say I wish there was more aftercare. There's a 1 month and 3-month check-in but no long term followup plan like those who go to a non-hospital affiliated clinic Typing on my phone but if there's more you want to know in detail I can explain further!
  3. After a very long and anxiety-filled stall, I finally broke into the 270s - first milestone only 20lbs away!

  4. I had my surgery 8/19 and I was 315. The lowest I've gotten 281 (saw it one time so it counts haha) and I've been hovering in the low 280s ever since. My nutritionist allowed me to go to a regular diet (albeit smaller servings) at my one-month check-in. I'm just starting to feel like maybe they moved me too fast and I stretched my stomach perhaps. Would any of you suggest a reset? I'm feeling kind of lost and starting to feel like I wasted money,
  5. I haven't been using cooking sprays so I will definitely switch to that! Thank you for your response too! I thought after (what I thought was) my first stall it would come down more but I absolutely need to throw that scale to the back of my closet
  6. Gonna answer rapid fire haha: I don’t count calories but I stick to that 1/2 cup serving size for whatever I eat (and I cook all my food 9.5/10) I limit carbs (only veggie substitutes). I do about 2-3 meals a day with no snacks in between. I would say it’s been about a month since I’ve seen weight loss because I haven’t breached the 270s since my month post. Ive seen the resets where you mimic the post-op stages in a week but haven’t heard of the one of protein shakes. So any info on that would be great! Thank you for responding too!
  7. So after going through this whole thread the biggest takeaway is to plan a trip to Aldi's 😂 Also, has anyone found a healthy alternative to flamin hot cheetos/any other spicy chips? Those were my guilty pleasure pre-WLS but they are sooo bad for you but I miss the heat lol
  8. So glad I found this thread! I've been eating the same meal for like a week since I could go to regular foods and I was about to lose my mind
  9. nolo56788

    3/4 week stall?

    I was on a three-week stall and when I went in for my 1-month post-op check-in I was down an additional 5 pounds from my stall weight (which I hadn't checked in almost a week). I found the checking every day really messed with my head and led to unhealthy thoughts ie. maybe I should be eating even less, maybe this whole thing was for nothing, etc. So my advice would be no more looking at the scale, stick to the plan and I promise it'll start coming off again. You got this!
  10. I'm about a month out and my nutritionist said I may be able to move to regular foods! I'm still going to keep up good eating habits but rice is kryptonite haha. Has anyone tried the Right Rice brand? or is a veteran and can deduce if this would be a safe alternative to rice that's okay to eat post-op?
  11. nolo56788

    Right Rice anyone?

    thanks everyone for the input!
  12. nolo56788

    Right Rice anyone?

    heard of it, but never tried it! Might give it a shot
  13. So I got an ESG 8/19. My weight 30 minutes before the procedure was 315. Today, I clocked in at 289. For the first time in my life, I think I'm concerned with my weight LOSS haha. Is it supposed to be this rapid? I'm currently on stage like 2b (full liquid with some puree if I can handle it). I'm a little concerned I'm not eating enough during the day which is why I'm losing so fast but I don't want to push eating on the chance I either pop a suture or throw up - which I really hate. Any suggestions?
  14. Hi everyone! New to the forum! I just got an ESG procedure done in Virginia (so far so good if looking for a recommendation!) So I'm currently 4 days post op. I haven't felt the urge to eat/drink/ anything which I know is just as bad as eating the wrong thing so I was wondering if anyone has some recipes or tips to get through the liquid phase. Never thought I'd crave scrambled eggs haha Thanks!
  15. Thank you! How fast did you drink your protein shakes? it takes me a long time considering I'm not that hungry