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    Depressed, Scared, and Everything In Between

    Hey...how are you doing? My gastric bypass surgery was December 4th. I was also experiencing some “sads” the first 2 weeks. I slept at night, took my daughter to school then climbed back in bed for several more hours. I’m feeling a lot better as I approach week 3! I’m able to expand my intake and I’m tolerating everything well. I’m soooo afraid of hair loss. I had cancer/chemo in 2014 and my hair came back but it’s already quite thin. That’s a huge concern for me. I’m taking the celebrate brand of chewable vitamins. I’m also taking daily biotin. I space my vitamins out to hopefully aid in absorption. I hope you’re better day by day! Merry Christmas! 🎄
  2. Please tell me you're kidding! I had cancer 4 years ago and my hair grew back sooo thin as it is. I was thinking as long as I keep up with my protein and take my vits I'll be good....no?
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    Hard as in ??? LOL I'll assume you mean difficult.
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    I've got a 10 year old daughter and I've been single for......10.5 years! Honestly dating and "cardio" have been on my mind a lot more since my decision to have WLS. December 4th is my surgery which also happens to be my birthday (did that on purpose)! I'd so love to meet a Mr. Wonderful but I'm worried my expectations are too high...like unrealistically high. I'd try the online dating thing but with caution. Hoping to be dating in less than a year maybe???
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    I'm sorry...I'm totally LOL at all your posts in this thread! Keep swimming girl
  7. Shimmy

    December Bypass Twin?

    I'm in Michigan. I start Liquid diet one week prior to surgery so the 27th....I have my few hour long pre-op class on the 26th. Thanksgiving will be my last big meal! Excited for 2019......a life-changing year!!!
  8. December 4th for me....just got my date a couple hours ago! I've decided to go with the bypass (praying I made the right decision). Good luck to all December 2018 WLS peeps!
  9. Shimmy

    I've got a surgery date

    I just got my date today....December 4th! I'm also having the bypass. I attended a 3.5 hour seminar where they explained both the sleeve and the bypass surgery thoroughly. You should definitely know what the surgeon will be doing to your body! I'd ask your nurse navigator (if you have one) for more information about the surgery itself. You can find a lot of information on reputable websites such as WebMD. I thought I had to do 2 weeks of liquid diet prior to surgery but it's just one week so that was a bonus. I'm also nervous but not so much about the surgery itself but of failure. I'm hoping I will always feel as committed and positive as I feel right now! Good luck to you, we can keep each other posted. We got this!
  10. Shimmy

    December Bypass Twin?

    I just left my surgeon's office. I am officially scheduled for December 4th!!! I'm so excited. I've decided to go with the bypass and finally feel confident with my decision because I struggled between the sleeve vs. bypass. wishing you an amazing journey. Happy Holidays to us!
  11. I'm so sorry, that sucks! Keep appealing.... good luck!
  12. I've read probably 100 posts...which have all been amazingly helpful here. Every time I tell myself I'm going with the sleeve, I read the next post and believe full heartedly I should go with the bypass??? I know this is an ever-popular question but I am feeling so confused. I don't currently have GERD but is sounds horrible. I also don't like the idea of "dumping". I want to lose 150 pounds. I am 100% committed and ready for surgery which will probably be this November or early December. I want to make the best, most informed decision for myself. I don't want a revision down the line...not that anyone does. One question I have is does artificial sugar/sweeteners cause dumping with the bypass? I'm 45, 298.6 pounds today. Just got approved yesterday and am super excited---------just confused LOL. Wishing all the PALS here the best!
  13. Hey Midwest Girl! How are you doing post-op? I hope you're starting to get into the new groove and not having any complications. Keep me posted, I've decided to go with the bypass and my with my surgeon November 8th to schedule my surgery!!! I'm so happy.
  14. Shimmy

    Big Pants Small Guy.jpg

    Wow.....just wow! These photos are so inspiring, thank you for sharing! Congrats on your weight loss achievements!
  15. I went up 3 pounds one week into my 10 pound "weight-loss goal" set by my doctor. I'm now back down to my starting weight of 298. I contacted my nurse navigator who is super amazing and helpful. She told me to call her when I'm down 5 pounds and we'll schedule surgery whenever I want it. So, I'm kicking my water intake and food choices into high gear because I'm so ready! I recommend you contact your nurse navigator if you have one because they know all the different insurance company requirements. GOOD LUCK... You've got this!!!!
  16. I feel like I've been on a fast-track. Insurance approved day after 4 hour seminar, met with surgeon, passed 2 hour psych eval, met with anesthesia, meet with dietitian/exercise therapist tomorrow which is just once then I can meet the surgeon again to set the date and get details re: my pre-op diet! I'm so excited I could seriously scream! Even though I could have surgery in November, I think I'll wait until December due to the fact it's better for my job. So, hopefully I'll be a December groupie. I'm still undecided re: sleeve/bypass. I keep changing my darn mind. I'll make a decision, leaning towards bypass today LOL. Good luck...positive vibes to ALL
  17. Thank you all for taking time out to give advice/share your stories! Right this second I want to go with the Bypass. I think I'm going to stop talking with everyone at work (even my family) because everyone has an opinion based on one person they know or have heard about.... I think I'll just let my friends and family know what I've chosen when I wake up from surgery LOL. Happy Monday
  18. Shimmy

    I had my pre-op tests this morning!

    I just had to do blood work (yesterday) ...no other tests fortunately! That's funny though Good luck!
  19. Shimmy

    Onederland Is Amazeballs

    You look amazing! Congratulations!
  20. Shimmy

    Pre op now

    Hi, wishing you the best of luck! I joined here yesterday. I'm attending my first seminar on October 2nd and am so excited for a lifestyle change resulting in a better me. Keep us posted!

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