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  1. Thanks weasel mama, but when I tried Welbutrin I had cardiac side effects. Dang!
  2. I lost 90# and I'm 3 yrs. post op. 6 months ago I was put on an antidepressant [sNRI] and have gained 25# without changing my eating habits. I know weight gain can be a side effect of this class of meds and now am off of them, but still can't lose weight. Anyone have a similar experience and/or any advice? Thanks bunches!
  3. Thanks, MRSTO. I've been on several including Effexor, but still have that slow metabolism. I will try to increase my activity and dink more H2O.
  4. SBRN

    Come On Nurses, Let's Conference

    Flowerchild-my best advice is too eat slowly, protein first, and don't give up. I'm now 3 yrs. out and have maintained my 90# loss. You will rock! Good luck!
  5. I guess 2 weeks wins! Same for me.
  6. I agree with all above. You want to fill your sleeve with high quality, protein-rich food and let your body aborb & enjoy. I try to wait at least 15-20 mins after eating. Your body will help you figure this out. Fluids see to go right on through before eating with me, so no problems there. Importantly, keep hydrated, especially in the hot weather this summer.
  7. Congrats to every one of you brave folks! I am 2 yrs. out and 90#+ lost. I do have some loose abdominal, thigh, and arm skin but not too bad. I really want to get a mid-face lift and blephraoplasty mostly due to aging and not wt. loss. Plus, it's what everyone can see... :-) Still looking for the right plastic sugeon in San Antonio, TX. If anyone has any suggestions, I would welcome them!
  8. SBRN

    Anyone Regret Being Sleeved?

    2 years out and more than 90# thinner. No regrets!!!
  9. SBRN

    Come On Nurses, Let's Conference

    Hi! I'm 2 years post VSG and have lost >90#. It's the best choice I ever made!

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