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  1. Im_a_Loser

    NSAID Alternative

    Honestly ... it’s suffer with chronic pain and 8 use CBD and medicinal marijuana in vape form.. I personally think it’s better then the tramadol, codeine and oxy I used to take two years ago and stopped because it was messing me up. Speak to your gp but mine was supportive of it just not to smoke weed due to munchies and of course that wouldn’t be good after gastric surgery lol
  2. Im_a_Loser

    Tummy pain

    I was the same and regretted surgery , now I’m 5 weeks post op and still have a little pain when I drink to fast or eat food I’m learn8mg that affects me badly. It gets easier I promise.
  3. Im_a_Loser

    Is this too much??

    I think it varies I’ve lost 31 pounds plus in just over 4 weeks had my surgery the 18 June.. rather enjoy it while you can and be glad you not on a plateau ;)
  4. Finally able to sleep on my tummy and no more pain!!!! Been about 2 and half weeks post op .
  5. Im_a_Loser

    I can’t date overweight people

    Finally someone that said what I’ve been thinking.. high five girlfriend xx
  6. Im_a_Loser

    I can’t date overweight people

    I know you I’ve seen your picture before Ryan ..
  7. I was just thinking how do I get my surgeon back for this pain and torture that I paid a lot of money for!!!
  8. Im_a_Loser

    Trouble drinking

    Thanks so much, just currently I’m not hungry or thirsty I look at stuff to drink and I’m like puke.. I’m basically forcing myself and I even think of my fav fav meal and I’m like yuck. So weird been a chef and wanting nothing to drink let alone eat . I don’t mean I can’t stomach the taste of water I’ve always been a water drinker , basically I don’t want to drink anything...
  9. Im_a_Loser

    Trouble drinking

    Ironically it’s changed now and I don’t feel like anything at all. I just feel weak and want to sleep all the time. I only had procedure on tue this week but I’m inpatient and hate feel weak and nothing I look at seems appetising to me.. any ideas people because I am sure I’m heading to dehydration soon. Everything tastes shitty.
  10. Im_a_Loser

    Trouble drinking

    I wish I could I’m so thirsty !!! And these little sips ain’t helping
  11. I lay on my side last night and my surgery was tue .. I’m just very uncomfortable and a lot of bruising. Hopefully soon it will all be back to normal ..
  12. It’s normal and yes the pain is crappy .. I’m just so thirsty and am not allowed to drink fast
  13. Im_a_Loser

    Today’s the day !!

    I’m in a lot of pain atm. I’m not sure if it’s the norm. I will be in hospital until Friday so will speak to to doctor myself before I go stressing. Thanks for everyone’s kindness and wishes......
  14. In one hour I go for surgery, little nervous but ok I guess. Only decided a month ago to get it and been very quick process.. loving the designer gown and stockings 😂 . Pre diet was good, I’m surprised I didn’t get hungry much.. I’ll let all know how I am and more once I am able to .
  15. Im_a_Loser

    Voice Change?

    Lol that made me chuckle ha ha
  16. Im_a_Loser


    I use weed for severe chronic pain. I don’t smoke it, I either use tinctures, Medibles, dry vape it or in my vape juice. The thing is can I continue once I have the op because I’m over the likes of oxy, tramadol, codeine etc and surely that is way worse post op?? So I’m in a bit of a stress zone and my anxiety is a little high.
  17. Im_a_Loser

    HELP I'm so stressed and I SMOKE

    Interesting . Thanks I’m very new to this and having surgery next month. So trying to access as much as possible beforehand..
  18. Im_a_Loser

    HELP I'm so stressed and I SMOKE

    What about vaping? Is that allowed and I don’t use nicotine in my juice .