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  1. This may be a stupid question...but, after reading over several posts on here and from my hospitals support groups site, I'm seeing a trend. I just want to confirm that I'm not going crazy and that trend is correct. Even though the numbers on the scales go down and our clothes get looser and sizes go down, do we still not really "see" our transformations? I know that for me, since I started this journey in December, I've lost over 80 pounds and I can tell it in my clothes, but to look at myself, I don't see one of my children missing from me...is that just my "fat" eyes?
  2. BigDaddy BGP

    Kids' rate at Fogo de Chao

    I had heard of this "card" but thought it was a thing of the past...Until this past Wednesday when I went in for my one month followup...they gave me something that looked like a business card on one side (had their contact numbers and such on it) and on the backside, they filled my name in a blank, and it said that I had bariatric surgery and asked they allow me to get discounted prices or be able to share a buffet (at a buffet restaurant), or to be able to order from a kids menu without being charged extra for it...
  3. BigDaddy BGP

    February 2019 weight loss buds

    Joining this conversation a bit late...but, I had my sleeve on Feb 1...I went back for my first post-op visit on the 9th and they actually kind of fussed at me a bit for not starting myself on "cat-food" as they call it, which is soft foods like tuna, chili, cottage cheese and so...They actually advised me at that point, to do this for a week or so, or until I felt ready to move myself up to more solid proteins, making sure to take small bites and chew, chew, chew... The thing that I have noticed is that each doctor has their own set of instructions that they have their patients follow...at the clinic that I go to, they have 3 surgeons...each of these surgeons basically had their own recommendations, which drove their nurses nuts, and would sometimes confuse everyone involved...
  4. BigDaddy BGP

    So Who do You Look Like?

  5. BigDaddy BGP

    Slight Soreness Still in my tummy.

    No worries...I was exactly the same way, which is why I called them...They reassured me that I wasn't going to undo anything that they had done for me....The one takeaway from this experience so far is that if you have the least bit of anxiety, make sure you are on good meds for it, because this process is a anxiety roller-coaster...LOL
  6. BigDaddy BGP

    Slight Soreness Still in my tummy.

    Yes...At my third week, I started waking up in the middle of the night with a feeling that someone/something was stabbing me with a burning hot knife or something...called my doc and found out that this was where they sewed the muscle up and by week 3 you are more active, so, therefore, putting more strain on the muscles and such...
  7. BigDaddy BGP

    So Who do You Look Like?

    So, the one without the hat is me...the other one is Rob Lundquist of the acapella group Home Free...I don't really see any resemblance...LOL
  8. While I didn't experience what you have, I will say it does get better...Up until the last week or so, I seriously questioned whether it was worth it or not....I mean I saw the numbers on the scales coming down, and I saw my clothes getting looser, but, the psychological factor really had me tore up...I mean, watching your friends and family eat all the stuff that you love, while you are lucky to eat 3 or 4 ounces...and sometimes of stuff that your head says that you just want to eat and eat because you love the taste of it.... Just hang in there...it will get better....remember, the small things add up to the big things...
  9. BigDaddy BGP

    TERRIFIED of gaining weight

    I'm a little over a month out, and have lost more weight than I have ever been able to before...I too fear what will happen a few months from now, but, I have never had this "tool" before to help me...so, my hope resides in the fact that I am changing my life habits and putting my new tool to use...and always remembering to take one day at a time....if I mess up one day, get right back up on the horse the next....
  10. BigDaddy BGP

    Stomach "growling"

    Oddly enough, when my stomach starts "talking" to me, that's when I know that I am full...then it tells me about being full for about 45 minutes...I can just about set a watch that within 15 minutes of it quit "talking" to me, it is time to start drinking again...LOL
  11. BigDaddy BGP

    February 2019 Sleevers?

    Thank you so very much...
  12. BigDaddy BGP

    February 2019 Sleevers?

    Had mine on Feb. 1 at Saint Joseph Center for Weight Loss Surgery in Lexington Ky....Go Wednesday for my official "one month" followup...but, should be down roughly 45 pounds....

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