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  1. Hi all, Things are going pretty well for me. I was sleeved June of last year. No surprises and the weight has just melted off. I walk 60 minutes 5 days per week. I'm admittedly not great about the weight training. I haven't weighed myself in a while, but I was honestly startled to step on the scale this morning and see that I was at 136. Now, I'm a small man with a small frame, but I don't want to look gaunt. My bari team doesn't seem all that concerned, but my family says I look too skinny. I'm nervous about what to do here. I'm taking in about 1500-1700 calories daily and 60-80 net carbs from veggies, fruits, very few grains, My protein has been excellent at about 120-140 grams (depends on if I have a shake or two). I don't eat sugar because it upsets my stomach. I limit wheat too for that reason as well. I'm very diligent about all of my supplements. I've never had an issue keeping weight on and it frightens me. I feel AMAZING and energetic and healthy, but I honestly don't want to look like skin and bones. It sounds like this isn't super common, so I would really like some suggestions. I simply want to maintain or even add 4-5 more pounds back. Thanks
  2. This is SUPER helpful. I've been weighing and measuring my food (depending on what it is) and I track everything using MyFitnessPal. I'll keep you all in the loop! Kevin
  3. Hello! Thanks for the response. I have excellent restriction. My meals are about 4-5 ounces at this point and then I'm DONE. I tend to start with dense protein first and then add my veggies then a small amount of grains in. I sometimes do compound meals but not super often. I'm eating three square meals a day and then having 2-3 protein only snacks (almonds and cheese) or a shake. So I guess six small meals a day...
  4. Non -scale victories! I recently had a nasty cold. I bounced back super fast from it, whereas before I would have been down for like a week. It's not just what the scale says.
  5. Are you losing inches at all? The scale doesn't tell the whole story. Figure out the dehydration. I had to go in for fluids because I was dehydrated. It helped get me back on track.
  6. Marathon, not a sprint. It's a lifestyle change and tool. You'll lose weight if you follow your surgical team's plan for you.
  7. I've been very diligent about measuring everything since my surgery in June. I'm 2 months post op now and tried an egg scramble for the first time today. It had 1 egg and about 2 ounces (or what I thought was) of soft turkey sausage crumbles, skim mozzarella shredded cheese, and diced soft veggies. I ate slow(ish) and chewed. About 5 minutes after the meal I started to feel horrid... like I had eaten a Thanksgiving dinner for 10 people. I looked at my measurements and I had screwed up ( I thought the portion looked a little big, but I just attributed it to not having worked with eggs since surgery). I had ingested around 4 ounces of food (twice what I normally would have). Let me tell you new folks... The restriction is REAL. I had to sleep it off for an hour and a half. I'm still worried that I injured my poor tummy. Sticking to liquids today...
  8. I'm feeling better now. I kept it to liquids for two days. I feel like I now have VERY good understanding of exactly what my little tummy holds.
  9. I had an angry hungry stomach for a bit... Like waking up in the middle of the night hungry. We realized my PPI wasn't quite working and changed it. This seemed to help quite a bit. Now hunger is more of a tap on the back than a ravenous feeling.
  10. I saw my dentist one month before having surgery. Clean bill of health at that time, which is why I'm a little worried. I go in every six months for cleanings and such. I think I'll make an appointment just to have them take a look.
  11. So, anyone have tooth sensitivity after sleeve? I've read about dental issues with bypass, but I can't find anything about issues with sleeve. I'm one month post-op, and I would say that it started about two weeks ago. I'm on full liquids and go to the puree stage next week. I thought maybe it was the crystal light I was drinking (too acidic) so I stopped that. It's just with really hot or really cold beverages. I've only had one cavity in my entire life, so the idea of all of my teeth going to he** scares me to death.
  12. I'm one month (almost) post-op and having NO issues with drinking my water or my shakes. I'm easily getting in about 100 ounces of fluids per day and 80-90 grams of protein. Greek yogurt (4 ounces yesterday for dinner) and jello aren't an issue either. That being said, this "ease" concerns me. I haven't felt restriction really at all. I'm looking ahead at the eating plan, and I'm afraid the 1 ounce of meat won't cause any restriction for me. I start the puree stage next week.
  13. EsoKev

    Kidney stones?

