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    Wanted to inform people of my situation at Disneyland this weekend during my five year wedding anniversary celebration. To start, I am 470lbs (down from 550lbs last year.) and 5'8". I carry most of my weight in my torso, particularly around my belly. (Super pear shaped.) I have a long torso and very short legs. With that being said, I has no problems with most of the rides!! I rode everything but the Matterhorn and Space Mountain. Nor did I ride the teacups, anything in toontown, or rides geared towards the littlest of children. This go around I went did not go on big thunder as it was closed, but I did go on it last year. I only had two issues. 1. The Jungle Cruise. The line corrals are very thin and there's a turnstile that I had to sorta hop over (got my leg stuck for a second.). I would recommend seeing if you could get in through the disabled's entrance. 2. Leg room. Even with my short, short legs, they were still a bit cramped on most rides. Not enough to not enjoy the rides, but enough to tire my legs out quicker than normal. I work retail and I'm on my feet for the better part of 9hours a day, 5 days a week, so walking wasn't an issue, but if you don't have the ability to go-go-go for a couple hours at a time, there are plenty of places to park your bum. Also, utilize that time by going on the train or monorail to get where you want to be while sitting down. Just some info and pro-tips. I hope this helps you make the decision to go, if you've always wanted, but thought you couldn't!!
  2. johnnycantrock


    Banded April 4th, 2012 and had lost about 75lbs on my one year bandaversary. My wife and I went to meet up with some friends and I get a phone call. My sister had passed away. Complications from a surgery she had. It rocked me, and bad. 4 months of grief eating and cheating, I had gained 19lbs back. I went in to get my band filled a bit and in one week, I've lost 23lbs!! 4oz each meal, no cheating, no drinking anything an hour before or after, and a lot of motivation. I want my sister to know I loved her and that I was proud of her. My weight loss is now dedicated to her memory. RIP, Katie. I love ya!
  3. johnnycantrock

    Plateau over!

    Was plateaued for most of January and February, then I go in for a fill. They put a couple CCs in my band and I felt restriction again!! Now I'm down nearly a pound a day; dropped 10lbs in just over a week!! As of today I am 82lbs down since my surgery last April!
  4. johnnycantrock

    Plateau over!

    My goal is to be down 100lbs by my bandaversary.
  5. johnnycantrock

    Las Vegas

    478lbs, as of this morning. My advice: Do what your doctor told you. The moment you stop and veer off of your plan, you'll stop losing and start gaining!!
  6. johnnycantrock

    Las Vegas

    Vegas bandster, here!! Living in Henderson, and down 70lbs since my surgery last April! I work out at Planet Fitness on Sunset and Whitney Ranch if anyone wants to come be a gym buddy! Start: 550lbs Current: 480lbs
  7. johnnycantrock

    Plateau Over?! Maybe!!

    This last month and a half has been a roller coaster, but over this last week, I'm down 8lbs! Two more and ill be back at my lowest since my surgery in April!
  8. johnnycantrock

    Psych Evaluation...

    How did the evaluation go? Btw, I never had a questionnaire to fill out, it was all Q & A by the psych.
  9. johnnycantrock

    Help: I Love To Work Out And Sweat (Need Advice) !!

    It's all water weight which you will gain back once you start drinking again. Its temporary. I would try to squeeze in a couple extra cups of water on your gym days. If you feel you may be dehydrated, pinch the skin on your hand if it stays white for longer than a couple of seconds, you're dehydrated.
  10. johnnycantrock

    I Went To The Gym

    I'm starting over. I'm getting my diet in check, and today was my first day back at the gym. I'm signed up with a trainer (provided by my gym.), and three days a week I'll be kicking this fat in the ass!!! I'm 65 down and I want to be 100 down by December!!!
  11. johnnycantrock

    Surgeon Recommendation In Las Vegas?

