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  1. mirihawk

    Weight loss

    It's a stall, right? Do you have a support group at your surgeon's?
  2. Oh terrifying! But if you had to have a reaction, you were in the best possible place to get help! Hang in there, it will come out right in the end.
  3. Hi. Depending on how they removed your band, you could be having issues that are medical. I had my band removed last summer and I just found out last week that I have a hernia. I'd say you should see your doctor and find out if you should have an abdominal ultrasound or cat scan to see if all is well. Then, if all really IS well, its time to have a look at what's going on with you. There are some good resources about compulsive or comfort eating. And then the question is, what are you doing next? I did a year of weight watchers to no avail and am considering the sleeve. Hang in there! -m-
  4. Just wanted to add my support. You go gal!! As someone who is divorced as well, I can tell you life gets better as we respect our own needs. I'm grateful to be divorced and in a relationship that fits me better. My ex used to tell me to go on a diet, and then when I would, he would buy a box of candy for me. When I did OA and the kids were little, I was eating no sugar no flour and he took up baking as a hobby. Cakes and pizza, for goodness sake. My kids are grown, my boyfriend is my biggest cheerleader, and I am blessed beyond compare. I am loved no matter what size and what decisions I choose to make for me. Happy Holidays, and a blessed New Year in store for you!!
  5. mirihawk


    I felt a little triggered with the "credit" remark. Hopefully you are not doing this for credit, but for yourself. Some questions (not for you to tell me, but for you). Did he go the partner's class if your doctor has one? Is he willing to read about it and learn how to be helpful? If the relationship is only a year old, only you know how committed the two of you are. Therapy for you for sure, and maybe for the two of you... Hang in there and go with your heart. And good luck with the surgery, the lap band didn't work out for me.
  6. Had my band removed a little over a year ago, considering the sleeve. Looking for info.

  7. mirihawk

    lapband intolerance?

    My doctor has never put me back on fluids; and I didn't stay on fluids as long as people with different doctors either. She DID say that she thinks my swallowing issues could be related to the pre-diabetes, which upset me because it was never even mentioned as a possibility in my pre-surgical state. I'm to eat smaller meals a little more often, which never would have occurred to me because of the grazing prohibition. Instead of eating every 3 hours I may eat every 2, and cut my meals down a good bit. I'm excited about the good result of the upper GI, now I know where I stand and I can work with it! I asked for a sign and I got one, so I am off to make the most of it!!
  8. mirihawk

    lapband intolerance?

    Thanks for the head's up - as it happens, my Upper GI shows that the band is still in place, but sufficiently tight with no fill at all. I'm actually going to try again, I had a talk with my NP yesterday about it. I was surprised, but the upper GI showed no erosion, no scarring, and no slippage. I had prayed for a sign. I'm taking that as time to try once more.
  9. mirihawk

    lapband intolerance?

    I got my band in the summer of 2011 and have had no luck at all with it. I lost 29 pounds at my lowest point but every time the fill gets over about 6 cc's they have to deflate it. I have no fill now and still some tummy pain. I'm going to have an upper GI and see the doc. I don't know whether to pray for a medically necessary removal (the only way my new insurance - which doesn't cover bariatric surgery - will pay for it) or to hope that it is in place properly and that I can get it, finally, to work. I would say I am down a net total of about 10 or 12 pounds from my highest weight right now. I think the most frustrating thing is that, during the "selling" phase they told me I wouldn't become diabetic with the lapband (runs in my family); now that I am pre-diabetic they say I mustn't have been eating right. Blame the patient. I have to say that I am not afraid of having it removed, as long as my insurance will cover it, since having it hasn't made any difference in my obesity at all. I lost more doing Atkins in the years before my surgery. What I am wondering is, if I get the band out and am "natural" again, is there a support group for that?
  10. mirihawk

    Any other bento-box enthusiasts here?

    I'm looking forward to using my bento boxes once my mushie time is done with. The small containers, it will be a pleasure to plan my foods and take them to work all fit together so neatly. I don't make smiley faces or whatever ... maybe someday. For now I just like how it all goes together...
  11. Hi, I got my lapband on 6/9/11 so almost a week! I seem to be having a lot of gas and diarrhea and I wondered if that's normal? I have completed 5 days of "clears plus protein shakes" and moved onto "Pureed with Protein Drinks" . Thanks.
  12. Thanks everyone! Adding in purees seems to have helped with the issue...
  13. mirihawk

    Any other bento-box enthusiasts here?

    So... do any of you have a bento blog?
  14. mirihawk

    Any other bento-box enthusiasts here?

    I'm just discovering bento boxes now as I wait for the approval and surgery date... I've decided to make bento box lunches as many days as I can till the surgery, to keep me eating heathier. Looking forward to using the small containers after the surgery too!!
  15. Waiting for insurance to get back to us with my approval so I may schedule a surgery date!

  16. mirihawk

    Any May 2011 Banders?

    I'm still waiting to hear - but as of Friday I completed my six months of dietary supervision and today I saw my primary care phys. She was so funny, she comes in with my chart "so how much did you lose in supervision?" " I gained 10, I'm REALLY ready for the surgery now doc". Her face was a study... Dieting doesn't work for me. Changing my life, making so I actually get full for some length of time, this will work for me. I can't follow a diet when I'm always hungry. Thank goodness my surgeon requires a day of clears before the surgery but no special 2 week diet for the lapband.... I'm really hoping for May 19th....
  17. mirihawk

    Any May 2011 Banders?

    I'm hoping for May, still working on all the requirements!
  18. mirihawk

    Banded Monday 11/8/10

    Very cool, keep us posted on how you are feeling!
  19. You have to remember that the LAP-BAND® is a tool, its not magic. You have to work it. It just happens to work very well. Did you get pre-op diet instructions of any kind? Does your surgeon have a support team? Hang in there
  20. mirihawk

    Getting banded on the 15th

    SBS, Sounds great! The 15th, how exciting! I'm getting mine done in the beginning of 2011, but I don't have a date yet.