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  1. I am on Day 4 of clear liquid diet because surgery is on Oct 3. I really wanted to know what others when you need to grocery shop and cook for your families. I have been working but now have 2 days off to get chores done and am worry about keeping to the diet.
  2. Are you staying overnight at the hospital. I just had my RNY after my lap band removed 8 months prior. I was pretty wiped and stayed an extra day for more rest. I think the 5 hour trip if you recovered adequately should not be a problem. Good luck.
  3. EAGML's Gigi

    October Surgery Roll Call

    I had my RNY 5 days ago. My only complication, was with anesthesia because I got subcutaneous air in the tissue around my face and should. I had been pre-warned of the complications , looked my head was a basket ball with 2 slits for eyes. My difficulty is keeping hydrated has because of my sleepiness. I have more energy and hope Caryou fine
  4. EAGML's Gigi

    Pre OP clear liquid diet challenges.

    No shakes allowed , just doing protein water, broth and water. I am not a jello person. Thanks for the replies. <a href=''><img src='https://www.bariatricpal.com/tickers/370648-eagmls-gigi/bodyweight.png/?ts=1569735899'></a>
  5. Hi, I am also on my pre-op diet (surgery 10/3). Are you on a clear liquid diet 7 days prior to surgery? My doctor has me on one and it is very hard. I think it is to prep me for post surgery and the diet needed after along with shrinking my liver. I find keeping fluids with me 24/7 will help but I am only on day 2. I did have some small slips last week with my low carb diet but felt I had to just do better and I did.
  6. EAGML's Gigi

    October Surgery Roll Call

    My RNY is Oct. 3.
  7. EAGML's Gigi

    First consultation this week

    Interesting to here what people in the countries have to do for insurance coverage. Yes, in the USA there are many different insurance programs and weight loss programs. I am lucky that mine is covered. The hardest part of my program was the hoops you have to jump prior to qualifying for surgery; mental health screen, sleep study, physical by your primary care, dietitian consultation, support groups and then healthy eating classes. Do you folks have the same requirements? I just joined the forum and have my surgery scheduled for next week.