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  1. Russ D

    Pre op diet

    Mine was two shakes a day and a meal of 4-6 oz lean protein (turkey, chicken, or fish) and veggies. I did that for three and a half weeks.
  2. Well, it seemed to happen to me after I pushed the limit of what my stomach could hold. Have you noticed anything similar?
  3. Russ D

    Protein water?

  4. After I started on solid foods again, for a while it felt like I had a lump at the bottom of my throat around the larynx. Seemed to happen after I ate. I'd have it for several days, and it'd go. Still happens every once in a while (including right now). Not sure what causes it. Sounds similar to what you've got but without the pain.
  5. Russ D

    Am I eating enough.

    You make a shake with 55g of protein? I was told that the human body can't process more than 40g or so at a time.
  6. Russ D

    Help needed!

    Have you increased your activity recently? At 12 days I was back to work, and I was very sore as I transitioned back into it.
  7. That's awesome that you had the opportunity to do that, though.
  8. Russ D


    The pain from the gas was the worst for me. Inflated abdominal cavity, made me feel bloated for a week plus after. Trying to breathe or laugh immediately afterwards was very uncomfortable. The breathing exercises helped. The pain from the incisions, the worst of that was over in a few days for me. My abs were very sore for a few weeks, but as long as I didn't try to move my abs they were okay.
  9. Russ D

    Staying strong ❤️

    I think all of us can relate to this. I have certainly had nearly every single one of those thoughts.
  10. Russ D

    Back to work

    I had a routine, but I tend to eat food on a routine anyways (always order the same thing at a given restaurant). Two shakes broken into two parts each, one bowl of soup broken in two parts. Six mini meals. I put cumin in the soup, gave it a little more flavor. Three weeks of it...was still miserable. The popsicles broke it up a little.
  11. Congratulations! 160 pounds, that's incredible!
  12. Russ D

    Back to work

    Yeah, the gas was a problem for me the first week after. I just COULDN'T get rid of it. I wanted to...but couldn't. All I can say is...it'll pass? (Cheeky pun. Make that two cheeky puns.) What kinds of things are on your liquid diet? Just shakes? I found a brand of chicken soup protein mix that got me through. Sugar-free popsicles and sugar-free jello also helped some.
  13. Russ D


    Nerves are normal. Second thoughts and cold feet are normal. Focus on what you will be able to do with your new life. What kinds of things does your weight hold you back from? That's what I thought about. I even had second thoughts when they put me on the table. When the anesthesiologist said "Okay, I'm turning on the gas now," I started to think "Wow, I didn't even have time to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz." Then it was done.
  14. Russ D

    How much time off from work?

    I was back full time (on my feet, active 8-hour days) in twelve days. That hurt, but I did it.
  15. I drank two protein shakes a day plus a small meal of 4-6 ounces of lean protein (chicken, turkey, fish) and veggies. I did that for three and a half weeks before surgery. I can't remember if I did all-liquid two days before the surgery, but the DAY before the surgery they wanted me to fast completely of anything but fluids. (I screwed up and drank a shake by accident. Luckily the two bottles of magnesium citrate took care of that...)
  16. Yeah, that was the one!
  17. Tummy is definitely flatter!
  18. I teach too, so I wonder how other teachers are doing. Somewhere there's a thread about teachers heading back to work (and what they eat, I think).
  19. I just stuck to using the mix in skim milk. Wasn't pleasant, but it got me through. Pre-op, I tended to pound them. Drain the whole thing in 2-3 quaffs, then be about my business. First 2-3 days were the worst. Light-headed, lack of energy. It got better after that as my body adjusted to the lack of calories and sugar.
  20. Curious. How long are you going to be taking off for recovery?
  21. -"You've lost some weight, how did you do it?" -"I had 85% of my stomach removed."
  22. Russ D

    Emotional first ‘stall’

    I'm saddened to hear about such a tender anniversary, especially so soon after surgery. That must be hard for you. I don't think you're going to fail, you realize your bad habits and so you can correct them! Can you get the higher-fat foods out of your house so they're not a temptation?
  23. Russ D

    I’m starving

    !!! That exact soup was just about the first thing I ate after the post-op liquid phase! I agree, it's great!
  24. That sounds rough. I'm sorry to hear all of that. Did they know that Lupus could cause those kinds of complications?