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  1. CarlRRT

    Maintaining Erection

    I would say this is a good question to take to a Dr. There are a lot of potential causes. Blood pressure, testosterone, medications, and of course mental issues. Ill be straight up honest I had a short bout with this. I was also having dizziness. It ended up being that I had lost enough weight that my blood pressure had improved and my blood pressure meds were making my blood pressure too low. My Dr. took me off and I have been 100% better.
  2. CarlRRT

    3 month post op

    I had my DS on 3/30/21. Surgery day weight was around 300. This morning I was 228. So that is 3 months +17 days. My initial weight from the first appointment weigh in was 324. I lost about 10lbs during the preop diet. So 95lbs total so far. I have had a steady loss of between 3-5lbs average per week since surgery date.
  3. CarlRRT

    Music Playlist for Walking/Exercise

    I have made 4 different Spotify playlists. I titled them by the approximate time the list takes to listen too. For instance I have a "Classic Rock-30 minutes". Thrash Metal -20 minutes (higher intensity shorter time). So I have different playlists for different workouts. I can ignore the "clock".
  4. CarlRRT

    Hungry after BPD-DS

    Update on the whey protein. I was sensitive to 'milk concentrate" whey protein. This includes the bariatric pal soups, puddings, and gnc lean shakes. It caused a lot of very foul gas and bowel discomfort. Whey isolate, Genepro, and several GNC shakes have been fine. I was not sensitive to the milk concentrate whey shakes before. The cottage cheese also gave me issues and I had to cut it out. Greek yogurt has been fine. So if you are stocking up before surgery I highly recommend making sure you get whey isolate, especially the Genepro as it has no flavor and can be added to anything to boost your protein intake.
  5. CarlRRT

    What is your why?

    Severe hip pain that limited my ability to work and exercise, and a hypertrophied left ventricular wall (enlarged heart). I have grandkids now. I have a wife i'd like to grow old with, and we still have a lot of adventures on our list. I want to be able to hike up into the North Carolina mountains and fly fish remote streams.
  6. CarlRRT

    Hungry after BPD-DS

    I talked to my Surgeon about this hunger issue yesterday at my one-week post-op appt. He said with the DS there is "more stomach" than the other surgeries, so its not unusual to be hungry. He wanted to make sure it was not the pyloric valve (stomach to the duodenum) that was inflamed and making it feel like hunger. I have had no other issues and have easily been able to meet hydration and protein goals. He let me go ahead and add a small amount of plain Greek yogurt, applesauce, and cottage cheese to my full liquid diet. I also started in drinking several glasses of hot green tea with stevia (helps). Just an FYI, but I would suggest asking your Dr if your hunger is really feeling like an issue. He also recommended some gas x, and Devrom (sold on bariatric pal), as it seems I'm somewhat sensitive to all the whey protein...if you know what I mean.
  7. CarlRRT

    Hungry after BPD-DS

    I am one-week post-op. The constant hunger pain has been the worst 'side effect" I've had. I have trouble sleeping and awaken with hunger pain so bad my stomach is cramping. I've had very little pain otherwise...just the occasional gas bubble pain.
  8. CarlRRT

    Any April 2021 surgeries?!

    I'm feeling well. I was not expecting to be so terribly hungry (that has been the worst part of this). I have had minimal pain after the first day, steady weight loss, and no nausea at all. The gas is for real though.
  9. CarlRRT

    Any April 2021 surgeries?!

    Not quite April, but I had my DS surgery one week ago on 03/302021.

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