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  1. I've been reading a bit about non-surgical and minimally invasive skin-tightening options and I am coming across a procedure called Renuvion—which I guess is often done in conjunction with liposuction. Apparently, it stimulates skin from beneath to promote production of collagen. I'm wondering if any of you have heard of it or had it? I am basically to my goal and have been for about a year, but have some loose skin in my upper and lower abdomen and upper thighs. I'm not sure if it is worth going the entire LBL or TT route for... so was interested in all the options. I'd love to hear if any of you have heard of this.
  2. darcyjae

    Reverse Abdominoplasty

    Zombie thread alert— Sorry!—but I'm wondering if anyone else has had luck with this reverse abdominoplasty procedure? When I stand in front of the mirror and pull from just above my belly button up under my breasts it seems to not only remove the loose skin above the belly button but also pull up some of the loose skin from below the belly button. It doesn't remove all the lower abdominal loose skin but it seems like it is enough to make the lower abdomen more of a mound shape than an overhang—something I could live with. Is that a realistic sense of what this procedure might be capable of? I've found that some of my loose skin has reabsorbed in the few months at which I've maintained my current weight, but I still have a sort of double overhang shape above and below my belly button. It seems like this procedure would cause a minimum of visible scarring. It also seems like it might pair well with a minor breast lift? Also, if you had it, how much did it cost you out of pocket? Has anyone found insurance to cover it in lieu of the panniculectomy?
  3. I hit my one year anniversary at the end of the month and have lost 95 lbs—more than I ever expected to, tbh. Quarantine and not being able to get out to the gym definitely moved my weight loss into low gear in March— only 10 lbs in the four months since—but frankly, I am grateful to have lost anything rather than gained over the past few months, like most of the world. I'm now about 5 lbs from my most recent goal but I'm thinking I will set that goal about 10 lbs lower, since I still have a lot of extra pudge. (It's funny how I don't feel like my shape is stunningly different even though I'm 9 sizes smaller.) I definitely feel like a deflated beach ball, skin-wise, but I also do feel like things have tightened up a smidgen over the past months, so maybe that will continue. With the pandemic, and being inside most of the time, nothing much has changed in terms of lifestyle or social stuff. It's still a rather solitary experience. It will be interesting to see how things are when things finally return to normal.
  4. darcyjae

    Belly button?

    I think some form of a yeast rash. I used an anti fungal cream and it corrected itself.
  5. darcyjae

    Belly button?

    Okay, so over the past month or so my belly button seems to have a constant pink tone around the inside and rim of it, like a mild rash color. I thought it WAS a rash, and have been treating it accordingly, but it occurred to me today that it might actually be the long-term inside skin of the belly button becoming more the outside, now that I'm over 80 lbs down? I do have some excess skin folding and such, particularly at the bikini line, and above the belly button, but my shape is sort of hourglass and always was, so my belly button being covered is nothing new. Is my innie slowly becoming an outie? Has anyone else got any insight on this? Very confused.
  6. darcyjae

    Low Blood Pressure

    I haven't actually fainted, but I come pretty close every time I rise quickly, and often have to stop to steady myself until the spots go away. Like you, I had low blood pressure historically. I'd definitely talk to your doctors, but when I asked mine about it, they weren't awfully concerned. They said to be sure I was getting all my fluids and to try to up my electrolyte/salt intake a bit if possible.
  7. My daughter's school had an exposure to COVID-19/Coronavirus in MA this week, so we were asked to self-quarantine/distance. I work from home and Boston's schools are out probably until April 27, so I'm guessing we're pretty much locked down in this little city apartment for the duration. My estimate is within the next week the whole country will be in this boat. While we're still able to get out for walks (maintaining social distancing) I did cancel my rowing classes in order not to be patient zero. (And, frankly, to avoid exposure.) I was able to lay in supplies of most of the things I currently eat on my plan, but I am definitely finding myself at the top end of my available calories every day. I'm not sure if it's stress eating, or being less busy, or what. And of course, I'll have to be leaning in more on non-perishables as this continues, so that may be worse. I know diabetes and obesity are both complicating factors for outcomes if infected, as well as some other pre-existing conditions that often accompany high weight. I don't suffer from those, but I'm wondering if those who do are concerned. How are you all coping with staying on plan, keeping active, and keeping stress low during this challenge?
  8. darcyjae

    Belly button?

