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  1. Has anyone been diagnosed with an auto immune after wls? I am just over 5 years out and currently going thru the process of an auto immune diagnosis. Right now we have only gotten the red flags from my blood work and I am being sent back for more testing. Prior to surgery I never had immune issues, rarely got sick, aside from being overweight (hw300) I still had energy for the most part. Now days its a struggle just to get out of bed each morning, and by the time I make it home from work and cook dinner I am spent, I just want to laydown and relax until bed time...which is where things flip and get weird. I struggle sleeping, the past 4-5 months I've had to take an over the counter sleep aid just to sleep, and even with that there are nights I'm restless. Anyone have any experience with this, incite, advice???
  2. Any suggestions for plastic surgeons in the Dallas area for skin removal...Preferably with a free consult or low cost consult.
  3. Hashimoto's was mentioned because thyroid issues run in my family. I will keep ya posted. I just want my energy back!
  4. Thank you SO much, I will look into both of these!!
  5. Ris26

    New Sleeve!!

    It's been a while since I was in that stage but best I can remember I sipped broth, water and premier protein shakes, and then once I was cleared for eggs I ate scrambled eggs.
  6. I had terrible gerd pre surgery. I was tested for a hiatal hernia during the preop process and the scan did not show any. However when my doc was performing the sleeve surgery he found on and fixed it. I haven't had a problem since, other than occasional light heartburn from trigger foods. Always worth a second opinion from another doc.
  7. Ris26

    Excited, Sad, what next?

    I agree with newlife9-27. The people that I know that had relationship issues post surgery were due to feeling better and wanting to be more active. Meaning going out, experiencing and living life rather than sitting at home like before. My personal relationship failure post surgery is because I began to get my confidence and self worth back. I realized how shitty I was being treated and knew o did not deserve that, so I began taking up for myself and speaking my mind. And he did not like it. He was my high school sweetheart so I was much thinner very headstrong and independent when we met, and had gained over 100 pounds over the years. He made me feel horrible about myself and even told me I had to lose weight before we could set a wedding date. WHO does that?!? I let him control me for years because I "loved" him and was afraid I'd be alone if he left me, so I took all the verbal and emotional abuse. Once the weight started coming off I began feeling more and more like that confident headstrong independent girl again. I was finally myself and put my foot down refusing to be treated less than what I deserved! A person that truly loves you will not just support you through your journey, but walk with you!
  8. I have a friend that sells it and will give it to me at her cost. Just curious if anyone has tried it and if they were successful or not.
  9. Has anyone tried the 24 day challenge by advocare? I have many friends that have been successful with it was only curious how it would effect sleevers
  10. I am one year post op and had very minimal pain...more discomfort really. The best thing you can do is WALK WALK WALK! it helps the gas (they use during surgery) break up and release. Dont get discourages...you CAN do this!!! This is a huige stepping stone to a much healthier and happier life! My only regret was not doing it sooner. Scaring is very minimal, a few small lines. If i can help with anything else...chit chat, encouragement, questions...please dont hesitate to message me Good Luck, You'll do great!!!
  11. I'm 18 days post op and seem to have more down days than ups. Nothing seems to go right, just want to put on sweats crawl in bed and cry. Hormones? Anyone else have similar issues??
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    Thank you, it is so good to hear that I'm not the only one!
  13. Ris26

    2 Weeks Post-Op

    Way to go!
  14. Ris26

    Any June Sleevers?

    Surgery was yesterday morning, nopain today only discomfort, having a hard time getting liquids in so they are keeping me here another night
  15. Ris26

    Any June Sleevers?

    Anyone going to be at Forrest Park Medical next week? (27th-29th)
  16. Does anyone know if you can have acrylic nails with surgery?
  17. Ris26

    Pre Surgery

    Thank you so much!
  18. Ris26


    Surgery is in 11 days and up until yesterday I was nothing but excited. I had a friend some what freak me out (not knowing) about the pain. I've heard the pain is similar to a csection, although I have never had children I have witnessed many friends recover from csections and never heard complaints. Please feel free to share your story to help ease my mind. Pain I can handle but I would much rather mentally prepare myself as best as possible!
  19. Ris26

    Any June Sleevers?

    June 27th!
  20. Mine is June 27th and I start liquid pre op diet next week. My dr told me I will stay 1-2 days. He also gave me a 3ring binder with pre and post op diet info, however I also found several web pages helpful after googling vertical sleeve pre/post op diets. Good luck!!!
  21. Have my first appointment tomorrow and I'm excited and nervous all at the same time! I want to be sure and ask all the right questions and would love to know what to expect...any advice is welcome!!!
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    At the age of 26, weighing in at 275! This is the last 6 months Pre-Op
  23. I am 26yrs old and currently at 275lbs. I have tried everything: weight watchers, hypnosis, hudroxycut, low calorie, daily exercise, phintermine, HGC injections and had little to no results and quickly gainned what little i lost back. The past 4 years my life has been dedicated to my job (which i love) working my way up to be the only female supervisor in our oilfield production plant. In doing this i tend to work 70+ hours a week, therefore not leaving much time for the gym. It was only easter weekend when i was on vacation visiting a friend and we took her little girls to the circus, the girls were dying to ride the elephant so up we went. Upon getting back into the stands one of the circus men brought us a picture of our ride. I wanted to cry, crawl in a hole and hide. I was mortified that sitting on top of a 11,000lb animal i looked so large! It was at this point i made up my mind(i had already been considering) something had to be done and i felt that the surgery was my only option to get myself healthy again! Luckily my family, friends, and coworkers(all men) are all 100% supportive! I am currently looking into the sleeve surgery and have a male friend who had it last August and has done amazing, however I would like a woman's perspective on challenges you have faced, pain levels, diets ect. I currently have my first appointment set for May 16th to meet with the doctor. Ris26

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