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  1. post surgery my Canadian friend and I were both allowed to have decaf coffee with artificial sweetener (splenda is my choice) and herbal tea and neither of us had a problem. Our first coffee was 3 days post-op. We both had different surgeons but surgery same day and same hospital. I felt so good the day of discharge I spent 6 hrs walking around tiajuana shopping! Next day cup of coffee to start the day and another 7-8 hrs of shopping no problems. My surgeon was Dr Ramos Kelly and at discharge I got a large packet of info and dos and dont's and approve liquids list. Decaf coffee was approved and I have had several times since without any problem. Dr Kelly said caffeine acts as a diuretic and stimulates you urinate more which can lead to dehydration quickly if you are one that has a hard time getting all the fluids recommended.

    Newbie Hairloss Question

    Oh and I am also taking multi vit and vit B daily. as well as BPX which is a circulatory health proprietary blend of herbs. You might ck with your dr or nutritionist to make sure they don't have a better idea suited just for you, but thanks to my medical knowledge and several friends (Not to mention the lady at the vitamin store) I think i am getting a good start on it.

    Newbie Hairloss Question

    Just an idea, but my hair dresser and a couple other post VSG people told me that I needed to start taking the following as soon as I got a surgery date. Taking BEFORE helps considerable and starting back as soon as your dor allows you to swallow pills again. I am taking Biotin 5,000 mg at least once a day, Silica at lease once a day sometimes twice (both are for hair, skin and nails and will not only help support hair growth /loss but will help your skin and assist with the wrinkles and sagginess that comes from rapid weight loss- Now you will still need cardio and weight training but this helps)

    Getting Closer

    Surgery on Dec 5th, in TJ mexico with Dr Ramos Kelly my emotions are running wild already. Happy I made the decision, excited about the trip but nervous about how things will go and afterwards. I have heard many of Dr Kelly's pts comment on his wonderful care and kindess but some of my family bring up all the "complications like DEATH" that could happen and say that I am not overweight enough to get the surgery. I feel it is in my best interest and i wan to get off the yo yo dieting and ups and downs of wt. I will be keeping an eye on your posts ladies and wishing you all the luck.
  5. Hey there, I am headed to TJ on Dec 4th, surgery booked for Dec 5th with Dr Ramos Kelly. I will be at the Oasis Hospital and then am moving to the Lucernia Hotel when discharged from hospital. I have heard from several people that his acommendations for his pts are great and being a Paramedic I have researched him and his practice followed his pts for several months now thru this blog as well as others. I had heard horror stories of the Mexico hospitals and alley way surgery rooms, but it seems almost everyone here has done their research, knows what to expect and once sleeved has been so good about posting what they are going thru and how their progress is going that it definitely has helped me to prepare both physically and mentally for the trip as well as the journey afterward. I am sorry I will be going a different time but i hope to be as diligent posting as many of the others have been once sleeved. I wish you the best of luck !

    My Surgery Journey.

    Thank you for taking the time to write about your experience with Dr Kelly. I go to Mexico to have surgery with on Dec 5th. I started my Pre-op diet today of protein shakes and salad. I think i have bought several brands/flavors of protein shakes but is there one you liked over others that didn't taste chalky? You mentioned Trish's name, did you book thru her or I booked my surgery thru "A lighter Me", the only thing I was nervous about was sending money ahead of time. I have been scammed before. I send my final payment Monday but I haven't gotten a receipt for my first payment yet ;/ did you have any issues like that? I am staying at the Lucerna as well, I am glad to know it is a nice place, I have heard horror stories about some of the hotels and recovery houses that others have had to stay in. My step mother will be traveling with me, she is a mexico native and my father thought it would be "safer" to travel with someone. (lol) I to worry about having to entertain her, I am hoping she will be able to safely go shop during the day if I don't need her. I am hoping my surgery goes as well as yours I am a paramedic, so usually very active but I am only taking off work for 2 wks, so I hope for a quick recovery. I would love to talk to you off this site further about your trip and experience if you could email me at oh2ybulldogs@gmail.com or call me (417) 425-7625 cell - I would greatly appreciate it. I live in Missouri an travel to Tulsa area Frequently. I would love to continue to follow you on the journey and to have a close neighbor as a VSG friend