    Nah, no smell or itch or anything. It's just a darker color.
  9. How's everyone doing now that we July Siblings are past the 6 month mark? Anyone at goal yet? I just passed the mark my surgeon set for me (to get under the 30 BMI/obesity level) and that felt pretty good. I'm about 15-20 lbs from where I think I'd like to be going into maintenance, but I'll probably make that call closer to the mark. How did you all set your final goals? I am trying to thread the needle between being slender and maintaining some of my curves/not being too saggy. I haven't noticed any major slowing of my typical 1.5-3 lb a week and 8-10 lb a month rate of loss YET, but I'm bracing myself for it as I understand the last 15 lbs are quite hard.
  10. darcyjae

    Possible Revision

    May I ask, for those who’ve had to revise due to GERD... was that obvious directly following sleeve surgery, or did it take months or years to manifest? I’m curious because while I had acid reflux from time to time at my heaviest I haven’t experienced much that the occasional Tums can’t sort, in the six months since getting sleeved. Curious if it’s something that comes later. Thanks!
  11. I go to a rowing studio and it’s an excellent, full body workout if you get the proper form down—though I think rowing as a class helps. I like that it’s low impact on the knees, also, at my advanced age. Highly recommend! My hunch is some of the surgeon/nutritionist recommendations and restrictions are as much to do with changing habits as anything else, but I do think there may be things we don’t understand about carbonation. I’m staying clear of seltzer and diet drinks, but intend to suspend that no fizz rule for champagne drinks from time to time in maintenance. :)
  12. darcyjae

    🎈 Pity Party🎈

    Skin and bone. Specifically, in the sitting place. If I sit on the floor now at the gym it HURTS. I never expected that. Though my butt still LOOKS plenty padded. Have thin people always dealt with that? I was chubby even as a kid so I have no clue. Also, I get there's a general loosening of skin. Totally expected. But the loosening of skin in the booty area has resulted in a constant pinching sensation when I'm sitting. Is that just me? When I go to rowing class I need to use chafing cream to ensure I don't end up with... er... cheeky friction burns. Other bones are making themselves known, too. Curling up to sleep in the fetal position, my knee bones bang against each other now. Who knew bones were such an intrusive thing??
  13. You're clearly conflating this person's situation with your own journey. You may be fine and dandy with eating candy floss or twinkies or whatever you like—and if you are, and you are satisfied with the progress you made. Bravo. It's no one's business but yours. But no one is actually giving YOU advice in this thread. The distinction worth making it that they're replying to the OP, who ISN'T fine and dandy. They are discouraged. Unlike you, they are unhappy because they are losing weight more slowly than they'd like. They came here for advice on how to change that. Fact: It's considerably outside the experience of almost everyone here that a nutritionist would suggest regularly consuming a sugar drink as part of a bariatric diet. Fact: The OP is experiencing the EXACT result one would predict from loading up on sugar. The weight loss they would like to experience is slowed. Fact: Outside of blood sugar issues, no one actually needs to routinely consume sugary drinks. No one is being holier than thou. They're pointing out the obvious. You can argue about this food or that food and the benefits of carbs. But an empty calorie sugar drink hardly seems like the right rock to die on. I guess I don't understand why you would fight so hard against the suggestion that they make a change in their diet to see if it improves weight loss. I mean, it isn't a question of whether or not they have the "right to eat carbs" or "carbs being evil". It's a question of whether eating less sugar will result in faster weight loss for them. I guess you can argue it won't, but I see whole lot of data points around here that indicate otherwise. Peace.
  14. Respectfully, when it comes to the consumption of sugary drinks, none of those variables has any bearing. Sugary drinks will block weight loss significantly compared to non-sugary drinks. Full stop.
  15. darcyjae

