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  1. Hey Peeps! Hope everyone is doing well...TGIF and all of that So I have 5 days to go til the Big Day. Yikes! Freaking out slightly, but trying to stay distracted. Anyway, I am wondering if anyone has advice on stores that sell ready to drink protein shakes in single serving bottles/cartons? Obviously we are from all over the place around here, but surely there must be some chain stores that sell them like that at all locations... I already have one I really like, which is Orgain Organic Protein Shakes Iced Mocha - lots of good stuff in them but a little higher in sugar and lower in protein (16g) than what is needed for a real MR shake. I got a 12 pack of Premier Protein Choc Shakes bc they seem to be a favorite on here, but it turns out I don't like them - of course. So I have 11 of those... I have precious few days left here to sample a few to have on hand for post op, so if you have any ideas, let me know please! For instance, our local health foods store is called Kimberton Whole Foods, and is like a subsidiary of the Whole Foods chain, just much smaller. They have a very small refrig section with a few different types of shakes and that's where I discovered the Orgain Iced Mocha. The selection was extremely limited though, which is why I am curious of other places offering the same w/o driving all over the place with possibly no results. Thanks in advance for any help and have a great day & holiday weekend!!!
  2. Taylor5

    Late December Sleevers?

    Oops, I forgot, I have found ice chips and Wint-O-Green Lifesavers to be helpful w/any nausea/upset stomach, especially after eating!
  3. Taylor5

    Late December Sleevers?

    I am super prone to nausea so was really worried about recovery as well. I never had any vomiting and only had mild nausea a handful of times - months into recovery & usually when trying new food phases. Not everyone gets sick and the meds are helpful if you do. Don't worry (I mean, you will, obviously) but you got this!
  4. Wow, so sorry you are dealing with this. I would like to second the popsicle advice. I even started making my own post-op with low sugar juice/water/little bit of crushed fruit/protein powder/Benefiber etc. Had to hide them from the fam though bc everyone was tearing through them! I also made - and still do even at this point actually - protein pops (I call them) - as I only like 1 type of protein shake and was having a hard time even taking that in. I mix Orgain Iced Mocha protein drinks in the blender with chia seeds, a banana, scoop of peanut butter, square of high quality dark chocolate super high in coco powder, little crushed coconut & coconut extract, several scoops of Bariatric Fusion meal replacement powder, Benefiber...I think that's it, lol. I make a huge pitcher - about 80 oz. Then pour it into little 4 oz portion cups I got on Amazon (they are called jello-shot cups, but are basically plastic take-out sauce/dip cups w/lids). I put all the lids on and put them in the freezer. Every morning I take one out when I wake up. By the time I start to feel hungry (45-60 mins) it is softer, like water ice. I just use a spoon and scoop it in! It tastes great, is awesome for me, and because it is not really a solid or liquid, it goes down really easy. Initially I was using popsicle molds and freeze-pop molds, but it was too messy that way. They also have 2 oz cups for early days post-op and also for a quick snack. - You don't have to wait for them to thaw either, just pop it in the microwave for 10 seconds to soften if you don't want to wait. This made it so much easier to get in protein/vitamins/calories the first few months, and now I just look forward to it and still get all those benefits. Sorry so long - just another suggestion - I couldn't drink a lot of water for a long time - actually drinking a lot of anything, even now, makes me feel way too uncomfortable. So, I have sucked on a lot of ice. Ice chips, crushed ice, ice quarter/half moon shapes. Helps get fluids in (albeit slowly) when you just can't take drinking too much. Also helped me with dry mouth from my meds. I use a metal water bottle so it doesn't melt too quickly. Good luck w/everything!
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    December Sleevers??

    Thank you! It has been a fun and crazy year!! I can totally relate to that. So happy that this is finally over and it's definitely something for you to look forward to as well! - Not that it isn't possible to fall back into yo-yoing after the sleeve, but it is not nearly as easy. In fact, it would take a lot of dedication I feel That's true, it is a lot to get used to, but when "the new normal" comes along with lower numbers on the scale and a tinier you in the mirror each week - it is unbelievably worth it! Just like most, I have had some bumps in the road. But NOTHING I have "struggled" with <not even the right word really> has EVER made me regret my decision to have the surgery. Most days I am still a little in awe of this entire process and how lucky I have been to have this done!
  6. Taylor5

    December Sleevers??

