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Gastric Bypass Patients
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  1. 4 months post op. “VBG” in 2007 an went bad so they did revision. 280lbs an down to 188lbs in 4 months. Good luck it’s worth it!
  2. ItzBing


    From the album: 2006 before surgery

    Weight loss progress

    © Itzbing

  3. ItzBing

    2006 before surgery

  4. ItzBing


    From the album: 2006 before surgery

    290-195 weight loss 3months post op Revision surgery date 4/2/19 233lbs

    © ItzBing

  5. ItzBing

    Before and After Pics

    Gastric bypass revision from VBG on Surgery April 2, 2019 Starting weight 290 in 2006 Before Revision weight 233 4/1/19 (was on liquid diet) Post op weight 195 7/4/19
  6. 200lb goal hit! 50lbs down!!
  7. ItzBing

    Pounds lost

    Bypass 4/2/19 50lbs down, and had a 4wk stall..until last week..it was frustrating but dropping again now.
  8. ItzBing

    1 month journey

    Whoo hoo!! Congrats, me to!! ~Bing~
  9. ItzBing

    April surgeries?

    Praying for a speedy recovery 4u ~Bing~
  10. ItzBing

    April surgeries?

    Good luck. !!!!! This starts the new u ~Bing~
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    Sugarfree suckers ~Bing~
  12. ItzBing

    Friday picture progress !!

    Who's next??? ~Bing~
  13. Post your newest picture. For motivation!! ~Bing~
  14. Just checking to see if anyone needs encouragement: Hey you .. . hang in there if your having a rough time. Remember to SIP, SIP, SIP! And smile, you are doing GREAT. ~Bing~
  15. ItzBing

    Tonight's check-in

    Share your stories, pictures, frustrations or funnies. What motivates you to KEEP GOING?? ~Bing~
  16. ItzBing


    I'm 2wks post OP today, and it took a week to go for me. Take stool softeners if they prescribed them 2u. An sip sip sip Oh, and milk of mag....that is a surgeon suggestion, he said take it if I feel constipated. ~Bing~
  17. ItzBing

    Pounds lost

    Great job!! ~Bing~
  18. ItzBing

    Pounds lost

    Go head!!!!! Love 2 hear great stories about this ~Bing~
  19. RnY done. Recently. Feeling sore still. Moving around slow cautiously.
  20. ItzBing

    April surgeries?

    Goodluck to you 17thers, and 25ers!! I'm 2wks post OP tomorrow an it is going well. Painful still at times but the goal is worth it!! How are u@romanoloser? ~Bing~
  21. ItzBing

    Three weeks

    How much down are you. Congratulations, I'm 2wks post OP and wondering how wk 3 would be ~Bing~
  22. ItzBing

    goal has been achieved

    Congrats!!! ~Bing~
  23. I'm 2wks post OP with 21lbs down. Hows the weight loss at 4wks? ~Bing~
  24. ItzBing

    Pounds lost

    2wks post OP 21lbs lost vbg to rny revision
  25. ItzBing

    Questions for all of you that are post-op!!!

    #1)Pills are not a issue, u can break if needed. #2)3dietatian an 3mental health. #3)I have 3kids, they were very helpful and supportive, I'm blessed to get healthier so I can run around with them instead of watch them run. *thankful* ~Bing~