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  1. I had the lapband conversion to gastric bypass in one surgery and was very thankful to have it done that way. To do this, I had to choose a specific surgeon who is capable/specializes in the conversion. However there is always a chance it might turn into two surgeries anyway if is a complicated removal. My lapband was also in for 15 years and unfilled due to issues w it. It turned out it added an hour and a half to surgery as was very embedded. The con of this was recovery was a bear! Because of all the manipulation on the left side to remove lapband I was in very bad pain for weeks and in hospital for 4 days. I am still very thankful it was one surgery and over! I hope this helps.
  2. JCF

    slowwwww weight loss

    I can sooo understand and sympathize with you! I have almost exact issue. I’m 54, 5’1”, insulin resistant, was always on restricted calories and barely lost no matter what I did. I started 2 week pre-op liquid diet at 198 lbs. I lost 5 lbs in two weeks of optifast 800 calories only. No cheating. So SW was 193 on 5/27 (Bypass). In this past 2 months I have lost 14 lbs. so now 179. I was having 600 cal of pretty much all protein first month. (70-80) but absolutely no energy! In fact I’d call it fatigue! So no exercise. Nutritionist said for my size I was right on target...nothing wrong. Met w surgeon and he said first month body is whacky and “they don’t actually pay attention to weight loss”. If I I tried upping calories to 700-800 and kept up w that good protein and add some good carbs I should be fine. I have finally gotten some energy back and started walking and bands. But the fact remains...I’ve only lost 14 lbs and trying not to be dejected. I’m soo happy for everyone losing at great rates and having that amazing feeling. I just feel no matter what I do, even having my guts rearranged, I’m doomed. I’ve been scared to get on scale in a week cause it’s so painfully slow and that the surgery may not work on me. This is supposed to be the golden losing period. I worry about after the year is up. Will I be back to same? I keep trying to talk myself off the ledge and just keep chugging and trying my absolute best and think slow and steady wins the race!!! If you’d like to talk more, PM me. Try to be positive and just keep going! Really what choice do we have? Hehe. Thanks for letting me vent.
  3. One month out. Taking a verrry chalky calcium citrate vitamin that’s really getting in my nerves! Heard the soft chews are much better. Can anyone please recommend which ones they like?
  4. One week out. Able to get blenderized liquids down but Now getting nauseas from every taste when adding protein. Using premier protein, thinned cream of wheat w unjury protein added, the bari soups w protein added. Are there any other suggestions during this period? Thanks for any help!
  5. Thank you. Good luck w your upcoming surgery!!
  6. JCF

    May Surgeries - check in!

    Had lap band conversion to bypass on 5/27. Pain on side where port was is excruciating. Dr said s lot of scar tissue wrapped around it, so needed a lot of manipulation. On the plus side, dr put me right to blenderized diet after swallow test. Having no problem sipping or shooting crushed meds in liquid. Has anyone had this experience? It almost makes me worried that the surgery didn’t take cause I can drink easily! Does anyone have good way to take crushed pills that does not taste disgusting?
  7. I so agree with you. At first I decided not even to tell close friends because I too lean toward people pleasing (working on that though😊) and to hear negative comments when it’s already such a difficult thing to do, would not be helpful. However, the alternative would be to lie to my close friends when I started losing weight and I did not want to do that either. I finally decided to tell those closest and felt I would know who was who based on their response. Not only did I not want to live a lie, I also did not want to “feel ashamed”.... that I didn’t tell others cause I had shame about having surgery. Secrets can do that. So I owned it and told friends and was rewarded w tremendous support and good wishes!!!! I also felt better inside. To talk about it, helped me to get over any shaming stigmas that if I kept to myself would be really damaging to me. Of course everyone must follow their own heart and what’s best for them.
  8. JCF

    May Surgeries - check in!

    Thank you. That’s really good to hear that once you get over the hurdle of first two months, life can feel back to normal but with smaller portions! I’m great with that. I guess it’s just the jitters!
  9. JCF

    May Surgeries - check in!

    Hi everyone! My gastric bypass is the 27th, my birthday actually!. Very anxious and nervous...researched went back and forth over a year and finally decided to do it and was positive about it. Now second guessing things like I’m afraid I won’t be normal and go out to lunch w the girls and enjoy vacations!! I do know that it will get better and those things will happen again but I suppose need some reassurance right now. Can anyone weigh in (no pun intended😆) as to some positive experiences getting back to solid food and feeling normal again?
  10. JCF

    May Surgeries - check in!

    Best of luck to you! Please check in and let’ us know how you’re doing!

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