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    A normal day of food post op?

    I started my weight loss journey on 2/27/19.....my surgery was postponed due to the pandemic. Somehow I managed to lose 70 pounds before surgery. 1200 calories per day, exercise and working out with trainer. Since the surgery on 8/10, I have lost an additional 53 pounds. Very happy with my progress but I too am an overeater. I will have to watch what I eat for the rest of my life. I will also have to measure because I can overeat blueberries. So I make sure not to eat more than 4 to 5 ounces per meal. To my surprise, I am not hungry 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾.
  2. Marvella210

    A normal day of food post op?

    I will be four months out on 12/10/20. My food choices are very limited because I am hesitant to try new things. Breakfast - Premier Protein Shake, Oikos Triple Zero Yogurt, blueberries, strawberries, orange, Wegman’s Bran Flakes, one scrambled egg, one turkey link sausage, sweet potato home fries, smoothies, coffee, fat free milk Lunch - string beans, kale, peas and carrots, tuna fish, salmon, Premier Protein Shake, Protein Bar, protein powder Dinner - mashed potato, sweet potato, collard greens, kale, string beans, salmon, sea bass, shrimp, crab legs, crab cake, pork ribeye I measure everything. I eat for the most part two or three small meals a day. No more than 5 ounces at each meal. I was able to have thanksgiving dinner with 5 ounces of food. I had leftover on Friday. So happy that I got through my first holiday. My calorie intake is about 700 per day sometimes less. But I feel great.
  3. Marvella210

    GALS who started their journey over 300 lb+<br /> +

    HW....368 SW.....294 CW.....254 I had my surgery on 8/10/2020. Suffering from nausea but other than that I feel well. My issues are more emotional. I really don’t like the way I look. Still working on that
  4. Marvella210

    Salmon and avocados

    I am 10 weeks post op and cannot eat salmon, eggs or avocados 😡
  5. Marvella210

    GALS who started their journey over 300 lb+<br /> +

    I started at 368 pounds. I am 10 weeks post op....
  6. Marvella210


    I am almost three months post op with gastric bypass and I struggle with water too. At first it was easier but the last couple of weeks I have had a hard time