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  1. Today is my 1 year! I'm 116 lbs down from my high on my best days. I've been plateaued at 165-160 for over a month now. I'm still really motivated and the energy hasn't gone away. I do want to lose another 15-25 lbs though and the plateau is driving me batty. Still I am SO HAPPY I DID THIS.
  2. I have so much more energy since the surgery back in August. It sounds like most everyone else is feeling similarly since theirs, its so exciting! What sort of things are you all doing with the new energy, favorite exorcises, projects? I've been trying to keep my exorcise routine varied and would love to hear what everyone else is doing!
  3. I left the store after trying on a ton of jeans.The ones that fit best?? Size 11!!?!!! out of the juniors section!?! It doesn't seem real. I don't look in the mirror and see it.  I look and feel different, but I don't feel like I could fit into a size 11...despite having tired them on three times and repeatedly/obsessively checking the label. 

    It's weird having options, not having to go to the end of the track and hope something will fit. I found I had to talk my self out of getting some others that fit just so so, in the past if something fit acceptably, I felt I needed to buy them, because who knew when I'd find another that was close? 

    I'm excited and stunned. And now have one pair of jeans for the days when I'm tired of wearing yoga pants. 

  4. Plateaus, They are the worst!! Even if they're a natural part of this process. I'm questioning Everything I eat and obsessing over everything. Can't wait to get off the plateau! It sounds like you're both kicking butt!! But I am right there with you loathing the stall.
  5. That is AMAZING! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! You're rocking this change! I'm going through the clothes thing to a lesser degree. Only my clothes with elastic in them still fit at all. The second hand stores and hand-me-downs are my best friends right now.
  6. Happy New Year! And the time really does fly! I was stalled for almost 2 months. My surgeon’s office said it may be caused by monotony in the diet and to try new things here and there. Awesome that you are still losing inches! Ooo that's really good to know! I have been eating the same things and doing a lot of the same work outs. Maybe I should mix things up a bit! Thank you!
  7. Happy New Year everyone! I don't post a lot, I kinda lurk. But I love hearing about everyone's process and progress! I'm 5 months post op tomorrow! I can't believe how much time has already gone by! I'm currently stalled out, I blame letting too much sugar back into my diet over the holidays. I think I'm still losing inches though, and hopefully the scale will start moving again soon. Hope everyone's New Year is of to a great start!
  8. I've been stalled pretty much all month and got dumped last night. I'm not giving up, but starting 2019 in tears was not on my to do list.  Urg.

    1. FluffyChix


      I'm sorry to hear this. Hang in there. 2019 is going to rock!!

    2. Jazzy1125


      Hang in there, the positive side is you have more time to focus on you and your 2019 goals! You got this girl!

    3. Leia


      Thanks, both of you 💕 Here's to it hopefully just getting better from here!

  9. Leia

    Post your progress pics!

    So, so, sooo much better! Things like tying my shoes, bending over to pick things up... just normal everyday things are SO much easier. I'm also making my 10,000 step goal almost every day now! I still have a ways to go, but I'm so happy with how its been going so far!
  10. I'm up a pound this week. I know fluctuations happen, but it still drives me nutts. Here's hoping it doesn't last long.

  11. Leia

    Post your progress pics!

    I'm a little over three months PO. I'm down to 195 from my surgery day weight of 255. The first pic is from a month or so before surgery and the second is about a week or so ago.
  12. I had my sleeve back in August. I'm doing good, I still get nausea if I'm not careful.. But in every other respect I feel tons better. I've been getting to the gym at least twice a week and walking a lot. I see one of my friends who doesn't know what I've done tomorrow, and I'm nervous. I really hope she doesn't ask me anything. I don't feel comfortable sharing with everyone yet.. And she's never been very supportive of my past weight lots efforts. We'll see how it goes! Fingers crossed I'm over thinking it!
  13. I am under 200 this morning! It's been a loooooong time ... And doesn't feel quite real. I'm not sure how to make it feel real except stare at the scale until my brain accepts it. 

    1. GreenTealael


      🎉 Congrats 🎉

    2. Missouri-Lee's Summit

      Missouri-Lee's Summit

      I have 14 more pounds before I reach that milestone, too. I've lost 80lbs so far since June.

      So happy for you, Leia. I haven't looked up your goal weight yet. Do you have any other intermittent milestone goals after this one? I haven't figured out any in particular for myself, but I know I want to always keep myself motivated to keep working toward some goal.

    3. Leia


      I think I'll be excited about every ten pounds for sure and every clothing size change. I haven't set any specific goals other than continuing to get healthier. Well that and my goal weight, but that's a little flexible.

      Congrats!!!! That is a lot of weight lost 💙 lt feels great, doesn't it!?

  14. Icecream, I slipped and fell mouth first into it. I'd been gradually getting further from plan for a few weeks... Not enough protein, not enough water... Things with more than the 3 grams of sugar than I'm supposed to have per serving. .. and then pumkin spice icecream. It's not the end of the world, but I don't want it to be the norm either. So I'm putting my self back on track. 

    3.something more pounds and I'll drop down under 200!!! Icecream's not going to hold me back! 

    1. Orchids&Dragons


      That's the spirit! Dust yourself off and back at it! You're soooo close to One-derland!

    2. Leia


      Thanks Orchids!!!

  15. @cindy t I do still have it. I think both my grandma and her mom have had theirs removed so maybe mines an issue?
  16. 211!!! Randomly super excited to have read that on the scale this morning! It almost doesn't feel real!

  17. I dont want to depend on the scale to make me happy, I have plenty of other signs that things are on track... but sometimes those numbers really hit me. Today the scale read 211lbs. I haven't seen that number in I dont know how long. I dont know why this one means so much more to me than 214 did, or 219, but its hit me pretty solidly in the feels. That said, does anyone else have a little voice in the back of their mind that tries to limit your excitement with caution? I've lost so many times before, part of me is terrified to embrace this happiness whole heartedly. Its silly. I want to silence that nay-saying part an just throw a 211 party in my living room! Ah! Its such a random number to be thrilled about, but I am, I'm thrilled. I'm going to stomp on that nay-saying voice and have a living room dance party. End ramble 😄🎶
  18. I'm just over 2 months post op. Mostly its been like what I expected. I'm losing weight pretty quickly. Over 40 pounds since surgery, and over 60 since my highest weight. The unexpected part has been the gas. It still hasn't gone away, I wake up and am feeling 'belchy' and gross before I've even eaten anything. Almost everything I eat or drink (including water) seems to cause more of it too. Its humiliating if I'm in public (though I keep them quiet/silent as possible) and in generally I just feel pretty icky. Bone broth and yogurt seem to help, and my surgeon doesn't seem concerned, but its driving me crazy. Still, I'd do it again! I have way more energy than I used to already and I'm excited for the future (hopefully one with less burbling and bubbles).
  19. Leia

    Unsupportive partners make me so angry!

    WOW! Yeah, talk about a betrayal of trust. Ouch! You are one Strong amazing person for sticking up for your self with that sh*t storm raining down on you. I'm sorry you're having to withstand it! Keep your chin up, you have a bunch of us 'bariatric Pal's' on here, rooting for you. You have the science on your side, and an awesome journey ahead of you.
  20. Thank you for posting Nenes, I'd forgotten about the after surgery groups I have available. I think mine are only monthly, but it would probably be super useful through the winter at least. Thank you for the reminder!