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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. Finally starting to feel better now , stomach still feels like bruised pain but other than that it is much better. Had lots of trouble and got dehydrated and had to go into emergency for an iv 6 days post , but feeling better now and can drink more
  2. My bmi is 31.6 Curious to know roughly how much weight other low start BMI’s have lost in the first couple of months after surgery
  3. sal-wa

    Low start bmi …

    Yes i agree , but I guess curiosity gets the best of me sometimes lol I’m just nervous I guess , I like to see what people have lost in there first month haha
  4. sal-wa

    Low start bmi …

    That’s amazing , your doing great
  5. sal-wa

    July Surgeries??

    I was 13th july also , I’m exactly the same I can not get enough fluids down
  6. I can’t seem to drink more than 2 small sips every half hour or so , I feel like crap , it hurts when I even take a small sip Is this normal ?
  7. I think that may end up being what I will have to do , how long after surgery did u go back in for the iv ?
  8. sal-wa

    July Surgeries??

    Haha I don’t have a Facebook lol But inbox me and we can chat
  9. Yessss , I hope it stops hurting soon , its so depressing
  10. Currently in the hospital, getting all set to go to the operating rooms , I’m so nervous I just keep crying ! I feel so dumb
  11. sal-wa

    July Surgeries??

    I’m 4 days post op - feeling so weak and tired , still in heaps of pain , would anyone be interested in making a WhatsApp group ? I feel like I need more people that have done surgery roughly around the same time to talk to lol
  12. How long post op are u? I couldn’t even have a small spoonful of jello without crying from the pain
  13. I had abit of broth yesterday and that was fine , I had about 6 tablespoons full . But when I try and drink my Powerade zero (room temp) or my protein shake it hurts really bad.
  14. I am struggling to take a few sips of water I just had to take 10mls of my medication and just that was so hard to swallow , I hope I am not doing something wrong. How long until this pain fades away
  15. sal-wa

    Calling all fellow Aussies!!

    Hey , I just joined recently , had my sleeve done on Tuesday , still feel absolutely crappy . I’m from Melbourne. My usual weight was always a 57-63 max , started going through depression, taking medications , anxiety , and I was stress eating , depression eating , annoyed at the husband eating , everything made me eat , until I got to my highest of 89kg
  16. Good luck with everything !! Hope it all goes good for U ❤️
  17. The first 6 hours after u wake up it’s kind of like a burning and tense feeling in ur stomach , feels very painful and uncomfortable And yet that it’s more just a tense feeling of pain
  18. Really drowsy , 3 doses of morphine later . Uncomfortable and tense I just can’t seem to relax my stomach
  19. I’m feeling really drowsy The first 6 hours after surgery was horrible, I am still in pain , more like a discomfort pain now tho .
  20. Hahahaha yes I will for sure
  21. Thankyou so much ❤️
  22. Thankyou hun , I hope it all goes well for u also , It’s tomorrow at 1pm (Australian time) What about u ?
  23. I’m new to this forum , I don’t have anyone to talk to , I don’t know anyone that has done this surgery, I’m so nervous , mostly about recovery , I’m going in tomorrow at 1pm, I feel so un prepared .
  24. sal-wa

    Low start bmi …

    No I’m covered by insurance Due to diabetes I can have it done at a lower bmi
  25. sal-wa

    June Surgeries

    I’m Sorry I’m so dumb 🤣 I meant july 13th , I got confused between the 2 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Still few more days till I go in to surgery

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