    Idk about plications (don't know what that means.) I have high blood pressure and hypothyroid. When they got inside to put the band on, they saw I had a hiatal hernia and fixed that up while they were in there. I feel great!!!
  12. johnnycantrock

    Starting Over Again

    Due to stress, work, and depression, I have become lazy with my life. I just stopped doing and caring. Today, I start over. I'll measure out my portions, and I will go for a walk after work. Tomorrow I will go back to the gym and continue to do so three times a week, walking on the days I have no gym. I have lost 70lbs since April and I want to lose 30 more by December! I can do it! I just need to break from this depression!!
  13. johnnycantrock

    Surgeon Recommendation In Las Vegas?

    I had Dr. Atkinson do my surgery. I was nearly 550lbs and had my surgery in April. Now I'm 480lbs. It went very well. I've only seen him twice; once on surgery day, and then one of my fills. He's nice, but don't expect to see him very often. You'll deal with his staff (who I feel are very nice.) more often than not. My fills have been with Brian, one of Atkinson's medical staff. They also have a free nutrition class once a month and a free yoga class which are taught by the same lady who is a ten year bandster.
  14. My surgery date was April 2, 2012 and I was 545lbs when I went under. Today is September 10, 2012 and I weigh 475lbs!! I have lost 70lbs!! 30 more pounds to go before December 5th when I go to Disneyland!!
  15. johnnycantrock

    Confused. Can Eat Anything And Nothing... Help!

    It depends on what you're eating, when you're eating, how much you're eating, and you've been traveling. The band tightens up the higher the elevation. Plus you've been throwing up a lot, so you could be swollen when you try to eat something you could eat the day before. These are all factors you need to think about when you eat. You signed up for a lifetime of understanding your body and what you're doing to it when you got the band. It's not easy, but it's doable. Keep a journal of what you STE, when you ate, how much you ate, if you for stuck, if you had to throw up, how much Water you had, and if you had it before/after/during a meal.
  16. johnnycantrock

    Summer Challenge

    Lisaholland73 I live in Vegas!! Dress for heat 'cause it's sweltering!! I'll be heading up north next week where it's a bit cooler!
  17. johnnycantrock

    Summer Challenge

    Last weigh in: 501.6 lbs Today's weigh in: 494 lbs!! Down 6 lbs!!! And surpassed goal!!!
  18. johnnycantrock

    Achievement Unlocked:

    I started my banded adventure in the beginning of April. At the time I was 545lbs...Then the weight started coming off...until... After nearly two weeks of teetering on 501.6-503.4lbs, I stood upon the scale today and my mind was blown. Today I weighed in at 498lbs!!!! The 5-- is gone!!! Let's hope I can get that 4-- to a 3-- in a year!!!
  19. johnnycantrock

    Summer Challenge

    Update: went to gym and re-weighed @ 501.6!!!!!!
  20. johnnycantrock

    Summer Challenge

    505lbs up 3lbs, but not discouraged!! My pants are looser, and I'm gaining muscle because of the gym. I get a fill on Tuesday, as well. Staying positive!!!
  21. johnnycantrock

    No Restriction Yet!

    I would make an appointment for as soon as you can and say you a fill. My doc does a standard six weeks out but also says that if I need a fill before to schedule another appointment for a sooner time and date. I have a fill scheduled in two weeks but noticed my restriction is less since my last, so I scheduled a sooner one and kept my original schedule so I now have two in case the early fill isn't enough.
  22. johnnycantrock

    Nsv And Major Goal Accomplished

    Way to go!!!
  23. johnnycantrock

    Anybody Out There That Started 400+

    Had the surgery April 2nd, this year. On that day I was 545lbs. I'm now 503lbs. Mostly diet, but now I gym 3 times a week and walk two miles, five times a week. just stay on task and do the right thing (and still remember it won't hurt to enjoy life.) and you'll be fine!
  24. johnnycantrock

    Summer Challenge

    Sorry this is late! Checking in at 502- down 4lbs!!
  25. johnnycantrock


    I know it's hot out there, but remember to get up and get moving!!!

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