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  1. I'm doing brilliant 113 lbs down no alcohol what so ever I cant stand the smell of it so when I do go out its tea and water I drink I can't believe 6myself how are you doing
  2. I had mine in 2021 August and live quite far from the hospital my husband dropped me off and wasnt able to come in with me because of covid I had to stay in hospital for 4 days then he picked me up with the bad news my Brother passed away with covid while I was in hospital quiete daunting and he looked after me
  3. I got told of the surgeon I would only lose about 3 stone the morning I went in for my op was a bit discouraged but lost 110 lbs in my first year
  4. Jue

    UK forum users

    Paul have a look on Pintrest and type biatric stages and it will give you recipes and the stages of what you should be having hope your feeling better today
  5. Jue

    UK forum users

    I would say so not very nice just let your stomach settle and have fluid , yoghurt and stuff like that if I have eggs I either poach , boil or scramble them if your going to scramble them try cottage cheese instead of milk its lovely I had laxatives which did this to me hope you feel better soon
  6. Jue

    UK forum users

    Hi Paul I never weigh myself sometimes it gets obsessive and depressing I've been weighed 3 times since surgery August 2021 twice by the Dietician and once at the doctors its up to you what your preference is sometimes people weigh there self every day have a look on pintrest for biatric recipes there's loads good luck
  7. Jue

    September Surgery Buddies!!

    Hi I'm 4 weeks to being 12 months from my OP I'm 112 lbs down and feeling pretty good could do with losing a little more but my dietitian said if I stayed at that he would be made up with me because I already had the sleeve before I wouldn't lose as much as just having one OP the surgeon told me I would only lose about 3 to 31/2 stone so I think I've done really well
  8. I had the sleeve 2010 and then I asked could I have the bypass 2021 a long road but worth it in the end but I did get told I wouldn't lose as much because of the previous surgery they said I'd only lose 3 stone and I'm now here 112 pounds lighter got saggy skin but no one sees it good luck
  9. Jue

    Lost about revision

    Dont be afraid you can only ask for help I had a sleeve in 2010 on NHS and didnt lose much at all no matter what I did so 6 yrs went by and I went to my doctor and asked could I have a revision surgery I had 2 pr ops then covid hit and in 2021 I had a bypass but the surgeon told me I wouldn't lose more than 3 to 31/2 stone here I am 110 pounds lighter I weigh less now than when I had my son 39 yrs ago so dont be scared to ask for help especially if you have health issues goog luck hope you can get it sorted
  10. Jue

    Cooking post-op

    Go on pintrest there's loads of recipes for biatric patients
  11. Jue

    Iced Coffee

    If you look on pintrest there's loads of recipes for biatric patients and some recipes from the start of biatric three to protien
  12. Jue

    UK forum users

    Before you buy a book look on Pintrest there's loads of recipes on there site just type biatric recipes and it will come up with different options and some really good recipes
  13. Jue

    New here

    Hello everyone is diffrent and take to it differently just take one step at a time make sure you walk to relief the gas and you get your fluids and protien if you sip bit by bit you should get some protein and water down
  14. Jue

    4 Days Post-Op

    To relief the gas they say just keep walking and just make sure you sip your drinks your still at the early stages it takes a while for it to settle down good luck with your progress
  15. Jue


    Finally seen the Dietician he was well pleased with my progress I've lost 110 lbs since 23rd August 2021 he said I'm doing great I hadn't noticed myself until I caught a glimpse of myself I'll try and put photos on later hope everyone is ok and doing well
  16. I waited 7 yrs all I all with covid or it would have been sooner hope you get it sorted soon good luck hope youdon't wait to long
  17. Jue

    May 2022 Surgeries

    Hi instyle hope everything went well with your OP and sending healing thoughts and prayers
  18. Jue

    UK forum users

    Well I finally get weighed this afternoon from the end of November so will let you know what happens later glad you are feeling better try some vegetarian options they might be better also look on pintrest just type in biatric foods there's loads of recipes on their website
  19. Jue

    UK forum users

    Glad you're finally on your way to a new you
  20. I had the sleeve in 2010 and lost about 3 1/2 stone then in August 2021had the bypass it isn't the easy way put you've still got to watch what you eat and its protien first my recovery after the bypass was worse than the sleeve I had to stay in hospital for four days , but would do it all again in a heartbeat dont let people make your desition for you if your thinking about it go and speak to your doctor good luck
  21. I hope you get sorted soon I did regret it the day after but now I would do it all again in a heart beat best thing I've done not seen a dietitian since the end of November but go on the 17th of may so I'll know then what I've lost I did get a glimpse of myself in a mirror and couldn't believe how much I've lost
  22. Yes I'd waited about 6 yrs had to do a 2 yrs diet plan and they decided they'd keep me on for another year then covid hit that was that I'd already had 2 pre ops didn't think I was gonna get it done then one day got a phone call saying I had to start liver shrinking diet on the mon then it was all go glad now I had it done
  23. Jue

    Pregnancy after sleeve UPDATE

    Congratulations on your pregnancy at least you know the many is fine you may have lost weight but won't realise till after the birth well done
  24. Jue

    Alcohol 3 weeks post sleeve op.

    I know the feeling Hollywrites2u I got so frustrated reading she on my asked could she have alcohol at 3 weeks out and it somehow went onto another topic lol

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