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  1. so i've beating myself up for a month for not being where my dietitian had indicated where i should be. as per her advice i should have been back on solid food this week + i just haven't been able to stomach it, so feeling defeated and like something is wrong with me. met with my surgeon this morning and he immediately shut down what my dietitian had told me, and clarified that he wanted me back on soft foods for at least another week. so i've gotta know, what's the worst thing a medical professional has had you do through your WLS journey?
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    What is your why?

    because of these two, my family
  3. so i’m officially one month post op. im seeing my surgeon for my first follow up tomorrow, but i can’t stop seem to stop focusing on how much weight i haven’t lost this month. pre op i lost 20kg (44 pounds) but post op i’ve only lost 6kg (14 pounds) in a month. does anyone else who had a slow first month have any tips? i’m feeling so disheartened. ❤️
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    I'm Losing My Mind

    when i was did puree week, i found that adding a "flavourless" (i mean, it's NOT flavourless, but it's alright) protein powder (at least 30g protein per serve) to yogurt really helped me. that and protein powder with low-fat milk and fruit blitzed to smoothie consistency. proud of you, you can get over the hill!
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    one month post op

    Thank you! I think I'm mostly panicked because I've been stalled for three weeks, rather than just in week three 😓
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    one month post op

    sorry! i’m new to this! so i was at 183kg (403pounds) before preop, 164kg (361 pounds) on the day of my sleeve and i’ve fluctuated between there and 158kg since my surgery. im 5”10, if that offers any other assistance? thank you for saying it sounds normal though, i need that