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  1. I’m in the preop phase.. on nutritionist visit 3/6, scheduled to see food addiction counselor, cardiologists, pcp, and pulmonologist...I’m down to 50 carbs intake.. Only down 13lbs from end of August..I was feeling great.. food around me didn’t bother me.. but now I’m getting frustrated because It’s starting to bother me again... I’m even starting to second guess having the surgery..how much does lifestyle change? Should I just keep up with the Keto and lifestyle change and just try to do it on my own? Maybe I’m just having a bad day and needed to vent...
  2. So, I am in the Pre surgery phase. I am seeing nutritionist and doing all of the other pre op requirements, including the 6 month diet (low carb of course). Before I decide to move forward with the process, I asked my husband for his support and his feelings on the surgery. He was all for it and said he would definitely support me if that is what I really want. “ all I want is for you to be happy and healthy baby”, is what he said. (He also is around 300lbs and knows he needs to lose some weight too. )Well, here it is a two months into the diet, I am down 11 lbs but his support is only verbal. Let me explain, he says I support you and sometimes he acts like he supports me but other times he is driving through the McDonald’s parking lot ordering a combo with French fries and a coke ( one of my weaknesses is fast food, especially French fries). I say I want a quarter pounder with cheese no bun. He orders the quarter pounder and says “ you can take off the bun yourself”. When I bring it to his attention later, he says “this diet and surgery is your choice not mine, and for now on you worry about what your gonna eat and I will worry about myself.” I have tried to tell him more about my new eating habits and how it will change even more after the surgery. But it’s like he doesn’t listen and he still swears he is supporting me. Any experiences or advice would help. What should I expect from him? Am I asking too much?
  3. I’m ok with this being my decision and him eating what he wants.. my issue is when he tells me he supports me then when I ask to not go to a specific place because they are not low carb friendly, he gets an attitude. If I cook, he knows that if he don’t eat what I cook then he won’t eat.
  4. I spoke with him again and he apologized for it. He said he will try harder to support me and understand. He has said this before but I am going to hope he sticks to his word this time. We have a very honest relationship which helps but I think his food addiction is almost worse than mine and he isn’t ready to face it.
  5. I was just given the criteria for me to have the sleeve procedure...psych evaluation, 18 years +, BMI of 35 with comorbidity or BMI of 50+, and the 6 month on one structured diet or 3 months on 2 structured diets. I was told weight watchers or Jenny Craig. Ok now..I’ve been on ww off and on for years.. does that count? I’m doing real appeal now through United Healthcare..does that count? Please someone given me your experience or more information on this diet thing.
  6. Going crazy worrying about whether I need to do the 6 months program with UHC.  Its been a week and no call from a case worker.  in my certificate of coverage booklet it doesn't say anything about it. I have the choice plan.

  7. So I have UHC. I am currently waiting for my “plan info to be downloaded” so a case manager can call me regarding my requirements. I’ve hear Uhc requires the 3-6 month diet and exercise plan. I’m currently enrolled in the real appeal program through United Healthcare. They pay for it weekly after I Check into the group meetings. My question is..would that program count as the requirement?? Hope so....
  8. Hi all, I’m new to the forum. How long from the consultation to surgery did it take for you all? I started the process last year with the sleep study (I need cpap but cannot use it because it makes me feel like I can’t break or suffocated), psych visit (she told me she was going to recommend me for surgery then doc office said I need to have 4 more visits per pych.) after this I was told my insurance doesn’t cover. I lost all hope and didn’t make another appt. now I have new insurance that covers at 100%. Now curious how long it may take from here.