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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. Jodyjoe

    Calories & Crossfit

    I just returned to CrossFit and I attend 5 days a week sometimes 6 take Sunday off. I count calories /macros using my fitness pal
  2. Jodyjoe

    Full liquid diet

    Applesauce are allowed sometimes, but mashed potatoes aren’t allowed as a full liquid diet, hope this helps
  3. Jodyjoe

    Back to Work

    It took about 2weeks to get back to myself, take the time you need!!!
  4. I have managed to lose by eating a well balanced diet, by eating my protein first and my weightloss has been very successful!!!! Good luck to you also on your journey!!!!
  5. I just had my labs and my iron was good, hope it stay that way.
  6. I take Centrum Silver over 50 because all the Bariatric Vitamins gave me migraines. These have everything I need in them.
  7. Jodyjoe

    When did hunger strike for you?

    When I think I am hungry , I always drink water first because sometimes i am just thirsty.
  8. Yes, I have to do the blood thinner injections myself for 10 days
  9. Jodyjoe

    Any MAY sleevers???

    Had my sleeve on May 8th
  10. Jodyjoe

    Full liquids

    Yes you can sip water between protein.
  11. Jodyjoe

    Full liquids

    Its you can’t drink 30 minutes before you eat and 30 minutes after you eat. I was told to sip 4 oz every hour on the liquid phase. The 30 minute rule doesn’t apply to the liquid phase. Hope this is helpful. Congratulations
  12. Jodyjoe

    Any MAY sleevers???

    Had mine 5/8 start Monthly B12 shots tomorrow and post op with surgeon on Thursday.
  13. I joined the losers bench on 5-8-18- feel wonderful!!!
  14. I will be joining the losers bench on May 8th at 9:15!!!!! Can’t wait to start this new journey!!!!
  15. Jodyjoe

    Any MAY sleevers???

    May 8th can’t wait!!!
  16. Hi, The weightloss is noticeable, keep up the good work.
  17. Jodyjoe

    Surgery Date

    Got the call this morning, I will be joining the LOSER BENCH on May 8th. I can’t wait!!! This has been a long journey!!!!This is a journey I have to take alone but I am 100% sure that I will be very successful!!!!
  18. Jodyjoe

    April/May 2018 Sleevers!!?

    Congratulations and good luck to everyone, I just got my surgery date this morning for May 8th, can’t wait!!!!
  19. I start my 2 week pre-op diet April 1st, will get surgery date after the 5th is that normal.
  20. Jodyjoe


    Does anyone know what documents your gastric bypass surgery send Medicare for approval
  21. Jodyjoe

    Bariatric Vegetarian Life

    I use to eat Quorn but they have an ingredient in it that Vegetarian or Vegans don’t eat, don’t remember, just read and research the ingredients before you buy!!!
  22. Jodyjoe

    Insurance timeframe

    I have Tricare Prime and Medicare