    Nearing the finish line

    I just started my preop diet today (10 days of shakes then clear liquids), I understand your battle, It was a slap in the face to get on a scale and see that I weighted 10 lbs more than i did the day I delivered my daugther 11 years ago!! I have always fought weight, been on latest fad diets, taken phen-phen, bontril and several other Rx weightloss pills. I would always loose weight but the minute I went of the RX i would start gaining it back. I decided that I cannot live on a 1500 calorie a day diet without out some help and the salad and ckn and green bean diet just seem to last so many months then I crave real food! I am a paramedic and I noticed your an RN, We both work around people whom are eating all day and these protein shakes *even premixed ones, just aren't my cup of tea. I was wondering if you have any advice of maybe a brand with some flavor and doesn't taste like chalk.

    Week 5: Back To The Grind

    Keep up the good work !!! I started my 14 day pre-op diet of protein shakes this morning. I had a Muscle milk (banna creme') for breakfast and plan to have a Myoplex (strawberry ) for lunch. I do get a very small salad with some egg or ckn for supper I am trying to get more ideas on Protein shakes....you got any? I would love to find a protein mix I could just mix up with some coffee! I have bought several brands, but it took me 30-40 min to stomach a sm Muslce Milk today so I am not sure how well I'm going to make it thru 10 days of shakes if I can't find any i like !

    Timing of your surgery

    I'm right there on the same page with ya sister!!!! This new year is going to be different, no more fad diets, no more slaving at the gym to shed 2 lbs a month. I'm starting 2012 1 month post sleeve!!!! Yep-eeeee

    Timing of your surgery

    Love your will power. I hope I can do the same. I have surgery Dec 5th and will be in my 3rd wk by Christmas. I will be on the liquid pre op diet (lots of Protein shakes ) during Thanksgiving but i have the same philosophy as you. Make it thru the holidays and be that much closer to being in a new body this summer I'm here for moral support,.......may need you guys for the same !!!
  11. Thanks for sharing your story and for the words of widsom. I appreciate it. I am off work today and trying to figure out what all I will need to take with me. Any advice? I have a few weeks before my surgery but everyone has talked about taking pillows for coughing, liquid anti nausea meds, gas x for the couple days after heating pad for the cramps in the abd from gas pains and comfy cloths to keep from rubbing the incisions. Do I need this or am I misisng anything?
  12. Thanks so much for your reply, it has put me at ease. I hadn't found anyone that had actually went to him before and of course with all the horror stories and scams out there i was pretty nervous. I did the research and although a little higher than others and yet lower than other surgeons from Mexico, I was hoping I had make the right decision. Knowing that it hasn't wrecked your lifestyle is nice to hear as well. I to drink coffee but usually in the am cause I get up at 3:30 for work 4 days a week. Being a paramedic I usually have a pretty fast paced day. So I need a cup or 2 of coffee to get me going. I don't drink anything but diet soda if I drink soda at all. I am more of a Red Diamond with Splenda Tea kinda of gal. Yes it has some caffein but nothing else. I don't snack much and dont eat alot now but it seems i have the metabolism of a slug because I hae to be on a 1500 calorie a day intake and at least an her of exercise a day to loose 1-2 lbs a week and that's even using rx diet drugs like Bontril . I am hoping this surgery is the answer to my prayers. I have been looking into it for the past yr and a half so needless to say actually sending the money I had been saving and getting that Surgery Date put a BIG smile on my face I do appreciate you taking the time to reply, It is nice to know someone else went to the same one and has had success. Did you stay at the Lurcerna Hotel? Surgery at Oasis/Florence Hospital? Did you book thru A lighter Me? What was your pre-op diet well for how many days did you need to be on it I should ask? Some say 10 some 14 others 7 and some Dr's don't require you to be on one at all. I would really like to have real food for thanksgiving since I will be only 2.5 wks post op for x-mus I think real food then will probably be out of the question! lol Thanks Again

