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    Houston Support Group!

    Any Houston banders know of any support groups!? Or would like to start one?! I was banded dec 9 th and struggling a little bit : / Thanks in advance!!!!
  2. If you have, how long did it take you? Any advice to those who haven't reached goal yet. I get so upset with myself when I read about other success stories and here I am still not at goal or even close 6 months out. Starting weight 286 Current weight 250
  3. Ordered a size 18 jeans from American eagle. I told myself if I didn't fit in them I would work towards it and make it a goal to make them fit. Well this morning they came in the mail I squeezed myself into them and they FIT! I started off at a size 22! Now I'm officially a size 18. They are pretty tight but hey they zipped up and buttoned! I have about another 10lbs for me to actually feel "comfortable" in them lol
  4. bandedgorJESS

    Am I Normal?

    This is why I regret telling my extended family and friends. They ALWAYS ask me. It bothers me so much.
  5. bandedgorJESS


    I know someone who is having wls and on medicaide. She has two kids whom go to gov funded day cares, she does not work and she gets free schooling for herself. I on the other hand had to pay my 20% bc my ins only covered 80% for my wls. I pay for all of my schooling out of pocket and pay for my daughter to attend day care. All while working full time. There are weeks where my husband works 7 days a week 12 hour shifts. He does this because working and not being a free loader has been instilled in our heads. It upsets me that here we are my husband and I busting our asses off and here is this girl sits at home all day long and guess who's paying for it? We are. I have also come across people who clearly cannot work and on gov assistance. The diff is they cannot work! Physically unable to work.
  6. My last fill (I believe my 4th fill since surgery) REALLY felt the restriction. Felt full with like 2 bites of food! Lost 9 lbs that month. Now almost 2 months after It takes more food to feel full : / my question is, how long does restriction last?? Is it time for another fill? I lost My insurance 2 days after my last fill so the next one will be out of pocket : /
  7. bandedgorJESS

    First Fill Two Days Ago

    I had the same problem. My restriction lasted almost 2 months. And I lost almost 10 lbs just in a month and a week. I stuck it out even tho I was slimming almost every meal : / not the greatest thing to do : /
  8. bandedgorJESS

    Texas Support??? Banded 6-12-12

    This was my first surgery EVER! And it was a breeze!!!! It's like a quick nap! My only complaint w the operation would be the nurse that helped me wake up and get dressed post op. she was very rough and very rude. I had never been put under so I was very out of it! Other than that everything was great!!! Good luck! The best is yet to come!
  9. bandedgorJESS

    Texas Support??? Banded 6-12-12

    Hi! I'm Jessica, 25 married and have a 1 yr old! I'm from Houston! I went to dr Hollis at true results. I'm 6 months post op and I'll be honest I am struggling a little bit. I have lost about 40 lbs. I would LOVE to have some lap band support friends! Please feel free to e mail me : ) Glamamorevents@gmail.com
  10. bandedgorJESS

    Have You Reached Your Goal Weight?!

    Thanks for all the stories!!!! I love hearing everyone's personal story and successes!!!! I have made a YouTube Chanel if anyone is interesting in watching my journey! I think this journey is so hard and with the support of this and YouTube we can help eachother!
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  12. If you have, how long did it take you? Any advice to those who haven't reached goal yet. I get so upset with myself when I read about other success stories and here I am still not at goal or even close 6 months out. Starting weight 286 Current weight 250
  13. bandedgorJESS

    Have You Reached Your Goal Weight?

    I just want to thank everyone for their responses. I have tried talking to my husband but being that he's a skinny guy he doesn't get It even tho he tries : / I appreciate everyone's feedback and I love hearing people's stories and especially the advice : )
  14. bandedgorJESS

    Have You Reached Your Goal Weight?

    Thanks! Its good to hear I'm not the only struggling. It makes me wish I would have gotten the sleeve : / do you regret getting the band?
  15. This is so damn frustrating! I am 6 months out and I thought for sure I'd be at least half way to my goal. I started at 286 and now 258. I hardly eat carbs,( breads, rice, etc) I absolutely don't drink any carbonated drinks. No cokes or beers. I don't excersize and don't drink as much water as I should but I thought giving up carbs would be enough : / I hate it when people ask me if I've lost anymore weight bc it's almost as theyre just confirming it bc they can tell I haven't lost much weight. I recently lost insurance and now I can't get fills which Is ok bc I think I actually have a decent restriction. I also have hypothyroidism and I take meds for that. Anyone else in a similar situation? Any advice? Please help ! My goal is 170 lbs and have a lot to go : /
  16. bandedgorJESS

    6 Months Post Op And Not Losing!

    They said "slightly" have you heard of any situations where they didn't lose bc of thyroid problems? Thanks in advance!
  17. In the process of buying a house and bc I'm so stressed my band is SUPER tight! I can barely get anything down! Which makes me go for the damn ice cream bc it goes down just fine and a comfort food! Anyone else's band get tight w stress?! Is this normal or in my head?!
  18. bandedgorJESS

    I Am So Beyond Frustrated...

    Story of my life! I felt as though it was me posting this! Hell I lost more weight on my pre op diet than what I'm actually losing now! I know the band isn't the answer but shouldn't it be doing something !? I have had 3 fills and I get restriction for about a week or 2 then nothing.....and honestly i get frustrated when I see all these success stories and I feel like I will never get there : /
  19. bandedgorJESS

    Stress & Lap Band

    Protein pudding?! This sounds good! Where can I get the recipe?! Thanks for all the advice!
  20. bandedgorJESS

    3Rd Fill Gone Wrong?

    Had my 3rd full yesterday... I was super excited bc I needed the restriction.... The nurse stabbed me twice trying to find my port... It was so effen painful! I left in so much pain and a day later I'm still in pain! My mom told me my stomach looks bloated! It almost feels like around my port is pooching out : / is this normal?! I'm scared to call my dr and they will take my fill out, I need the restriction !
  21. Greek salad! No gyros though ! Stay away from carbs : )