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  1. animallover1247

    Sleeve to Bypass due to GERD

    I had a revision and my surgeon made me do the preop and nutrition class again. The insurance needed to do a peer review with my dr but it was approved. You should not have an issue.
  2. animallover1247

    Barrett's Esophagus and Gastric Bypass

    They want to see how bad your reflux is without being on the medication. I personally feel like if you have reflux before getting the sleeve, they should do the bravo testing to see how bad it is so the surgeon can make a decision as to what surgery to recommend. Then again if they have to convert, that's more money for them!! They can also do the tests while you are on the meds. My last test was on the medication. The purpose in this is to see how well the medicine is working. Did you have reflux before having the sleeve?
  3. animallover1247

    Barrett's Esophagus and Gastric Bypass

    Dr gabbard at Cleveland clinic said there are no other options for me because the valve was cut when my surgeon did the heller myotomy and there's no treatment for the valve. So I have to live with constant reflux the rest of my life. I'm only 47. Oh no I'm finished with my testing. I was just letting you know when what I had to do when I did have the testing
  4. animallover1247

    Barrett's Esophagus and Gastric Bypass

    Yes I had to go without the PPI when I did my 2nd bravo test. Do you have the sleeve? I ask because when I had to go without my dexilant for two weeks, I was expecting my reflux didn't worsen but it didnt. Do you know why? Because bypass patients shouldn't take extended release meds. Dexilant is an ER medication. ER meds won't hurt a patient, they just offer little to no benefit because by the time the medine is released, its already been digested. Please let me know what your Demeester score is. Make sure to ask your doctor because this will give you an idea of how severe your reflux is. A normal score is 14.72 or below. Mine was 84.4.
  5. animallover1247

    Barrett's Esophagus and Gastric Bypass

    No but I finally found out what the problem is. I had to go to the Cleveland Clinic to find out my weight loss surgeon was an idiot. Long story short he did a surgery on me called a heller myotomy 1 out of 6) and it cut the valve so its wide open so theres nothing to prevent the reflux from coming up. Cleveland said there's no treatment for the valve. My acid level was tested again it is over 3 times what it should be. I'll have to live with the constant reflux for the rest of my life. So..my reflux is nothing to do with bypass not helping me.
  6. animallover1247

    Question on labs

    I am one year post op bypass. I had my labs done and all were good except my bariatric PA states I do not need to start iron supplementation. Based on my results, it seems like I could become deficient in the next year. I'm not in the medical field so I don't kniow. My program doesn't require I take extra iron. Here are the results: Iron 41-156 Result 58 TIBC 232-386 Result. 397 (A high reading indicates deficiency) Transferrin Saturation. 15-57 Result 15 Ferritin serum 15-150. Result 16 Can anyone explain why I don't need to start supplementation if I don't have my labs checked for another year?
  7. animallover1247

    Question on labs

    I'm sorry I wasn't clear...my program doesn't require any extra iron supplements after surgery do they didn't tell me to stop taking them because I wasnt taking them to begin with . I've know several people who are in different bariatric programs and I just don't understand how vitamin regiments after surgery can vary so much. It makes no sense to me.
  8. animallover1247

    Question on labs

    No I haven't been on any iron besides what's in my multivitamin. However, for about 8 years (before surgery) I was anemic and was on high doses of iron. I had been off of the iron for about 1 year before surgery. I already deal with chronic constipation so no don't want to make it worse by taking iron!
  9. animallover1247

    ? On lab result

    I'll be one year post op next month and have an appointment with the PA at my surgeons office . However, my endo ordered some labs and normal range for ferritin is 15-150 and mine was 16. She said I do not need to start supplementation. This was the only test she ordered regarding my iron level. Anyone have any experience like this? With it being so close to abnormal, it seems like I could become deficient in the next year before it's checked again .
  10. animallover1247

    Surgery after RNY- no protein powder no vitamins???