    I actually had my surgery Dec 27th of last year - I think you found an old thread here. Sorry I won't see you there - I wouldn't mind a little vaca right now, lol. But, you have made a great choice in facilities and I think you will be so happy with Dr. Ortiz and his staff. Not to mention your results! I had a great experience and I recently made my first weight goal and am just a few lbs. away from my final weight goal. Just been shopping for some new clothes and was shocked to find myself in a pair of size 8 jeans! It is amazing and a little surreal. I wish you the absolute best of luck and please feel free to PM me at any point pre or post-op if you have any questions or concerns, or even if you just need a sounding board 😀
  7. Sorry, just remembered this: When I was discharged, the nurse told me to get myself some juice from the store or hotel - like Regular Juice - and water it down some. She said, "Everyone needs some sugar for energy, etc, and your body is trying to recover from major surgery. Don't overdo it, and don't get anything junky - make sure it is 100% juice." I got 100% apple juice bottles from the hotel store and OMG, even watered down they helped So Much! Was honestly the best part of my day each day besides the popsicles! I would have part of it in the morning before meds and same in the evening. I am prone to stomach issues and have not thrown up once at any point since surgery. I am positive the diluted apple juice helped my stomach handle the meds the first few days. Obviously I don't recommend this if your doctor or nutritionist don't think it's ok, but I guess something to remember if she is feeling too weak or nauseous. It might help.
  8. I had mine in TJ also. I got the chicken soup protein packets from BarPal store and took them with me. Actually they were a lifesaver. I got chicken broth and orange popsicles from the hotel, but even though I could only ingest tiny amounts of anything at one time (of course) it did not feel satiating. Also the broth was very bland (as broths tend to be, lol, but also what they want for you immediately post-op) - but mixing half a packet of the protein chicken soup mix in with my broth added just a tad more flavor and helped me feel more satisfied. There's no way I could have drank any type of protein drink until after I got home (6 days post-op was my 1st try) so am glad that wasn't an immediate requirement, but do feel the broth mix helped with the extra energy needed for traveling back to Philadelphia. It wasn't until a few weeks after my surgery when going through my papers for the thousandth time that I even realized my facility specified no protein shakes for any amount of time right after (believe it or not, I don't remember the actual timeframe recommended now after 10 months - I thought I would never forget any of it!). I'm sure it wasn't as long as 2 weeks though. Definitely speak to them as far as reasoning as we never know for sure. Not sure where she's having hers done, but my facility had an arrangement with our hotel and they shuttled us back and forth for swallow test, etc. in the days following and were always happy to stop at a local market or pharmacy for supplies for patients or their loved ones. I remember several people buying electrolyte flavored (sugar free) drinks and I'm pretty sure they had some of the flavored protein waters as well. This is big business down there so the local shops are pretty good with supplying what you need. I def recommend the flavor packets for the chicken broth though. They are light and easy to fit in a purse or carry on and are much better than trying to take liquids. I wish I had taken a few more actually. Best of luck to her! I had a great experience and hope she does too
  9. Taylor5

