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    Bad Bad Bad Me!

    okay so i did not want to share this but i thought maybe i should . okay so i had my surgery on the 10th of this month everything went well . the day before i was released from the hospital i was given instructions to stay on liquids for 2 weeks . here is were i got thrown off when i was given my meal b4 i left it was my protein and some cream of mushroom and i thought to myself thats not liquids .. but i figured they gave it to me its okay. so when i left the hospital i left with the wrong mentality that my diet was more like easy to eat foods . like cream of wheat stuff that you don't need to chew as much kinds of foods. so i did soft to liquids for a few days then i tried more . like real food and my body was okay with that . long story short I'm now eating food food . and as i start to think of it i feel sooo stupid for not doing what i was told and now i have to go see the Dr. on Monday and I'm scared to tell him what i have been doing but i know i should =( :cool2: .. question anyone done what i did ?
  2. dazzam girl you look freaking hot !!! you go girl =)
  3. kennedysj427


    Finally my date is set !!! NOV 10th ohh yeah baby here i come =) I'm so excited . wow i started this journey 1 year ago
  4. kennedysj427

    Minus 75 lbs now!

    WOW!!! watch out for the hot mama !!!
  5. kennedysj427

    question ??

    today i called my surgeons office to ask questions and during my conversation i asked at what point i have to start the liquid diet ? and he told me that i don't have to . anyone ever not had to ? lol not that i care to do it but i just thought it was a lil strange sice i read alot of people having to do it for 2 weeks :smile2:
  6. kennedysj427

    My 8 month Bandiversary! 46 lbs down!!

    wow look great plus you still got your junk in the trunk which i think that a plus plus plus
  7. 3 x a day .. anything in between ? and are you sill doing the protein ? lol sorry for the 101 questions just trying to educate myself as much as i can and do as much as i can
  8. he is loving on you all kinds girl .. so when is the greatest day for both of you going to happen ?
  9. kennedysj427

    16th birthdy 2007

    this is the best pic of all .
  10. kennedysj427

    No caption

    you guys look so great together !
  11. kennedysj427

    Dr. Jorge Acosta?????

    anyone have surgery by Dr. Jorge Acosta ? hes in El Paso Tx. if you have it would be nice to get some feedback on your expierance .=) thank you for your time
  12. kennedysj427

    the girls at lobby day

    you look so cute
  13. you guys look so happy ! wish you the best of luck
  14. kennedysj427

    May 12, 2009

    ooo lala check you out . watch out hot mama coming threw =)
  15. kennedysj427


    question can you buy Optifast at a store or does your dr. give it to you or something ? reasoon i ask is that as time comes closer i want to make sure i do my to have everything i need . thank you for your help =)
  16. kennedysj427

    6 month diet plan

    HI , i wanted to let you know i had to do the 6 month thing wich was a bummer to hear in the first place but let me tell you time goes by sooo quick its crazy b4 you know you will be done .. i just got finished with mine and now i have to wait another 2-3 weeks to see if i get an approval .. so wish me luck .. any who to help with your answer . eat chicken no skin . baked or grilled stay away from frying foods ,, fish is always great! .. and the big rule go with whole wheat . they even make wheat pasta now .. also brown rice is best . and viggies are always good . just try to steam them and not drown them butter .. say good buy 2 coke , and say hi to drinks like crystal light and lots and lots of water .. so in the end your taking down your carb intake . and carbs is want makes you want more junk . so less is more but dont cut them out completly . because your body uses carbs as fuel .. ooo one great trick switch your plate instead of useing you usual dinner plate use a kids plate or just a smaller one . it's like a jet-eye-mind trick relly . lol but for real . if u switch your plate and your plate is full you think you had alot , but the truth is you just had half of what you were eating in the big plate .. and dont depribe yourself if you want some choco . have some buy a bar or whater you want have a bite and throw the rest away .. best place to do that in is in a public place , lol reason is i doubt youll go digging in the trash for it after you thow it and at home . with nobody watching who knows .. well i wish you the best of luck .. hope this helps .. p.s im not a pro or a dr. i just have gathered stuff from my dr. and my skinny ass antie LOL but she knows what shes tlking about .. oo dont 4 get to at least go for a walk at least 30min 2-3 times a week as a start =) hope this helped a lil
  17. kennedysj427

    I havent looked this good in a loooong time! I love this picture!

    p.s yeah this is a good pic .. shows all your work // good job !
  18. HI , i wanted to let you know that there is hope . i live in Albuquerque New mexico and i'm curently on med. i was also not sure if they would or would not but i went for it and just my luck they do . i did have to do a 6 month diet reg. but those 6 months flew by , i just finished and now i have to fax all the info to the surgen . who is in El Paso TX. and im not ex. sure whats the next step is but i know that im that much closer to setting a date . . soo in my expier. so far medicaid is covering the surg. good luck to you . p.s keep me posted
  19. kennedysj427

    My tattoo that I got on my 20th birthday :)

    i had to look at this pic for a whole b4 i could tell what part this was ..cute tat !
  20. You look awesome!!! you can tell you feel more alive and sexy !! Beautiful from the start but you sure have come out that cocoon and turned into a fluttering butterfly =) keep it up !!
  21. kennedysj427

    Now: Italy

    00oo watch out boys here she comes ! =) you look great!!
  22. kennedysj427

    2005 (180)

    i loved my 180 years the most .. not too thin but not big either .. just enough meat to make good soup ! lol =)
  23. kennedysj427

    me / pre band

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