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    Help! Having Second Thoughts.

    I dont tthink you will regret it. you can always wait around for the next best thing to come along or you can decide to make yourself happy now. you can wait 15 yrs unhappy on a weight roller coaster going up and down or you can be happy 6 months from now and not worry about 15 yrs from now, you could get hit by a bus tomorrow. seize the day. my husband is the same way and i just tell him he cant understand bc he is not me. not everyone's body and mind is capable of processing food the same way. i had to make my body make me eat better. almost 3 weeks out, no problems, no regets, 22 lbs gone since preop liquid diet.. much happier me, much happier husband bc i am happier. hope it helped a little :0)
  2. Chrissy Williams

    Surgery Was 4/9/12

    Hey yall :0) I was sleeved almost two weeks ago, had no nausea, no problems and felt fine except for soreness the whole time. I dont really feel hungry, but my mind still wants to eat. I think that on lik eday 4 i ate a cracker in tiny bites that i was dipping in veg soup juice. the next day i started eating a couple of cheez its. i ate part a vienna a few days later. Every day i try a little taste of some kind of food that is around (after chewing it forever). I have had no problems at all. I just wonder if anyone else is going through the same thing. I want my surgery to work bc i spent a lot of time thinkinga bout it and i had to pay for it all out of pocket, but i jus think my journey seems so different than most of the people posting. I am not scared to try things. My goal was to be able to eat most of what i want but not be able to eat nearly as much of it. i still want to be normal, ya know? im not trying to hurt myself, I m just a lil more daring thatn some i guess. Anyone else like me out there?? i go back to the dr tues and i have lost like 18 lbs so far, i get he majority of my protein and i know all of the rules and what i am supposed to be doing. i just feel like mybody is tellin me something different sometimes.
  3. Chrissy Williams

    Post Op And Feeling Great!

    sleeved 4/9 and have lost 10 lbs. i have already tried eating cottage cheese, a cracker soggy with veg soup, and a vienna, (very very small portions of course) and all have went over with no hitch. I felt like if i didnt try those things i would have some kinda breakdwon bc of my brain cannot handle all of these LIQUIDS!!!! ugh. anyways, it has been a lot better than expected and i think the sleeve is just what i needed.
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    Chrissy Williams

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    From the album: Chrissy Williams

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    Pre-Op Depression

    I am having the sleeve done on April 9. I also am feeling very depressed and moody, I am stressed about the surgery and the changes and I had to stop smoking a couple of days ago in preparation for the surgery. I feel like I am losing my cool about everything. I startt he liquid diet monday will im sure will only make it worse. I feel so whiney talking about it and my husband is the type that is like "jut suck it up and do it if you want to do it" I don t kow what i am trying to get out of talking about it, but i was glad to see others feel the same way before surgery.

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