    Daily calories

    My place, like many, didn't like to go by calories but rather just making sure there was adequate protein and fluid intake - especially in the first 1-2 months. And low sugar/lower carb, of course. However, from my food diary I was in that range of 600-900 per day for the first few months, and then slowly increased after month 3 when my activity level increased a lot more. But everyone is different as far as individual needs and rate of loss and all of that. And there's also that balancing act of not taking in too much, but then also make sure you are getting enough. Because of course you can stall from too few calories too! Def check with your doc/nut too though, especially if you are having concerns due to feeling you are either too hungry or not hungry enough, and even more so if that coincides with a slow-down or stall. Good luck!
  10. Hey guys, So first a quick update - Just celebrated my 10 month surgiversary on Saturday and made my 1st weight goal, which was 140. Currently at 139.7 and probably aiming for 135 before settling down into maintenance mode - yes I could aim lower at my height, but don't love the sagging skin that is starting & won't likely be able to have any cosmetic surgery. Plus, given my health issues, I feel - and my docs agree - that this is a realistic goal to maintain. Can't believe this time last year I was scheduling my surgery and taking out a loan and researching, researching, researching! Seems so long ago and also that it has flown by at the same time ; ) Have a few other victories to celebrate such as total inches lost so far over 42" when added together from biceps, bust, waist, hips, thighs & calves - so that is exciting! I tend to think of myself as "Droopy-Drawers" now, but I guess that's ok. Also out of plus sizes finally, which makes me so happy. Much more active now, both in and out of the gym - doing things around the house & yard I haven't done in a long, long time. Still dealing with all my back & chronic pain, but at least I'm able to DO more! Bloodwork is good except still a little low on the iron - continuing to work on that one. Hair could be better but I knew that was a strong risk and am praying it will start growing back soon. All in all it has been a great journey & totally worth it - that part w/o a doubt! Anyway, the reason for my post - have just started having this pinching sensation lately when bending over or leaning forward. It is in the area of the incision on my left side but the one closer to my belly button than my side - the one up about midway (not the little one under diaphragm area). It's not excruciating but is like a sharp pinch, and has been pretty much daily for the past week I guess. If I were earlier out post-op I would say it felt like being poked by a stitch or maybe popping one - but I would certainly hope that wouldn't be the case at 10 months. Has anyone else had a similar sensation this far out, and if so, did it go away on its own or did you ever find out what it was? Just wondering if I should be concerned...
  11. Have been having a niggling fear about a hernia. Hard to be sure because I always have back pain and often have stomach discomfort due to IBS, but lately have been having some serious pain in my abdomen and back on the left side...not necessarily in the exact spot the pinching pain is, but in the same general area. So ugh, that is not a pleasant thought. The scar tissue sounds possible also though. I had not thought of it before, but did experience some discomfort like that from my C-sections in the past. Thanks for the reminder on this, and yes I will definitely have it checked out if it doesn't ease up!
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    Hair loss getting worse

    Ugh, I am at 10 1/2 months. Mine is also baby-fine. It is longer - I wear it similar to yours but have always had bangs of some sort. It only thinned somewhat in the 4-6 month range, but then really amped up. There are actually some bare spots here and there on the top near the back that I never noticed til using a hand mirror to check the back while coloring my roots last month. And then the top has thinned so much more - yet ridiculously my roots seem to be growing like crazy as they are constantly gray - even within like 2 weeks after coloring!! I do not get it. I take all the same precautions with the vitamins and biotin and even adding the essential peppermint oil as someone else mentioned. My iron is on the low side, but I have been trying to amp up my intake of that & protein in my diet as I continue to try different Iron supplements in search of one that does not bother my stomach. My Dr. is not convinced iron infusions are necessary at this point. In addition, not only is the thinning happening, but my hair in general just looks awful. Ends are splitting. Just looks so unhealthy. It's really driving me crazy! Hope it will be healthy again one of these days. Would love to hear any tips from any hair stylists who have had surgery themselves!!
  13. Hope your surgery went well and you had a great experience! In case anyone else reads your topic and is wondering, my surgery was on Weds, I was discharged on Thurs, went back for swallow test on Fri, and we flew back on Sunday. We gave ourselves extra time bc we had to fly to/from Philadelphia and I have chronic back/neck pain. Also, we were planning around Xmas & NY's and wanted a reasonably priced non-stop flight. I could have probably flown a day or so earlier, but as it was I was surprisingly comfortable. We had an overnight flight 11pm - 5am roughly - and I used my heating pad for the few hrs. we sat in the airport. Then took my night time meds right after we boarded and the anti-inflammatories they gave me upon discharge. I slept for several hrs. and woke in time to watch the sunrise over our final hour descent over the city. Was actually pretty cool...
  14. So I had my iron tested recently and my Ferritin level was 7. My doctor has me taking a prescription iron supplement because I have IBS Type-C and she said this would help me avoid some of the tummy issues. I've been taking it 1x per day, as prescribed, for about 9 days now. I take it at bedtime because a lot of vitamins and supplements tend to make me nauseous, and this way I'm not risking feeling sick during the day. Take it with Vitamin C to help the absorption. Have not had any issues with nausea so far. Increased my stool softener as a precaution - that seems to have helped avoid worsening constipation, However, I have noticed an increase in appetite this past week. All of a sudden I am hyper-aware of all the food in the house and what everyone else is eating - usually I can look at it longingly for a second or two and then forget about it. I've been really struggling. I'm definitely eating more than I was. I have gained at least one pound whereas I had been at a slow but steady rate of loss since my surgery 7 months ago. My stomach is round and more prominent again - feels full and uncomfortable. Also feeling a little out of sorts and depressed. All of a sudden last night I started to put together the timeline and wondered if it could be the iron making me feel this way? I know I need to get my levels up as 7 is way too low, but I am really unhappy with how I'm feeling right now. I'm wondering if the iron patches might cause less side effects? I use the multi-vitamin patches and don't notice anything bad from them. No one has ordered a check of specific vitamin levels bc my surgery was in MX so my follow-up has been with PCP, but she just double-checks I'm taking a multi, calcium (chew), a B-12 (melt), and Biotin (melt), and hasn't mentioned checking levels yet - so I can't say for sure if the patches are keeping my vitamin levels up or not, just hoping they are. She checked my iron because my tongue was really sore, which it still is actually... So...Has anyone else experienced any of this?
  15. Thanks for the tip! I think I will do that, as I am still having issues...
  16. Right, that's the other reason I take mine at bedtime. I take Nexium in the morning and have protein shakes or yogurt up through dinnertime. I need that separation too in order to keep the calcium and medications from blocking the absorption. On the other hand, I'm starting to have a little bit of stomach issues this morning, and I just read a few articles saying that iron supplementation is thought to decrease production of Leptin, which provides the feeling of satiety. That makes me think it could very well be the cause of my increased hunger and food intake this week, and my first gain since surgery...which of course makes me not want to take it anymore. My doc prescribed Ferrous Gluconate Rx as it would supposedly be easier on my IBS symptoms...
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    Pain From Bras