    I had to go off my vitamins and calcium for six weeks (after vsg) and my levels always remained normal. I had to revise to bypass but haven't had to go off of them since bypass.
  11. I had to revise to bypass as well and I'm diabetic. Unfortunately it did not put my diabetes in remission. My BMI is 26. I am still on meds....two pills in one though. I was on 5 shots of insulin a day so it's a huge improvement. I was hoping I could go off all meds but nope! Everyone is different though.
  12. animallover1247

    Post-Op Gastroparesis

    You need a gastric emptying study to diagnose gastroparesis. Its very uncommon after bypass.
  13. animallover1247

    No longer have sleep apnea

    This was true for me. I had to lose 70-80 lbs before I was off my machine
  14. animallover1247

    IV fluids and frustration

    It is frustrating...take it from someone who has had 6 abdominal surgeries. I kinda freaked out with this last surgery because I gained 28 lbs. My clothes wouldn't fit and it was painful to walk with all the fluid. It comes off though...just takes time!
  15. Granted it's only been 6 weeks since my revision to bypass (because of reflux) but I've only lost about 5 lbs and I was 10 lbs from goal at the time of surgery. My doctor said the same thing as yours. Actually what he said was "you're not going to dwindle down to nothing." Weight loss is slower with revisions especially if you don't have much to lose. If you haven't had any issues regarding eating disorders, I wouldn't worry about it. Yes there are people who develop this problems after surgery but you are near your target weight.
  16. animallover1247

    How long was you in the hospital after gastric bypass?

    I was in the hospital two nights but I needed a second surgery because I started hemmoraging and needed a blood transfusion. I may have gotten to leave in one night if it wasn't for the second surgery.
  17. animallover1247

    Constipation help

    I understand! I went 19 days post op from bypass without a bowel movement. I had to end up using a suppository and enema. However my constipation never resolved from my sleeve either.
  18. animallover1247

    Sleeve to bypass

    Thanks Me too! I I had my gallbladder out 19 years ago and my liver is fine I wish it would have been one of those issues!
  19. animallover1247

    Sleeve to bypass

    I m just curious. What was your DeMeester score from your bravo testing?
  20. animallover1247

    Sleeve to bypass

    Yes. My friends husband is a PA in an ER so I called and asked him if severe GERD pain could radiate to throw back, he said absolutely. I then confirmed it with my surgeon. I do understand what you are saying though. I'm 45 and I've had GERD since I was a teenager. The first time I ever had the pain in my back like that wasnt until Sept of last year! went to the ER because I never suspected it was the GERD. After other tests were negative, that's what they told me it was and I verified it with two other medical professionals.
  21. animallover1247

    Barrett's Esophagus and Gastric Bypass

    Yes I had a sleeve Feb 2016 and revised to bypass. And yes, I'm still having reflux 24/7. One may ask how that's possible but I assure them it is. It actually feels like I didn't even have bypass at all. In fact I complained about reflux before I even left the hospital!!!! When I had nothing to eat!! I am currently waiting on my bravo testing and manometry testing. I am on dexilant 60mg, carafate, and zantac. I just don't understand! 😥 It can't be my diet because I'm not eating anything. Still on stage 2
  22. animallover1247

    Sleeve to bypass

    Thanks. As I'm typing the pain is radiating even into my back. If I were sitting around eating pizza and cheeseburgers I could understand. At this point death almost seems like a better option.
  23. animallover1247

    Sleeve to bypass

    Well, aside from the reflux I haven't had any other problems other than constipation. I'm supposed to be starting on soft foods but I'm still on stage 2 but only due to me not being able to eat due to the constant reflux I'm not having any nausea or vomiting. I'm waiting to be scheduled for some diagnostic testing (bravo and manometry) and for the second time I might add.
  24. animallover1247

    Sleeve to bypass

    I revised only three weeks ago due to severe acid reflux. Unfortunately it has not helped my reflux at all. I'm in pain 24/7. Literally. However this is NOT the norm apparently and I would encourage anyone to revise who has GERD.
  25. animallover1247

    Barrett's Esophagus and Gastric Bypass

    I am glad conversion has worked for so many people and I thought it would for me as well. However I am in complete and utter dispair because it has not helped my reflux at all. I am in constant pain 24/7. I don't smoke, drink, consume any caffeine whatssoever, etc. I'm pretty sure if I ate something spicy or greasy I would literally and instantaneously die of the pain. I understand I'm in the minority and would beg anyone who has reflux to choose bypass over sleeve because at this point death seems like a better option.

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