    Non Scale Victories

    Here are two more for me: 1. Went from a three or four hook bra down to a two hook bra. (Cup size is mostly hanging in there. 🙏🏻) 2. Walked into a DSW today and bought a pair of non-wide calf boots. Yikes!!
  16. It’s 100% the full sugar Gatorade that’s slowing things a bit (and probably the salt isn’t helping either). I also recommend vitamin water zero cut with water if it’s too sweet.
  17. darcyjae

    Death Clock

    This might belong under the Non-Scale victories thread, but it felt like it warranted a thread, because I didn't see it anywhere else, here. Are you familiar with the Death Clock? http://www.deathclock.com/ It's morbid and obviously a bit tongue-in-cheek, but the site "calculates" your approximate "death day" based on attitude, weight, and smoking status. I did mine a few years back and it gave me a date of December 25, 2061. I did it again today and I'm happy to report I've bought myself another 8 years with surgery! New "date of death" is January 2, 2069.
  18. darcyjae


    That sounds amazing, Jake! I give you extra EXTRA credit for the running/rowing. My own experience a few weeks ago was similar in that I was shocked by how much longer I could walk and wait in lines before my feet hurt, vs. other trips (and my companions.) it’s a great feeling!
  19. I actually meant the Borderline Personality Disorder diagnosis: https://www.helpguide.org/articles/mental-disorders/borderline-personality-disorder.htm
  20. I do also feel like a slow loser (66 lbs in 5.5 months) compared to many, but that average (~11 lbs a month) is pretty normal, according to my nutritionist. I’m comfortable with it because I feel like that pace of losing is easier on my body and skin, and being under 200# I expect it to slow even more, but still eventually get me there.
  21. Good lord. I’m so sorry. It’s probably for the best that that sort of communication stop though. She sounds like she may have borderline personality disorder. You realize this is 100% her and not at all you, right?
  22. darcyjae


    I just got back myself from 5 days at Universal. It can be a challenge finding healthy choices there. I didn’t really food log, as I sort of wanted to see what happened if I ate what appealed to me, and while I did gain about 3/4 of a pound, it was worth it for the hot butterbeer. :) It was also pretty amazing, at 65# lighter, to be able to go on EVERY ride without feeling self-conscious about size and having to check if I fit. And to sit on the airplane going there with extra room in the seat. Have a GREAT time!!
  23. Everyone is different. I told everyone in my life about it, even my clients. And just about every waiter in Boston knows due to my apologies when I leave a plate full of food. :D I’m a pretty open person, generally but I haven’t had any bad fallout from being candid. On the contrary I think it’s provided me with a better support system. I don’t worry about being judged because I don’t feel one bit self-conscious about the decision. I also think it’s important for others to have role models in the process (as I did) and not set an implicit expectation for other people struggling with their weight that this journey can be as successful with dieting and exercise alone. Letting people think I did this through sheer virtuous willpower seems just a bit unfair to me. Though I respect that for others the situation is different.
  24. darcyjae

    Non Scale Victories

    My hair dresser handed me a regular sized smock yesterday. And I can now wrap myself in a standard sized towel after a shower and it covers me around.
  25. Hi SophieMarie! I think a bit of buyers remorse right after surgery is very common. The first week... heck the first two months!... are really hard. The pain is no fun and trying to eat and drink while recovering is horrid. I remember thinking to myself, often, "This is a breathtakingly permanent thing I just did, effectively mutilating myself forever." And it is breathtaking. But it's also a gift you've given yourself, and over the next few months, you'll really begin to see it pay off. Once the pain is gone and you're on a more or less regular food diet you'll feel more normal again. And when the pounds start coming off you'll be very happy to have paid the price of a week or three of discomfort, I'm certain. Hang in there!

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