    I have a history of kidney stones. It's important to find out what it's made of. Strain your urine to catch it for analysis. From there, a doctor can recommend additional treatment options for prevention. Sent from my SM-G920V using BariatricPal mobile app
  14. Thanks for the responses all. I don't sip anymore either. I can tell if I've had too much because I will either burp or hiccup. No nausea, no anything. I just drink mostly like I normally did, but my gulps are "baby gulps" I guess (2-4 ounces). It's a relief to be getting enough fluids and protein right now, but the restriction is something I'm really hoping for when solids come.
  15. I had the same issues immediately post-op, and it was awful. However, mine was tied to whey protein. My surgeon had me switch to a plant-based protein instead, and I had immediate releief. Bone broth seemed to bother my stomach too.
  16. It could be the whey protein. I had no issues with whey until after surgery. I had horrible diarrhea for two weeks. I switched over to a plant-based protein (pea/hemp blend) and the diarrhea was almost instantly gone. I would suggest reaching out to your surgeon to see if this is an option to try. After this resolved, I felt so much better.
  17. EsoKev

    Actual time off work

    4 weeks off for my sleeve. Was hoping for 2, but I had some complications with fluids and other things. My doc wouldn't clear me. I'm glad they didn't, because the extra time has been very helpful for recovery.
  18. EsoKev

    Post Op Insomnia

    Total insomniac here. Seems to have worsened a bit since my surgery. I take Melatonin to help with it, but I may have to increase the strength a bit. You're not alone!
  19. EsoKev

    Just got sick

    My team suggests fat free greek yogurt with chicken.
  20. I was sleaved 11 days ago, and I've been having diarrhea (about 4 wattery BMs a day). My surigical team keeps everyone on clear liquids for two weeks after surgery. I called them over this weekend because I was so frustrated, and I was told to take a little benefiber with my liquids. That's doing nothing. Anyone else experience this after surgery? Sorry about the rant, but I'm just tired, annoyed, and feeling lots of other emotions.
  21. It actually worked. NO MORE diarrhea! I strongly suggest that anyone experiencing these issues drop the whey and go with a plant-based protein instead. I'm using a hemp/pea blend. I was needlessly in pain for almost 2 weeks.
  22. EsoKev

    Surgical Glue.....

    I'm over two weeks post op. My doctor suggested vitamin E oil to help them slowly peel off. Maybe ask your doctor? Sent from my SM-G920V using BariatricPal mobile app
  23. So my significant other and I have been mulling this over this last 5 years or so. We're not planning on doing anything for 2-4 years, but I would sure be interested in knowing how others have handled this situation. We are looking at either moving to upstate New York or Ontario due to career opportunities. My partner works in engineering and has gotten some lucrative employment offers over the years. There's lots of unfinished business here, so we aren't in any hurry at all, but it would be nice to hear from people who have done it afterward. Did you transfer your care to another bariatric surgical team? How was the process? Canada is particularly interesting because I'm not from there (partner is though). Any experiences would be most welcome.
  24. Wow. That's really unfortunate. Life circumstances change. You would think they would be more helpful. Sent from my SM-G920V using BariatricPal mobile app
  25. Hi all, Admittedly feeling frustrated here. Overall, I've had a smooth recovery aside from a few ups and downs. I'm going on 10 days post op and have an abundance of energy and am seeing progress. My team has me on a clear liquid diet for the first two weeks post op (realize this might be different than some programs but it is what it is and I'm following it to the letter). That being said, I'm having several small bouts of diarrhea a day. It's not like flu or explosive, but it's concerning to me. I was actually expecting to be constipated. I was slightly dehydrated at my last check-in appointment and had to get fluids. My surgical team doesn't seem all that concerned and suggested that I add a tiny bit of soluble fiber in the AM and PM to try to bulk things up, which I started today. Anyone else care to share how they dealt with this (if they did)? It's just s little disheartening to be feeling so great and yet be having to deal with this.