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  1. NYRGreg23

    Central NJ anyone

    Just wondering if anyone here is from Central NJ or anywhere in NJ
  2. NYRGreg23

    28 F wanting to make friends/possibly more.

    Always open to making new friends here :-)
  3. NYRGreg23

    30. F. OH.

    Wish i was
  4. NYRGreg23

    Today's my surgery!!!

    YAY Dena!!! I wish you best of luck on your surgery today! You won't regret it for a second! P.S.- I'm right down the road in Woodbridge so, if you ever needed any info/to talk, just let me know! Greg
  5. NYRGreg23

    Looking for your story

    Hey Jenny, I'm only 3 1/2 months out, but I'll let you know about my journey so far and hopefully that'll help some lol. I have always been a short and chubby guy, but made the decision in February that I wanted to change it. After talking to my coworkers who have had the surgery (one bypass and one sleeve), I decided to look into it and get a consult. My doctor suggested/approved me for the sleeve surgery. My date was set for July 2 and I all the other stuff (psych eval, bloodwork, etc.) were all done rather quickly and were no problem. I didn't have to do any pre-op diet or anything, but started to practice what they expect for afterwards (smaller meals, smaller bites, chewing 30 times, no drinking 30 min before or after, etc). I had my surgery early July 2 and it went well. I had the earliest appointment and my best friend drove me in and stayed with me. Basic pre-op stuff and then went in the room and woke up like 2 hours later in recovery (4 small incisions). They had me up and walking pretty much right after I had a room and they had me walk every hour or so and sip water. After a day, I was home and starting my journey. After surgery, you're just having fluids like water and a small amount of clear soups (you're honestly not all that hungry for a little bit). Then you're on the fuller liquids for a little while (make sure you get your protein shakes in you cuz it helps you heal better). Next, you can eat a little bit of food, but its mostly unbearable stuff lol. I got by this by having small low-sodium V8 cans as sort of a tomato soup...really enjoyed that. After that, you can finally incorporate normal food in which was nice. Eating is def different now, it needs to be slowed down and sometimes it sucks not being able to drink water with your dry chicken lol. I get by by having a good amount of 4 oz Veggie burgers with protein that my mom found on QVC. Haven't really had any stomach probs since either, which is really good considering life before surgery lol. 33 down now and people say they can see the difference.
  6. NYRGreg23

    Newly single.

    HIs loss...you are one beautiful lady :-)
  7. NYRGreg23

    Let’s talk and see what happens?

    37/NJ here, sleeved 7/2/19...any ladies care to chat? :-)
  8. NYRGreg23


    37/NJ, had Gastric sleeve July 2 and wondering if any ladies would like to chat? Get at me, if so. :-)
  9. NYRGreg23

    Where's everyone from :)

    I actually went to him the one day a month that he's at JFK Hospital in Edison, as I'm from Woodbridge lol.
  10. NYRGreg23

    Where's everyone from :)

    Yay! Another one from Jersey! :-) You'll do well with the sleeve. It takes some getting used to (and occasional stalls), but it's great!
  11. NYRGreg23

    Where's everyone from :)

    37/NJ here. I had Gastric Sleeve July 2 and it's going well, although I've kind of hit a stall. I'll figure it out though. Good luck on your surgery! I'm here if you ever wanna chat! Greg
  12. NYRGreg23

    Barimelts multivitamin

    The specific Barimelts Multi that i took was TERRIBLE
  13. NYRGreg23

    Hey everyone!

    I had mine July 2nd too haha. First one of the day too so it was at 7:45 lol. Doing ok here so far, other than being hungry here and there and the whole "having trouble getting 64 oz of fluid" thing, but going well. How about yourself?
  14. NYRGreg23

    Hey everyone!

    Hello everyone, After being on the outside looking in for this page for the past few months (gathering info and people's reviews and such), I decided to sign up for the forum and just wanted to introduce myself: I'm Greg, 36 from NJ, and I am 5 weeks out from having gastric sleeve by Dr. Abkin in NJ. I had been thinking of the idea for quite awhile (as I've had trouble losing weight my whole adult life with a combination of anxiety/depression, and regardless of how much I exercised or how little I ate), and decided to take the plunge in March. I'm down 27 since the date of my consult and 18 since by surgery. It's a process and I'm battling hunger and just feeling down here and there, but it's been worth the risk so far, Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself and thank you all for all the info that you've provided me with over the past few months. It's all been really appreciated. I hope to get you know some of you more through here! Greg
  15. NYRGreg23

    Hey everyone!

    Welcome to the site and congrats on having you surgery done. I hope all is going well with you :-). Nice to have someone close too! Hope to be speaking to you more in the future!
  16. NYRGreg23

    Hey everyone!

    You're doing great, Flo :-)
  17. NYRGreg23

    Hey everyone!

    Thank you both for the warm welcome! Looks like you're doing great so far, justmet and you'll do great too, Diva!

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