    Hey Ladies! I have not been around much lately, but it looks like everyone is doing great! Congratulations on your continued success! I am personally feeling pretty well for the most part. I am still dealing with my chronic pain issues, which are exacerbated by my reignited flame (the gym, lol). But I am having an issue and wondering if anyone else has had and can share advice? I am having bra issues. Some of it is just the typical stuff that everyone is going through with trying to find new bras...figuring out what is the right size now...adequate support...and of course comfort, without spending a small fortune - especially considering the size could change again (I have refrained from buying so far with the exception of a couple sports bras and a couple wire-free comfort bras). The real problem I am having is that Every Single Bra I wear compresses on my diaphragm area - which I guess they typically do - but it is really uncomfortable (often seriously painful) since the surgery. The pain seems to be worse in the center, so I don't know if it is pressing on the area at the top of the sleeve and it's still just sensitive (6 1/2 months out though...), but I am serious when I say it gets bad. I have always been an underwire girl. At my highest weight I wore a 48DD. I'm down around a 38DD/40D right now (hard for me to find that perfect fit), so you would think there would be LESS pressure now than ever! Especially since my stomach is smaller too! But it doesn't matter if I am wearing underwire, or a firmer/non-underwire sports bra, or even these stretchy super-comfy no-seams no-wires leisure bras (back closure), I still end up with the pain, especially toward the evening/after dinner, when I often need to unhook my bra or even take it off. I'm sure many of you can relate when I say that going braless is not the most comfortable feeling right now - my boobs are not tiny but they are definitely hanging lower! And since a lift or any other kind of reconstruction is probably not in my future, I really need to get this figured out. (My husband offered to walk behind me all day holding them up, haha - I mentioned scaffold, lol). Any ideas on what the pain is, how to avoid/eliminate, and good bras/good places to get, are much appreciated! Thank you
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    Pain From Bras

    I've actually had that done years ago. The size they recommended was uncomfortable to me. I understand the "science" behind it, so to speak, but measuring under the crease of the bust (36" for me right now) always ends up with a # for band width that feels much too constricting. Then I measure around the fullest part and counting up one cup letter for each inch - (4 1/2-5" for me right now) takes me to a 36D-DD, but the 38DD or 40D (dep on manufacturer, as you mentioned) seem to fit better. As for the underwire being near my diaphragm...the underside crease of my breast is about an inch above the center of my diaphragm. Since all the bras I wear right now are causing the pain, it's not necessarily the underwire causing it but definitely the pressure from the bottom of the bras - which always hits just above that area, especially when sitting. I'm sure the weight of the girls themselves isn't helping, but even my best bras can't seem to alleviate the problem. And while my stomach isn't exactly flat yet, it's much closer than it used to be. I've felt discomfort from bras before, but never right in this spot repeatedly and to the point of having to take my bra off before bedtime because it is so uncomfortable. I just thought maybe others had experienced this as well. It has to be surgery related because as I type this I'm realizing how close this all is to the top center incision line. Maybe coincidence, maybe not...
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    Pain From Bras