    Timing of your surgery

    Yes, I will be starting the Pre-op diet a couple days before Thanksgiving and will be almost 3 wks post op at Christmas. A little nervous, but that's the only time I could get off work before the end of the year. I to would appreciate any helpful hints for the holidays as well as returning to work about 11 days post op - I am a paramedic so I have a pretty rigerous schedule but I have a great partner who's willing to pick up some of my slack for the first couple weeks
  14. SOUNDS LIKE YOUR ANOTHER SUCCESS STORY TO ME- I have been doing alot of research and have already booked my VSG for Dec 5th. I am excited but i have read many side affects that are simular to dumping, retension problems, gastrointeritis, deficiency in Calcium, mag, vit D, ect, and people say they are having to take these supplements for life along with a Multi vit. Do you have this issue? I understand that it is highly recommended one get at least one set of complete labs yearly to look for potential problems such as deficiency but is it necessary to take supplements before you have problems? I am in the medical field and sometimes to much of any of these lead to cardiac dysrhythmia's and many other problems. Can you Advise?
  15. You mentioned you had surgery with Dr Kelly- Did you mean Ramos Kelly? If so how was the process? I have booked my surgery thru Linda at a Lighter Me with Dr Kelly for Dec 5th 2011 and am very excited but nervous at the same time. Since booking Linda has been in Tiajuana and has not had phone service to reply to a couple of my questions. If we are talking about the same Dr and using the Oasis / florence hospital I would love to discuss your experience(s) = I am a fulltime paramedic but I also own and manage 2 other businesses. I am taking about 10 days off work after surgery but cannot get more than that due to the fact my work will make me do a complete lift test which is grewling and requires carying 175 lbs up and down flights of stairs, and jogging with the wt for a mile in a set time. I could pass that on any other day but probably wouldn't be wise to even attempt it less than 4 wks post surgery. Anyway with the way my employer is if I take any kind of medical leave I would have to retake lift test before returning to work . Thus I have discussed my surgery with my partner whom is willing to take up some of my slack on lifting pts ect for the first couple weeks post op. You mentioned you are in a stressful hectic job as Am I. I am 35 and find that my wt doesn't come off as easily as it used to and the older my kids get (12 and 13) the more active they have become with their sports ect that I feel I don't have the time to exercise. I have a BMI of 37-38 and although i don't look obese (just overweight) it seems to be the only way to get off the roll a coster and live life alittle. Do you have any pre-op or post op advice? Thanks, Mel
  16. Hello, I am simular to your story. Most of my family is obese and it is hard to go thru life knowing that some day more than likely that will be you. No matter what you do or how many diets you try the wt keeps slipping up on you. I to have lost and gained and been on phen-phen and bontril but as soon as I go off the pounds start creeping back on. I have fought wt since I was 16 and the older I get (now 35) it is harder to get off than ever before. I have finally decided i hate looking at my body (neck down) in the mirror and although I am only in the 35 bmi catagory and am muscular in build I weigh 206 and I have never been this big before. I scheduled my VSG with Dr Ramos Kelly for Dec 5th last week. I am so excited but it's hard to talk about it because of not knowing what people will think of you (those that dont' know how much you battle) considering we are not morbidly obese. Anyway I have finally told my dad and husband of course they think I am crazy but are supporting my wishes because they know i have battled it physically and emotionally for so long. I think once you make the decision and have done your research that you will find you can be happy with your decision and if you are educated in the procedure and people can tell you have done your research and weighed your pro's and cons that they will accept your choice and understand. I didn't tell my family I was even looking into it for the past yr and a half until about 2 months ago. of course I think they blew me off thinking I wasn't serious till I sent the deposit to book my surgery. I wish you all the best in your decision. Good luck -

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