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    Pre-surgery liquid diet

    After being through this once already, I was able to have one small protein and vegatable meal per day until the last three days which was ONLY liquid. I too got very tired of the broth, but also i found that although the broth got old, I knew I just had to POWER-THROUGH and do it. Sometimes we have to do that to get to our goals. Good Luck with this!
  2. I've found that lots of water and exercise is a great way to get it to come off. YOu might also want to resort to protein shakes for breakfast and lunch and then a sensible, low-card dinner. Give that a try....
  3. Hello everyone! new to this group! I was chugging down the path toward Gastric Sleeve surgery and had my date back in August of 2016. Went in for my pre-op testing and my surgeon caught that I was anemic and low red-blood cell count. Surgeon said they had to figure out what was going on before they went in, so they found a spot for a colonoscopy and endoscopy the DAY BEFORE my WLS surgery date to find out what was going on. Low and behold, the colonoscopy found stage 3 colon cancer!!! So, my surgeon changed the surgery from a Gastric Sleeve to a colonectomy! Now, after 6-months of chemo, and 18 months of clear scans, i'm back to finish the job. Very thankful for my surgeon. Unfortunately my new insurance is requiring me to complete another 6-month weight monitoring, so the date will probably be Februaryish of next year. Can't wait.

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