    Dang it!
  20. Taylor5

    Pain From Bras

    These look nice, thank you. I will definitely look into them. Huh, I guess options are opening up at WalMart?!
  21. Wow, well with this surgery most people have some of the same negatives (the liquid diet), or have similar negative side effects (nausea/constipation), but also have good things to balance it out. I have gone through a lot of the same things as everyone else on here, and am also going through some stuff that may not be as common. Whether or not it makes us regret the surgery is definitely a personal experience based on many factors, but it seems like the majority come out on the side of No Regrets. Like you, I considered backing out a month or so before my surgery date. My daughter helped me realize that with surgery things may or may not get better, and yes, some things could possibly get worse (small percentage). But without it, probably nothing was going to change (at least not for the better). So it ended up being a no brainer and I felt extremely confident going forward even through the sucky pre-op diet (over Xmas) and what I assumed would just be a terrible first few months of puking and misery post-op. Things did not turn out the way I thought, and as I have just been journaling, I will share, if you care to read: I am 5 months post-op as of yesterday. I am down 51.2 lbs, 31 total inches overall since pre-op, body fat percentage back under 30%. My weight loss has been a bit slower than most - they say probably bc my starting weight was lower (205.8) and also I have a lot of chronic pain so my workouts are not exactly intense. But thankfully the more I lose the better I can move. My body did not want to let go of these last couple lbs - I thought I'd never reach the 50 lb milestone! It was like 48, 48.5, 49.2, 49.6...like seriously? Lol, talk about a frustrating month! But I'm finally over that hurdle and goal is between 14-20 lbs from here. I'm short, so honestly I have always looked better lower than that - say in my 120's, but I'm older now and my skin is not bouncing back the way it once did, and gravity is a real son of gun. So I will probably stop around 135/140 in order to keep things looking a little more "well-rounded" - and I also think it will be easier to maintain. That's my thought process right now anyway. My surgery itself went smooth, so no issues there. I have never vomited (which shocks me no end as I'm prone to nausea), I have felt nauseated 2-3x max - but it passed quickly. I do, however, have issues with reflux. Had reflux pre-op that was well controlled by OTC Nexium. Now it can be very painful at times. Like some others, I too think maybe I should have considered the by-pass more seriously, but also bc my ins did not cover and I went to MX as self-pay, the sleeve seemed like the best option overall. One thing for me is I never lost the hunger sensation. My "Ghrelin Game's" strong, I guess. But the biggest "issue" I have had, and it's no small thing, is I still struggle with many solid foods. I have slowly introduced them as instructed and when instructed, chew chew chew, etc. But after maybe 5 small bites of MANY foods (I do ok w/some), I still feel hungry, so I intend to probably eat a few more bites to become satiated, but all of a sudden start getting bad pain in center of diaphragm...feel completely "clogged" or "backed up" with food even though I've eaten so little and I still felt hungry 2 seconds ago...then usually get some reflux...get the hiccups...will need to take Tums...often suck on 1 or 2 wintergreen Lifesavers as they also seem to help w/digestion...then suck on ice chips for a little while which also seems to help. It sounds pretty miserable, and honestly, it is. To avoid, I could probably take 2-3 small bites, wait 20-30 minutes and have another 2-3 bites. Or, just stick to eating softer food. So, most nights I have yogurt for dinner with unflavored protein powder, chia seeds, a few mashed fresh blackberries, and a little organic coconut granola. It's about 5 oz. total, and I take my time eating that also - about 20 mins I'd say. Luckily, I enjoy the yogurt combo, but once or twice a week, I want Real Food for dinner, and that is my struggle. It's especially hard on the weekends bc my husband and I like to go out on Sat to a farmer's market or something and then have lunch (or dinner & a movie...). But it's miserable for me to sit at a restaurant where I can barely eat anything on the menu (comfortably) and then have to sit (w/back pain & probably stomach pain) and wait for my husband to enjoy his meal. Lately we haven't been going out much, which is a real drag. I expected it to be like this for the first several mos, but figured it would slowly be getting better by now. I knew I'd have diet restrictions and certain foods would take longer to agree w/me (some might never work well again), but I didn't expect that So Many real foods (meaning meats/veggies, etc. dinner type foods) would be too painful to eat. For me this is the most difficult thing and I am praying it gets better w/time. If I can eat a couple oz. of chicken/turkey/fish/steak + say 1/2 cup of cooked veggies/salad/potatoes (whatever), w/o any pain or reflux, and enjoy my food & comfortably sit & enjoy the company of my husband (sisters/kids) until they finish eating, even if it's at 9 months or a yr post-op, I will be ok w/that. It's the thought that it might never happen that worries me. On the other hand, when this happens, my husband feels so bad, and sometimes says, "I'm sorry babe, you must really regret having that surgery now." And I'm like, "No I don't! How else was I ever going to lose 50 pounds in 5 mos w/all the health/pain issues I have?" I never thought I would weigh 154 lbs again, much less 135-140 where I hope to land. So, yeah. It sucks that I have to eat yogurt for dinner most nights. (There are a handful of other things I could have instead, but some of those I have for breakfast/lunch/snacks, and also the yogurt is easy to throw together). But hopefully that will get better as more time passes, and if it doesn't...I don't know...I have to think it's got to be better than stuffing my face w/whatever I wanted but then feeling awful every time I got dressed or looked in the mirror...
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    After Care

