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  1. Bloody stool I am so nervous because today I have yellowish stool with bright red blood and I’m 20 days post op. I had the loop ds done on August 24th. I am going to the ER 🙏🙏 I don’t know what is wrong ... but no fever thank god !
  2. Is this okay? So I was super hungry and today for breakfast I ate an egg muffin just one and it went down slowly and I chewed it into little tiny tiny pieces so far no backups! Is this okay? I don’t see my surgeon until a week or so. I’m supposed to be on purée but that say well but now I feel like my body wants a foods. I’m not in any pain or so I wonder if this should be okay. I’m going to text my doctor and let him know I ate one in a half lol but just wondering if anyone did this at 6days post op as in trying anything small out ?
  3. It went down okay until my back said Hey?! What are You Doing to Mi Bones !! 🤣🤣Oh! MsMocie! I did follow your page because I read that you are pescatarian/vegan! I am willing to try this route. Being that all of my aunts are! I even screenshot the post of purée veggies into soups! Great idea ! And thanks for the knowledge 🌟
  4. KrissyNY

    Hungry after BPD-DS

    Wow I thought I was the only one ! I am hungry at 6 days post op and I had the modified duodenal switch known as SIPS on 8/24/2020. I wake up with hunger feelings so bad that it cramps my sides sometimes. It is weird. Being that the modification is fairly new I pray that our surgeons can have legitimate answers. Best wishes 💕
  5. Omg! Thanks you guys ! Yes okay so after I finished chewing for darn near two hours on tiny pieces I noticed I got super full super fast . And was Super uncomfortable my back started hurting to no end. To combat the back ache I had to walk a mile around the back yard and therefore You guys are right ! Won’t try that again! I’ll stick to my purée for now. And yes! It’s so weird I still get hungry but I’m not on a specific regime and I think that’s my problem. I started to write down a schedule to eat but 4-6x 4oz meals and snacks of protein in between. Thank god I am meeting with my dietician this week. I honestly need help in developing the correct diet for me. For everyone I had the modified duodenal switch which includes the gastric sleeve a bit bigger than the norm. So far the best thing about my procedure is that I can keep up to 60z down of water down with no problem as of today. But I truly appreciate you all for your comments. This is a new road untraveled for me 🤍
  6. KrissyNY

    Hospital stay

    Hey guys! So my surgery date was 8/24 and now I am officially apart of this weight loss community. I had the Loop DS. Better known as SIPS. It was done at Lenox Hill in NY by Dr. Roslin himself. I am doing well so far I am still in the hospital as of 8/26. Don’t believe everything you hear about these surgeries everyone is different! I threw up blood and mucus the first two days after surgery and was told that it was expected and it happens after the surgery. Didn’t know that at all. The gas pains are the worst!!!! It felt like someone was trying to twist my back and sides. I still haven’t released any gas as of yet now I’m just dealing with soreness. I have the best hospital staff around to help me. And I am remaining diligent in walking. I try to do atleast 3-5 laps around the nurse station. But please people who are considering weight loss surgery just know that This isn’t a walk in the park !! You will be sore which is expected and taking down just 1oz. Of water is a job !! Be well.
  7. KrissyNY

    August surgery

    Yayy!! Although I am so nervous and yet excited , my surgery day is tomorrow morning at 7:30am August 24th 😬😬😬🙏🙏🙏🙏.
  8. KrissyNY

    Anyone for August 2020

    I’m scheduled for 8/24 for the SIPS procedure in New York 😬😬
  9. KrissyNY

    How did you pick your doctor?

    Call me too Crazy but ever since I knew I wanted my surgery and great weight loss and guidance , I literally researched every bariatric surgeon in New York City. I rounded my favorites to 4 and picked the best one and I am glad to say Dr. Mitchell Roslin of NYC Lenox Hill has truly been my lifesaver. But do your research!! Even if it takes a year !! Or months !! Research!!
  10. Oh !! This is exciting my pre-op started today with a surgery date of 8/24. I’m scheduled to undergo the SIPS procedure in NYC with Dr. Roslin. I am on nothing but liquids so you’re extremely lucky! Live it up and Drink it up ! Good luck to everyone !