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  1. I am down 24lbs., since starting pre-surgery liquid diet on 2/16/2012. Now I am bored with my VSG Full Liquid Diet, as it is bland and boring....ugh! LOL!! ;-)

  2. Kristalc71

    Today's Was My 2 Week Post Op Appt With My Dr........

    Congrats on your 23lbs weight loss!! When did you get your surgery done? I had mine done on Thursday, February 23, 2012. I am not going to get a 2 week check up, as I came into see my surgeon last Wednesday and had my drain taken out. I weighed that day and I had lost 20lbs., since pre-surgery liquid diet on 2/16/12. I go see my surgeon, again, in 5 weeks and we will see how much more will be gone. Good luck to you and maybe we can be buddies, since our surgeries seem so close to each other. :-)
  3. Tomorrow is the big day!! I am excited, but scared too...LOL!!

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    Truly inspiring!!!
  5. Kristalc71

    7months post op 175lbs size 10 jeans

    You look FANTASTIC!!!!!
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    I highly encourage you to listen to Foxbins....they gave very sound advice to you! You can do this, I have faith in you!!
  7. This liquid pre-surgery diet is KILLING me....UGH!!! :-(

  8. Kristalc71

    281 lbs

    Great job and you look absolutely wonderful!! I am looking forward to seeing your progress...
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    From the album: Before Pictures

  10. Kristalc71


    From the album: Before Pictures

    Fall 2010, after losing 32lbs.
  11. Hi there...this is for all the ladies out there. Did/does anyone have PCOS and did it go away after losing weight from the VSG? PCOS is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.
  12. Started the one week pre-surgery liquid diet today....VSG surgery is scheduled for 2/23/2012!! :)

  13. Kristalc71

    Vsg, Weight Loss And Pcos

    Thank you all for responding back. I had to go see my surgeon's dietician last week and she told me that losing all my excess weight, would knock about 70% off of my PCOS. I sure hope this is true, because I can't stand the thicker-than-normal peach fuzz on my face!! I have my VSG in one week....
  14. I am at my 2 week lap band removal post op. My surgeon just got called into a surgery, so now I am having to wait. I cannot wait to schedule my VSG surgery today!!

  15. I had the lap band removed on 1-13-2012...now waiting on my 2 week follow up, so I can schedule my VSG!!

  16. Congrats and good luck!!!!!! I'm having my LapBand removed on 1/13/2012 and my insurance has already approved my Sleeve surgery. It will hopefully be scheduled for the mid or end of February. I am SO EXCITED, too!!!