    I purchased a complication insurance policy through a company called GPS out of South Carolina. They only cover certain surgeons & hospitals/centers, but my particular surgeon & center were covered. There are policies you can purchase in Mexico that will only cover you if you return to Mexico and receive treatment from your original surgeon. Not helpful in an emergent situation, unless you haven't left MX yet! You can choose the amount of coverage you wish to purchase based on how much you are willing to spend. My policy covers me for up to 6 months post-op. I am at 3 months right now. I haven't had any issues, thankfully, but it's good to know it's there for the next few months just in case. It's true, I'm sure, that the ER would have to treat an emergency situation, but if a surgery or procedure were needed for a leak, stricture, blood clot, etc., I think a big fat bill would end up coming in the mail. All of my doctors think I'm a bit crazy for having gone to MX, even though I had a great experience and very good results so far. It's really frustrating. Maybe they should have convinced my insurance co to cover me then? Anyway, good luck!
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    I agree that's definitely something to keep in mind. Chewing does start the digestive process and sometimes makes your tummy a little cranky when nothing turns up to "satisfy" it after a little while. Can definitely increase head-hunger issues in that way too. But mostly, for me, it has been a huge help with dry mouth from my meds (water doesn't always cut it) and like I said, just some flavor when you feel like you need something sweet. I found this Trident flavor Blueberry-Lime (something like that). I'm not really a lime person, but strangely this helped immediately post-op with minor bouts of nausea after taking meds/vitamins. I'm a little embarrassed to admit (at my age) that I have also become somewhat addicted to the Berry/Lemon Swedish Fish flavor. It's sugarless but doesn't taste like it. It's better than eating chocolate cake at any rate, lol...
  24. Taylor5


    I've chewed sugarless gum the whole time. Just cut back a lot immediately pre & post op. Definitely been a lifesaver for me as far as a replacement for sweets (of sorts). Haven't had any issues w/gas either. But everyone is different, so there's always that to consider.
  25. Taylor5

    Does your stomach feel normal?

    I buy the Bariatric Fusion meal replacement powder. It is intended/sold as an actual meal replacement product - i.e. just add water and that's your meal, but I started out getting it because they sell it in single serving packets and I wanted to try something without spending $40 or more on a huge tub, in case it tasted awful. I figured out that each tablespoon of it has 7 grams of protein (I figured out all the macros for my food journal, but don't remember off the top of my head). At first I just added one tbs to various things to test out the texture/flavor. I put it in Vitamin Water and while it didn't add a texture or different flavor, I feel like it may have made it taste a little sweeter or something - I'm not exactly sure but I didn't like it. But I can add it to literally everything else - yogurt, applesauce, mashed potatoes, oatmeal, homemade frozen protein pops & fruit pops, and it has no added flavor or texture to me whatsoever, and being up to 3 tbs per serving, has really made it easier to get my protein in. I'm buying it by the tub now. Everyone is different, but I highly recommend it.